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Best Natural Mattresses 2020

best natural mattressesWith an emphasis on using environmentally friendly products, natural mattresses are becoming more and more common. As well as more desired. Many beds now incorporate natural materials, like latex. As well as organic materials; like wool and cotton. Some brands only use these materials, making a truly premium natural mattress.

These beds not only provide great comfort and ideal support. But also have no toxic or harmful materials, Resulting in no fumes or off gassing. With each and every layer adhering to strict ethical guidelines for the best possible bed. With many of these mattresses gaining popularity it is important to distinguish which are best. That is why we are narrowing down the best natural mattresses we’ve reviewed that we can confidently recommend.

Below we have our top 10 picks for the best natural mattresses. Each of these beds combines the best natural and organic materials for an ideal feel. And prove you don’t have to compromise your desire for environmentally friendly materials to have a luxurious bed. Each of these beds have distinct qualities that set them apart too. Rather you like Dunlop latex, Talalay latex or a latex hybrid, we have the perfect pick for you.

Our 10 Best Natural Mattresses 2020

  1. best natural mattressesAvocado Mattress Review | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  2. Birch by Helix Mattress Review | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  3. Zenhaven Mattress Review |Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  4. Spindle Mattress Review | $200 Coupon Code: SLEEP-GUIDE | BUY HERE!  
  5. Cedar by Brentwood Home Review | 15% OFF Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 | BUY HERE!
  6. EcoSleep by Brooklyn Bedding | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  7. EcoCloud Hybrid by Winkbeds | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  8. Latex for Less Mattress Review | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  9. Bloom Mattress Review | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  10. Botanical Bliss Mattress Review | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!

#1 – Avocado Mattress

Best Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress

#1 best natural organic mattressThe Avocado is an 11″ hybrid latex mattress. This bed combines 3″ of Dunlop latex with an 8″ coil system for a uniquely comfortable bed. Avocado is a very green company whose focus is on using the best and most natural materials. Their main focus is to create a bed that is neither hazardous or toxic for the sleeper. They take many steps to be accountable for this and are even GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

This natural bed offers great pressure relief, a perfectly responsive feel and environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. It is very supportive as well as comfortable and even offers the option of upgrading. You can add an extra 2″ of latex pillow top for an even plusher feel if you choose too.

This is all covered in a premium organic cotton cover with plush wool batting. This provides another layer of comfort as well as a naturally moisture wicking and breathable too.


Not only is this mattress ideal for comfort and support, it is also CERTIFIED ORGANIC! And, comes in at a very affordable cost. The integrity of this brand and bed make it a home run. But, we also have access to the latest and best Avocado mattress coupon. Allowing you to save by accessing the Avocado promo code link found below.

Read our full review HERE or Shop the Avocado mattress at

The Avocado is an amazing mattress with so many great features. It is comfortable, durable and priced well. It will be the perfect bed for you if…best natural mattress 2020

  • You want a heavy duty mattress that is durable and uses quality materials and construction.
  • If you like the feel of latex and support of coils and want the perfect compromise and ideal comfort.
  • You want your mattress to have eco-friendly materials that are safe and natural. As well as a company that stands behind this philosophy as well.
  • You like a pressure relieving, luxury feeling, cool sleeping high end bed at an affordable price.

$175 Avocado Mattress Coupon Code: ORGANIC175 (Expires 4/6/2020)

#2 – Birch by Helix

Best Talalay Latex Hybrid Mattress

birch by helix sleepEveryone loves a comfortable mattress that is ideally supportive and provides so many benefits. But, what if you can have all that and a completely natural mattress too? That is exactly what you’ll get with the Birch mattress by Helix. This latex hybrid mattress uses a combination of consistent Talalay latex with naturally amazing and beneficial wool. As well as a strong steel coil system and organic cotton cover.

This 11″ mattress is certified natural from top to bottom. And not only will it provide a perfect medium-firm feel, but offers so much more. Like the individually wrapped coils for minimized motion transfer. The reinforced perimeters for solid edge support. And the inherently cool and comfortable properties of each and every material. All wrapped up in a healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly cover to accentuate the healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly build and process. Giving it so many reasons to be our #2 pick for the best natural mattresses.


