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April 26, 2018

Brentwood Home Mattress Review

Brentwood Home is synonymous with the highest quality drop shipped mattresses on the market. Each bed is meticulously designed and handcrafted to provide ideal comfort and support. Along with the finest and healthiest materials possible. It is almost hard to believe that this luxury line of mattresses is very affordable too. This review features each Brentwood Home mattress; the Oceano, Cedar and Ojai. Each with their own distinct characteristics that make them unique and appealing to several sleepers.

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Brentwood Home Overview:

brentwood home mattressesWhen it comes to experience Brentwood Home is no greenhorn to the mattress world. Their company has been established for over 30 years making quality crafted mattresses in the LA area. However these mattresses were not direct to consumers and were sold by retailers instead. In 2012 Brentwood Home was able to able to bring their products direct to their customers through innovation and technology.

Their products range from mattresses to bedding accessories to crib mattresses and even dog beds and yoga gear. Each product made with care and craftsmanship as well as the best and healthiest materials. Brentwood Home has several longstanding practices that feature healthy materials, handcrafted excellence, honest prices and California ethos. Their mattress line features three unique, well made mattresses that will sure to please any sleeper. Keep reading to learn more about what each one has to offer.

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Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress Overview:

The Oceano is Brentwood Home’s most popular mattress. This mattress is appealing for many reasons. The first being an ideal comfort that has premium support that makes for a luxurious mattress at an affordable price. The design and construction of this bed utilize the best and most desired materials. The combination of thick and pressure relieving memory foam with a responsive and flexible micro coil system create ideal balance. Making plenty of contouring comfort without feeling stuck.

brentwood home oceanoThis mattress is listed as a plush medium comfort and feel. It is supportive enough for all sleeping positions but does have an extra luxurious feel to it too. All the materials work together to make for a durable and solid bed that also works well for all shapes and sizes too.

It also is great in several other aspects of sleeping too. Including sleeping cooler by having plenty of air flow and areas for excess heat to dissipate. It also is good at isolating motion and causing minimal disturbance to a partner when sharing a bed. The overall durability contributes to creating a fully usable sleeping surface as well as makes for a sturdy edge too.

Oceano Value:

One of the best things about this mattress is the price. Most mattresses that even come close to the high end materials and ideal comfort are much more expensive. This bed is very affordable and starts at just $995 for a twin and the most expensive option, the split king is $2195. This isn’t even including our exclusive 15% off coupon that brings these prices down even more. The most popular size, the queen, is $1495 and after our coupon is only $1270. Just follow the link below and use the code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 when purchasing your Oceano mattress.

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Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress Overview:

The Cedar is Brentwood Home’s most natural mattress option. It is also their best choice for warmer sleepers too, with its naturally aerated latex comfort layers over a very breathable solid core. They also carefully designed this mattress to provide precise support with its unique laser cut layer of Dunlop latex. The first layer of Dunlop latex is a smooth layer over another layer of latex that they carefully cut into perfectly positioned grooves. This is great for side sleepers making for ideal pressure relief for you hips and shoulders. It is also great for creating added lumbar support for back sleepers too.

brentwood home cedarThis mattress may have a universal medium feel, however, this ideal comfort and firmness level will work for almost anyone. The materials are durable and able to stay consistent and solid over time making the medium feel stay true for many many years to come. The natural materials provide several added benefits that make this mattress not only a truly healthy sleeping surface but great for sleeping cool, having minimal motion transfer and providing a solid, durable edge and overall mattress.

Cedar Value:

The price of the Cedar is very affordable, especially for a mattress of this caliber and quality. This mattress starts at $1,349 for a twin size and goes up to a split king priced at $2,595. The most popular size, the queen, is priced at $1949, and don’t forget that we can save you 15% off this price. Making it even better at only $1,656. Just follow the link below and use the code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 when purchasing your Cedar mattress.

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Brentwood Home Ojai Mattress Overview:

The Ojai may be the introductory priced Brentwood Home mattress but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver on quality or comfort. This mattress is the third option of the Brentwood Home mattress line up. It features the same great 5 zoned coil system the other mattresses feature but combines several layers of various comfort foams on top. This makes for a mattress that is not only reasonable but also provides a feeling of balance between the pressure relieving memory foam and more responsive latex. As well as the thick layer of poly foam that is soft yet supportive too.

brentwood home ojaiThis mattress also comes in one universal feel that is considered a medium feel. This feel is most ideal for the majority of sleepers and this durable and solid bed is a true medium feel. The combination of materials along with superior craftsmanship creates a very affordable mattress that is still very premium. This mattress, like the others, performs very well across the board. Not only do you get great spinal alignment and support you also get great comfort. Along with a mattress that doesn’t get too warm, provides great motion isolation and solid edge support.

Ojai Value:

With all these great qualities you would think a thick and durable mattress like this would come with an equally thick price tag. However, that isn’t the case with the Ojai. This mattress starts out at a cool $795 and the most expensive option, the split king, is only $1595. That isn’t even including the exclusive 15% off coupon we have too. Making the most popular size, the queen, only $1015, opposed to $1195. Just follow the link below and use the code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 when purchasing your Ojai mattress.

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Brentwood Home Side by Side Chart:
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