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Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers 2017

best mattresses for warm sleepersBeing a warm sleeper can definitely cause it’s own frustrations, especially when looking for a new mattress. You don’t want to find anything that will increase your warmth, but something that will help keep you comfortable. This section of best mattresses for hot sleepers focuses on cooling mattresses that will help keep your warmth at bay while sleeping.

One thing we want to clarify from the start is the perception of a mattresses ability to have cooling properties versus its ability to retain or dissipate heat. Many mattresses claim to keep you cool, this is not necessarily the case. The goal is to keep from overheating with good air flow and dissipating heat from the mattress. This is done through the use of certain materials in a mattress that have qualities that help with this process. When we refer to sleeping cool we are more or less describing if the mattress doesn’t contribute to your warmth. There are products on the market to literally keep your bed cool, and if that interests you check out our review for the Bed Jet. But, a mattress that cools you has yet to be invented.

Our Top 6 Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

  1. Nest Bedding’s Hybrid Latex – $1599 – $200 coupon = $1399/Queen | Latex Hybrid
  2. Avocado – $1399 – $100 coupon = $1299/Queen | Latex Hyrbid
  3. Saatva$999/Queen | Coil on Coil
  4. Tuck $990/Queen | Custom Hybrid
  5. Zenhaven by Saatva $1899/Queen | 100% Natural Latex
  6. Spindle – $1349 – 5% Coupon = $1282/Queen | 100% Natural Latex

our mattress guideThe Firmer, The Better

This might not be what you’d like to hear if you are a warm sleeper who likes a nice soft mattress. However, the firmer the mattress, the less you’ll sink in and the cooler you’ll stay. This is just plain physics, the less of our body surface that is being enveloped by the mattress the more of it will be exposed to air circulating around you. If you are a warm sleeper who prefers more comfort, I would suggest a mattress that has a combination of coils and latex or is all latex. However, your best bet is a mattress with those materials and a slightly firmer feel too. Below we go through why these materials are preferable for warm sleepers.

Materials Matter

What a mattress is made of will make a big difference when it comes to how well it will breathe and allow heat to escape and keep you comfortable all night long. Many mattresses will infuse different gels into the foams to try and off set the heat build up. However, using materials like coils and naturally aerated latex that have space built in for heat escape are going to be your best solution. Also, the materials in the cover can make a difference too.

Coil Mattresses

our mattress guideMattresses with coil systems are great for hot sleepers. The core of this mattress uses springs that have plenty of free space around them to allow air to flow and heat to dissipate easily. Coil mattresses also typically have a firmer core that will help you not sink in too much. A mattress with a coil system is going to be the best heat eliminator for a warm sleeper. Below are a few of our favorite coiled mattresses that would be great options.

The Saatva mattress is actually a coil on coil mattress that incorporates two coil systems to create a durable support system that also won’t hold much heat. The Tuck mattress is another mattress that uses a dual coil system with a layer of micro coils over a heavier coil system. This again allows for plenty of support while still providing plenty of space for air to flow. This mattress also has a layer of latex too, keep reading to learn why this is another great material for warm sleepers.

To learn more about Coil Systems visit Step 3 in our Mattress Guide.

our sleep guideLatex Mattresses

Latex is another material that will work best for hot sleepers. Latex is naturally aerated and allows for plenty of air to flow. Out of all the foams used for mattresses this is going to hold the least amount of heat. It also is more responsive and easier to move in. The quicker it is for you to move the less likely you are to get trapped in the warmth of one sleeping positon. Both the Zenhaven and Spindle are 100% natural latex mattresses that are both durable and supportive and great all foam mattress options for hot sleepers.

To learn more about Latex visit Step 3 in our Mattress Guide.

Coil & Latex Combo Mattresses

The best of both worlds would be a coiled mattress with only latex comfort foams. This brings us to our #1 & #2 pick for Hot Sleepers, the Nest Bedding Hybrid LatexAvocado mattress. These beds have sturdy, strong heat dissipating coil system paired with the perfect pressure relieving and cooling layers of Dunlop latex over top. These mattresses are not only going to be comfortable and very supportive, but also be GREAT for hot sleepers. Combining the coolest materials for temperature control and heat dissipation into one mattress will be the BEST for even the hottest sleepers out there.

Learn more and shop at &

best mattresses for warm sleepersMemory Foam

Many people like the feel of traditional memory foam mattresses, or at least the idea of memory foam. However this material is going to be one that you may want to avoid if you sleep warm. This foam warms with your body heat more than any other foam and is also slow responding. If you are set on a memory foam mattress make sure you focus on finding one that tries to incorporate cooling gel memory foam and punched holes to help dissipate heat or pairs it with a layer of latex too.

Mattress Covers

Another important material to look at if you are someone who sleeps hot is the cover on top of the mattress. Incorporating breathable cottons and naturally moisture wicking wool are great options. These materials are not only natural but even prove to be better than man made counterparts. Keep an eye out for mattress covers that aren’t breathable and moisture wicking so they won’t add to your warmth. When looking at mattress materials in general make sure you pay attention to all the details so you know what you’re getting.

Mattresses For Hot Sleepers Recommendations

Below you will find the list of our best mattresses for hot sleepers. These options focus on materials that will help dissipate heat as well as offer firm support that won’t allow you to sink too much.

Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Custom Hybrid
Coil on Coil & Euro Pillow Top
Plush Soft, Luxury Firm & Firm
Natural Latex
2 Sided - Luxury Plush & Gentle Firm
Soft, Medium & Firm
Latex Hybrid
Medium & Firm
Latex Hybrid
Gentle Firm
Natural Latex
Medium & Firm
Latex Hybrid