What more could you really ask for when it comes to a new mattress? How about a great price too. No joke, this mattress comes in at a great value. But, to top off the advantages this mattress offers you can save even more with the latest Birch mattress coupon. Simply follow our latest Birch promo code in link below to take advantage of these great savings!

Read our full Birch Mattress Review HERE! And learn more about this mattress at

The Birch is a great mattress with so many great features. It is balanced, consistent and offers a great valued mattress. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a well made mattress that will last many years with it’s quality build and natural materials.
  • If you like the consistent yet buoyant feel of Talalay latex along with the support of coils.
  • You want your mattress to be made of sustainable materials that makes for a healthy and safe bed.
  • You like a pressure relieving, premium feeling feel that also sleeps cool and comes in at a very affordable price.

$200 Birch Mattress Coupon

#3 – Zenhaven by Saatva

Best 100% Talalay Latex Natural Mattress

The Zenhaven by Saatva is a bed that really goes above and beyond to make a best natural latex mattress. It also is 100% natural from the thick layers of Talalay latex to the organic cotton cover. If you are looking for a high quality, 2-sided premium latex mattress than you’re looking at the right bed.

best natural mattresses

This latex mattress has a nice soft and buoyant latex that is pliable and pressure relieving. It uses the highest quality materials and process to ensure the greenest outcome and most consistent feel. The latex provides comfort, cooling and perfect response, the true properties only a natural rubber of latex can produce.

Natural Materials:

The cover of the mattress is organic cotton with an organic New Zealand wool quilting. The combination creates a natural fire barrier, moisture wicking as well as super soft. This mattress keeps it simple with a combination of natural latex, organic cotton and wool to create one of the best natural mattresses. The Zenhaven is the perfect name for this mattress that will help you find your sleeping zen.

Read our full review HEREor Shop the Zenhaven mattress at

The Zenhaven is an amazing 100% natural mattress with so many great features. It is comfortable, very durable and priced just right. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a mattress that allows you to choose your preferred level of firmness. And is as easy to change your mind as it is to just flip your mattress over.
  • If you want a very high quality, durable 100% Talalay latex foam mattress. That has ample support and optimal pressure relief that will even be delivered and set-up for you.
  • You like the naturally aeration and cooling properties of latex. Along with a perfect bounce and added benefits of organic cotton and wool.
  • You would like a mattress that comes from a company with a well known reputation and brand that also has a substantial warranty too.

$125 OFF Zenhaven Mattress Coupon

#4 – Spindle

Best 100% Dunlop Latex Natural Mattress

The Spindle latex mattress is as durable as it is natural. This mattress uses three thick layers of Dunlop latex. Each layer is 3″ thick with it’s own comfort level and ideal correlating support. This way you are able to adjust the layers to find the perfect feel. If you want a natural bed with a nice dense foam, than keep reading about Spindle.

best natural mattressesThis mattress uses Dunlop latex to create 9″ of very durable and perfectly aerated foam. It is great for minimizing motion transfer as well as relieving pressure while contouring to every curve. It is just as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than memory foam. And the longevity of this bed will outlast most others.

This mattress is also covered in organic cotton as well as a layer of organic wool batting. The wool adds a plush cushion, as well as wicks away moisture and provides a natural fire barrier. The cotton is soft and breathable and allows for the perfect compliment to the mattress. If Dunlop is your preferred latex choice than you’ll love the Spindle mattress.

Read our full review HERE or Shop the Spindle mattress at

The Spindle is an amazing mattress with so many great features. It is comfortable, durable and priced just right. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You like having the option of choosing how firm or soft you like your mattress.
  • You like the feel of latex and would like a mattress that’s 100% Dunlop latex.
  • If you like your mattress to be made of natural and organic materials.
  • You like a high quality, durable mattress that uses high end materials at an affordable price.

$200 Spindle Mattress Coupon Code: SLEEP-GUIDE

#5 – Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home

Best Luxury Latex Hybrid Natural Mattress

The Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home is taking the natural benefits and feel of latex and pairing it with a solid coil system. This creates a latex hybrid option that is about as luxurious as it is natural. This premium mattress uses eco-friendly and organic materials to create a superior product. It is a perfect medium feeling bed that isn’t too soft or too firm.

brentwood home cedarThe Cedar uses two layers of Dunlop latex on top of a sturdy coil system. One layer of latex is uniquely grooved to provide ultimate pressure relief and ideal support. This latex is resilient, comfortable and has many added benefits. As well as being natural and eco- friendly too.

