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July 12, 2019

Best Music For Sleep

Can’t sleep to the sound of silence? Music can help with that. Have noisy neighbors that stay up all night long? Music can help with that too. From easing anxiety, to simulating brain development, there are many benefits to listening to music while you fall asleep.

Sleeping with music for relaxation

Where to find Relaxing Nighttime Music:

There are so many options for free streaming music these days that sometimes it can feel more difficult to choose your platform than ever. We love YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Radio, and iHeartRadio. However, any streaming network you prefer is likely to have options for gentle relaxing music to sleep to.

playlists for sleepOne big tip we have for you is to avoid commercials at all costs. They are designed to be loud and disruptive to your listening enjoyment in order to grab your attention. This will wake you up faster than your alarm clock. One way to avoid that is 8+ hour long playlists on YouTube. Or by signing up for platforms like Spotify will give you offline options and take away commercials.

While there are many pre-made playlists to explore out there, remember that you can also curate your own playlist to fit your exact musical tastes.

Quick Tip: If you are playing music via YouTube on your smartphone look into changing your settings. There should be a setting adjustment that lets you to close your phone and allow the audio to continue playing. This nifty trick saves a lot of battery power.

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What Type of Music for Sleep?

Relaxation Music

While you are winding down for bed, it is good to stay away from anything that is overly stimulating. Turning on some soft relaxation music is a great way to get in the mood. At this point of the night it can still be music with lyrics. Just keep it gentle and relaxing, any music that helps you unwind and relax.

Listening to relaxing music is great to do while you’re getting ready for bed, if you enjoy taking a bath or even just while you brush your teeth. If you do this every night it can help you get in the mood to sleep.

Our Favorite Relaxing Playlist

Deep Sleep Music

Once you are looking to really get to sleep, you are going to want to turn off any music with singing. While it can be gentle and relaxing, it can also be distracting. Human voices are very stimulating to the mind and even if it subconsciously, your mind will try to listen and decipher what the voices are singing to you.

For deep sleep music we suggest finding songs that are melodic but very slow paced. You want something you can truly get lost in.

Our Favorite Deep Sleep Playlist

Relaxing Piano Music

The classic sound of a piano is another popular musical choice to fall asleep to. The rich sound of a grand piano can be the perfect selection for lulling you to sleep.

Our Favorite Relaxing Piano Playlist

Classical Music for Sleep

Classical music is known for its relaxing qualities. If you’re winding down to get ready for bed, search for slower softer pieces.  It can however be very stimulating, even when it is soft and gentle. Keep this in mind when picking the particular piece or playlist.

Our Favorite Classical Playlist

Spa Music for Sleep

If you have ever gotten a massage at a spa you know how relaxing it can be. The soothing music used in a spa environment is created to bring you peace and relaxation. They often use a mix of natural sounds and soft melodies. This combination makes for a great playlist to fall asleep to.

Our Favorite Spa Music Playlist

Natural Sounds

The soothing sounds of nature are a great choice for falling asleep. Found in many playlists and sound machines a like, nature sounds range widely in diversity and style. There are so many different nature sounds, it is truly unlimited. Rainfalling on a roof, the soft hum of crickets, trickling brooks, the choice is all yours.

Our Favorite Nature Sounds Playlist

White Noise

While white noise isn’t innately relaxing, it is great for drowning out unwanted sounds. Believe it or not, there are even different versions white noise to pick from. Our favorite sleep sounds application for white noise and nature sounds is the RelaxMelodies made by Ipnosis. With this app you can customize your own personalized mix noises to be exactly what you want.

Our Favorite White Noise Playlist

ASMR for Sleeping

asmr good for sleepingThe internet has exploded recently with ASMR videos of all shapes and sizes. But what is this new phenomenon and how does it work? ASMR, also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a way of provoking a pleasant tingling sensation that is considered relaxing. This is done through a variety of ways to create a response through your senses.

ASMR can range in content, from sounds to sights, with reactions to this unique relaxation technique   ranging drastically. Maybe you are one that may find it to be incredibly relaxing. If you don’t like the first one you try, try some different ones. A sound might relax someone while it completely grates on the nerves of another. So it might take a while to find a video with the sounds that suite your preference.

This new age tool definitely isn’t for everyone, but, if you haven’t given it a try yet, it might be worth checking out. A great suggestions is to listen with quality headphones to get the maximum effect. And maybe start with something that you think would trigger a sense of calm or fond memories.

Who Can Sleep to Music?

While some may find any sounds at all to be overwhelming and distracting to sleep to, many find it calming. There is such a wide range that there is bound to be a style or sound out there for everyone.

Sleep Music for Adults:

With our busy schedules come busy minds. It can be difficult to shut off completely. Without any sounds or stimulus, the busy thoughts can begin to take over and make it difficult to stay still and fall asleep. One way to ease your mind is to use music as a gentle distractor.

Adults typically have a general idea what works best for them. Allowing your range of music choices to vary. If you aren’t a huge music buff and need a good go to relaxing classical music is a great choice. Finding a nice calming classical arrangement is great for adults and children alike.

Sleep Music for Teens:

listening to ipod at nightNot a lot of teen music preferences are relaxing or calming by any means. However, finding contemporary calming music can be helpful to getting your teens to sleep better. Try creating a playlist with your teen so they get to pick music they really love.

Sleep Music for Kids:

There are many playlists on the internet that have taken well known childrens play songs and slowed them down or made acoustic or purely instrumental versions. These are a fun way to find music your kids already know and love that are made to help calm and relax.

Sleep Music for Babies:

Lullabies are a classic, you can find a million and one playlists for beautiful lullabies. Classical music is especially good for babies and children as their brains are developing to quickly. Keep in mind that some classical music may be too stimulating to sleep to, sound machines may be a better option if music is too much for your little one.

Looking for a sound machine? We love the Hatch for kids. Click here to try it out.

Sleep Music for Dogs:

music that is good for dogs sleepingDogs need relaxation as well, but their hearing is different than ours. It can be difficult to know what they enjoy and find relaxing because it may be different from what we like. Our suggestion is to keep it soft and avoid higher pitches or abrupt sounds. Any noise that could trigger or be interpreted as something in or around the house can add to puppy stress and anxiety.

What to Play Your Nighttime Music With:


Perhaps your co-sleeper or roommate wants to sleep in silence. Headphones at night fall out and are uncomfortable. The Pillowsonic is the answer. A speaker wrapped in foam and made to be tucked into your pillow so no one else has to hear your music but you.


night light and sound machine for sleeping kidsOur top two favorite sound makers are great for both adults and kids. HoMedics Soundspa and the Hatch Sound Machine. The Hatch also doubles as an optional nightlight for kids.

Alarm Clocks:

There are now alarm clocks that not only to wake you up in the morning, but also to help you sleep at night. If you’re going to be streaming music through your phone all night long, you are going to need a good charging station.

The iHome iPL23 Alarm Clock is awesome because it gives you all of this and more. Works with a large amount of phones. Plus you have a radio option if you prefer.

If you are looking to add music or sounds to your nightly routine, we hope we helped you find the right music for you. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. There is something out there for everyone, it is just a matter of going out and finding it. We hope you find the perfect music match for you.

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