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Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

best mattresses for stomach sleepersStomach sleepers will benefit from a medium-firm to firm mattress. When sleeping on your stomach you need to make sure you have a more solid surface to prevent your back from bowing. If a mattress is too soft and you sleep on your stomach you may have lower back pain and just be less comfortable for an extended period of time.

In our best mattresses for stomach sleepers we have narrowed down our top picks for mattresses that provide an ample amount support and firm comfort that will be ideal for this position.

Our Top 5 Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

  1. Saatva$999/Queen | Coil on Coil
  2. Tuck $990/Queen | Custom Hybrid
  3. Cocoon by Sealy – $949/$799 – $100 coupon = $849/$699/Queen | Memory Foam
  4. Tomorrow Sleep – $990 – $125 coupon = $865/Queen | Hybrid
  5. Eve – $649 – $75 coupon = $574/Queen | Memory Foam & Poly Foam

Firm, But Not Too Firm

Sleeping on your stomach means that you need a surface that will remain relatively flat to keep your back from bowing. The best mattress to provide a flatter surface is a firmer mattress. A mattress that is firm enough on top to cradle your body just enough to be comfortable but keep your spine aligned is ideal. You don’t want it to be too firm though, you don’t want your arms falling asleep because they aren’t able to be contoured to either. You will need a supportive, durable core and layers on top that allow the mattress to fall between a 5.5 and 9 on the soft to firm scale.

our mattress guideMuch of the feel is also dependent on personal preference, that is why we recommend a range. As long as you are supported and comfortable that’s what is important. Overall you would probably do best with looking at mattresses that fall in the medium-firm or luxury-firm categories up to the firm mattress options too.

Proper Support

best mattresses for stomach sleepersSupport and firmness or feel aren’t the same thing. We use the word support in reference to the core of the mattress that provides the necessary foundation that gives you proper spinal alignment. The feel pertains to the comfort levels of the top layers that range from soft to firm. It’s good to understand that a mattress can have poor support and still be firm just as a easily as a bed can have great support and still be soft.

This is where the core or foundation of the mattress play an important role. When looking for a mattress for a stomach sleeper you want to make sure that you aren’t sagging or your back is bowing. You want to feel very slightly cocooned by the top but not too much where it affects your posture. You also don’t want it to be too firm or too supportive, this can cause issues with your arms falling asleep or being uncomfortable too. Also, it’s very important to have the proper pillow for stomach sleeping too. A pillow that is lower loft, or thinner, will allow your neck to stay aligned with your back and be the most comfortable.

Mattresses For Stomach Sleeper Recommendations

Below you will find the list of our best mattresses for stomach sleepers. These mattresses should be a great fit for anyone who sleeps on their stomach and need a supportive, firm mattress.

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Custom Hybrid
Coil on Coil & Euro Pillow Top
Plush Soft, Luxury Firm & Firm
Medium-Soft & Medium-Firm
Memory Foam & Poly Foam
Medium Firm
Memory Foam & Poly Foam
Soft & Firm
Memory Foam & Poly Foam
Soft & Firm