This 13″ mattress also incorporates layers of coconut husk and flaxseed fiber to really go the extra mile. The cover is made out of organic cotton and untreated New Zealand wool to create a plush top that naturally wicks away moisture. This mattress is sustainable, precisely comfortable and optimally supportive.

Read our full review HERE or Shop the Cedar mattress at

The Cedar is top notch natural mattress with superior craftsmanship, perfect support and the best comfort.  It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You like a very premium, well made durable mattress that uses natural & eco-friendly materials.
  • If you like the feel of a true medium mattress that uses latex to groove to your body and relieve pressure as well as uses a solid, durable coil system.
  • You like a mattress that doesn’t retain heat, has minimal motion transfer and is very sturdy and solid.
  • You like buying from a company that has great customer service, a fabulous reputation and years of experience.

15% OFF Brentwood Home Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15

#6 – EcoSleep by Brooklyn Bedding

Best Flippable Natural Mattress

ecosleep mattress reviewWhat is better than one amazing latex hybrid mattress? How about two in one? That is exactly what you’ll get with the EcoSleep mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding. A two sided mattress with natural materials and a solid core made of coils for superior support and comfort. As well as two various feeling comfort options. You can have your vegan cake and eat it too with this mattress.

You also get the other amazing benefits that come with latex and coils. With naturally aerated Talalay latex the foam never gets too hot. It’s also very comfortable and consistent. And the coil system is not only breathable but ideal for support that is both flexible and sturdy. Together making for two sides of optimal comfort in a medium and firmer feel that will appeal to so many.

Another awesome aspect of this mattress is the affordable price point. Most single sided latex hybrid mattresses are usually more expensive. But the price of the EcoSleep by Brooklyn Bedding makes this mattress very budget friendly. As well as giving you two mattresses in one. Not to mention you can save even more by following the coupon link below.

Read our full EcoSleep mattress review HERE. Shop the mattress at

The EcoSleep mattress is the best flippable natural mattress with so many great features. It offers two sides of comfort, ideal support and great price point. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a natural Talalay latex hybrid mattress that offers two sides of comfort and support.
  • If you have a more modest budget but still want the best materials and quality mattress.
  • You want a brand that has a solid reputation, great customer service and years of experience.

EcoSleep 25% OFF Mattress Coupon

#7 – EcoCloud Hybrid by WinkBeds

ecocloud hybrid mattress reviewWinkBeds has offered their flagship mattress, the super solid hybrid WinkBed for years. However, their time has come to venture into offering more high quality mattresses for a larger variety of options. The EcoCloud Hybrid is one of these additions. Giving a universally appealing latex hybrid mattress. The combination of soft buoyant Talalay latex with solid coils makes a pairing that is ideal.

Not to mention the amazing natural aspects of this mattress. Using materials that are sustainable and healthy from top to bottom. Including organic cotton and wool to compliment the support and comfort layers. For a balanced feel that will alleviate aches and pains for the best sleep ever.

The inherent benefits of these materials makes this mattress perfect for anyone who sleeps hot. As well as offers minimal motion transfer. Along with a solid and durable build that will last for years. And WinkBeds expects nothing less. By offering a lifetime warranty they know their mattresses will outlast the competitions. Follow the link below for the BEST coupon on this natural mattress made by WinkBeds.

Read our full EcoCloud Hybrid mattress review HERE. Shop the mattress at

The EcoCloud mattress is a super comfortable natural latex hybrid mattress with a solid build. It is naturally cool, very supportive and reliable to say the least. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a Talalay latex hybrid bed with natural elements for optimal sleeping benefits.
  • If you want a universally comfortable mattress that offers the right amount of support as well as just enough pressure relieving contour.
  • You want a great value from a solid brand that offers some of the best luxury mattresses online.

$300 WinkBeds Mattress Coupon Code: SLEEP300

#8 – Latex for Less

Best Affordable Natural Mattress

best natural mattressesWhen it comes to natural mattresses you might think you have to have a padded budget. But, sometimes you can find a brand that offers a great deal on exactly what you want. Latex for Less is exactly what their names describes. A latex mattress for much less than typical latex mattresses.

This 100% natural latex mattress features organic wool and cotton over layers of dense and durable latex. Not only that, but this is a flippable latex mattress. Creating a two sided mattress with ample comfort in a more medium feel as well as a firmer feel.  It’s hard to believe that the price of this natural bed is so affordable.

With benefits that you’d expect to find in any latex mattress. Along with a buoyant yet contouring feel that creates great comfort along with optimal support. And cool, aerated layers of foam that don’t retain heat, as well as minimal motion transfer. Not to forget, that this already ideally priced mattress even offers coupons. Follow the link below for the best Latex for Less mattress coupon.

Read our full Latex for Less mattress review HERE. Shop the mattress at

The Latex for Less mattress is a great natural flippable mattress with so many great features. It is comfortable, supportive and priced very well. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a natural all latex foam mattress that offers two sides of comfort and support.
  • If you have a limited budget but still want a high quality materials and durable mattress.
  • You want to save money but don’t want to skimp on quality, customer service or having one of the best natural mattresses.

Latex For Less Mattress Coupon

#9 – Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding

bloom mattressWhen it comes to the best natural mattresses available there might be more than you realize. With so many sleepers looking for healthy and sustainable options in every aspect of life, mattresses should be no different. With the Bloom mattress you actually get the option of an all latex mattress or a latex hybrid mattress.


The Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding is a 10″+ thick 100% Talalay Latex foam topped with Joma wool and organic cotton. It features 100% natural materials from top to bottom for an all foam mattress. The great thing about this mattress is that it is available in three comfort options. Ranging between a soft, medium and firm feel you will surely find the perfect fit.

Bloom Hybrid:

The Bloom Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding uses the same top comfort layer of Talalay latex. However, the support of this mattress features steel coils. Making it a little thicker at 12″. Similarly it is also available in three comfort options and features organic wool and cotton too.

Both mattresses are great for long term durability and sleeping very cool. They may differ a bit when it comes to motion isolation and edge support. But all in all both offer some great sleeping benefits and features.

Read our full Bloom Mattress Review HERE! And shop the Bloom and Bloom hybrid mattress at

The Bloom or Bloom Hybrid mattress is a great mattress with so many great features. It comes with options that regardless proved good comfort and support at an affordable price. This will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a natural all latex foam mattress  or a latex hybrid mattress available in soft, medium or firm.
  • If you want a solid bed but will last many years with high quality materials and solid construction.
  • You want great customer service, a great value and a company that has been in the online mattress industry for years.

25% OFF Bloom Mattress Coupon

#10 – Botanical Bliss by PlushBeds

botanical bliss mattress reviewIf you want an all natural latex mattress with lots of options the Botanical Bliss is for you. This 100% latex bed gives you choices not only between comfort, or firmness, but you also get to choose how thick you want it too. This not only alters the feel, look and support, but adjusts the price too.

Regardless of which Botanical Bliss latex mattress you opt for you are guaranteed quality. This mattress is free of any toxic, harmful or non-sustainable materials. With layers including organic cotton and wool, natural and organic latex and even premium foundation options if needed. Giving you a very healthy mattress for both you and the environment.

The ample benefits you’ll get from sleeping on this mattress are plentiful. Like any natural mattress that uses latex you will certainly sleep much cooler than on a memory foam mattress. You also will have solid, dense materials that don’t break down. Creating great support, even around the perimeter. And the 25 year warranty is just a testament of all of this.

Read our full Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds review HERE! Also, shop the Botanical Bliss mattress at

The Botanical Bliss Mattress by PlushBeds is a great natural mattress with options galore. It is offered in 3 comfort options and 3 thicknesses. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a natural all latex foam mattress that gives you plenty of choices for the ideal bed.
  • If you have specific needs in mind that can be filled with the natural quality materials of an all latex mattress.
  • You want to get a great value, top notch customer service and the sleeping benefits that latex is known for.

Plush Beds Mattress Coupon

Still have questions? 

It is easy to see why these mattresses fall into our Best Natural mattresses category.  However, if you still aren’t sure which one is best for you, no problem. Check out the mattress comparison tool and see the specs of these beds side by side.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.