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June 26, 2018

Best Mattresses for Back Pain

back pain makes sleeping very difficultBack pain can be an acute problem or an ongoing issue you find yourself dealing with. Sometimes it’s your lower back, or your neck and sometimes it is everywhere. In any instance you are probably searching for some comfort and relief, especially when you sleep. Finding the best mattresses for back pain relief can help alleviate your pressure points as well as give you the necessary support. Not to mention the comfort you need and crave to sleep soundly.

Below we will not only go through some of the important aspects to look for in a mattress. But also how certain areas may help you whether you have suffer from upper, lower or all over back pain. As well as tips and additional products that may help you.

One important thing to note before we delve in is to always consult your medical provider too. Though we have done thorough research, but each person’s situation and pain is unique and specific to them. Making this a useful tool, but by no means a medical diagnosis or cure. We sincerely hope that you are able to find a mattress that will ensure a proper night sleep, but using your best judgement and listening to your body is key.

Sleeping with Back Pain:

Almost all people sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night. Having back pain can cross over into this large chunk of time and take away your much needed rest and replace it with aggravating pain instead.

woman struggling with back painFinding a mattress that provides a combination of support and comfort is key. Below we offer several recommendations to help you on your journey to find the best mattress for your back pain. As well as several suggestions for accessories that may help you as well. And even some common causes of back pain and tips on how to relieve day to day aggravation that will benefit you not only while sleeping but awake too.

First we will start with mattresses and break down the best choices for combination and back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. It is a good idea to have an idea of your dominant sleeping positions because this could alter what mattress feel and style would be best for you.

Combination and Back Sleepers:

best mattresses for back painThe most important aspect of your mattress may be the firmness and support level. The support is what will help keep your body aligned and the ergonomics correct to make for good and healthy support.

Typically when having back pain you want to have a mattress that offers a sufficient amount of support. A more ideal medium to medium-firm feel works great for combination sleepers and back sleepers alike. Having a mattress that is firm enough while still having just enough softness is recommended. This level of firmness typically works well with all sleeping positions but is most ideal for back pain sufferers who sleep primarily on their back. Or who sleep in multiple positions throughout the night too.

softness scale meter

Below are three medium-firm mattresses that offer just that. Proper and necessary support with ideal comfort that will not only work great for back sleepers but also easily accommodate all sleeping positions without compromising that support. On a scale of 1 through 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest, all of these options come in right around a 5.5 to 6. Just a bit firmer than a true medium without being considered too firm as well.

#1 – SleepOvation Mattress:

sleepovation mattress reviewThe SleepOvation mattress may be just what the doctor ordered. Literally. This unique hybrid mattress is not only designed with proper spinal alignment in mind but also more specifically for back pain sufferers.

This mattress is engineered to create independent support and comfort with its “700 tiny mattresses” design. The Sleep Ovation mattress uses a coil system but instead of a continuous layer of foam over top, each coil has its own designated foam layer. Making channels that not only allow for exact and flexible support, but also add other multiple benefits.

Learn more in our extensive review of the SleepOvation mattress, including our video and photos HERE!

The SleepOvation Mattress is great for anyone who…

  • Is looking for a medium to medium-firm feeling hybrid mattress specially designed for ideal side and back support.
  • Likes an innovative design that creates precise and flexible support and comfort especially for the lumbar, shoulders and hips.
  • A mattress specifically designed to alleviate pressure and pain throughout the body while still sleeping very cool, allowing for minimal motion transfer and quality materials and construction.

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#2 – Leesa Mattress:

woman on mattressThe Leesa all foam mattress features materials along with a design that creates ideal comfort with superior support. This mattress creates a sleeping surface that utilizes only foams that work together to maintain proper alignment and support for your entire body.

The universal feel of this bed is very balanced making it ideal for all sleepers. The quality layers provide a durable feel that molds to your body while easily letting you move. If you are a back or combination sleeper that wants the pressure relief of memory foam but good air flow and ease of movement the Leesa is a great option. This bed will give you the support your body craves as well as the comfort it deserves.

Learn more in our extensive review of the Leesa mattress, including our video and photos HERE!

The Leesa Mattress is great for anyone who…

  • Would like an all foam mattress that offers great support and ideal medium to medium-firm comfort.
  • Likes a balanced feel that isn’t too soft or firm, or too cocooning or responsive and is literally just right.
  • Wants a bed with good air flow and minimal motion transfer along with quality construction and materials from a company with years of experience and proven results.

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#3 – Bear Hybrid Mattress:

best mattresses for back painIf you want a thick hybrid bed that provides an almost perfect medium to medium-firm feel this Bear hybrid is for you. This hybrid uses several layers of varying foam with a mini coil system sandwiched between to provide ample benefits along with perfect support and comfort for all sleepers.

This Bear hybrid bed gives a great combination of dense base foam support with added flexibility of a coil system. Making for support that works with your body for proper ergonomics. The melding of comfort layers over this also contribute to this ideal feel and make it a great option not only for all sleepers but anyone suffering from back pain too. Not too mention the added Celliant cover perfect for aiding the body in recovery.

Learn more in our extensive review of the Bear Hybrid mattress, including our in depth video review and photos HERE!

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is great for anyone who…

  • Wants a thick hybrid mattress that pairs dense and sturdy foams with flexible coils to create balance, support and ideal comfort.
  • May be curious about the added benefits that Celliant can add to your life, especially for pain reduction and recovery.
  • Likes the idea of the benefits of a hybrid bed paired with the benefits of an all foam bed to create a mattress that is the best of both worlds.

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Side Sleepers:

When it comes to side sleeping you still want plenty of needed support. However, you also want a bit more softness to accommodate your shoulders and hips comfortably too. Being on your side you may notice that a bed that is too firm doesn’t allow your body to have the proper alignment. Leading to added pain and tossing and turning with no relief.

best mattresses for back painThe best mattresses for side sleepers’ back pain will focus on beds that offer a medium to medium-soft feel that allow your body to sink in just enough. Utilizing the best materials along with proper engineering to make a mattress that cradles your body perfectly. Without compromising support or proper ergonomics to ensure your body is rested, comfortable and properly taken care of.

Below are three of the best mattresses you can find for side sleeping that are perfect for back pain sufferers. These well constructed and thoughtfully designed beds offer superior support while still giving you just enough sink and contour.

#1 – Oceano by Brentwood Home Mattress:

The Oceano hybrid mattress by Brentwood Home is not only a luxurious mattress made with top notch materials. The design and construction feature multiple support layers that are flexible and accommodating to side sleeping that are paired with comfort foams that relieve pressure almost instantly.

This makes for a mattress that is superior for side sleepers especially for those who suffer from back pain. The Oceano doesn’t compromise on ergonomics and support in order to be lush and soft. Instead it uses innovative technology to combine support layers that move with your body to find the perfect fit and feel for perfect side sleeping.

Learn more in our extensive review of the Oceano by Brentwood Home mattress, including our in depth video review and photos HERE!

The Oceano be Brentwood Home is perfect for anyone who…

  • Wants the best of the best hybrid mattress that provides proper and plentiful support as well as optimal comfort for side sleeping.
  • Likes a mattress that uses natural and superior materials and construction that sleeps cooler, isolates motion and I solid from edge to edge.
  • Is looking for durable, solid and trusted mattresses that have been in the industry for years and are proven leaders in quality and comfort.

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brentwoodhome essentials
#2 – Nolah Original 10″ Mattress:

The Original Nolah all foam 10″ mattress has prided itself on being an ideally designed bed perfect for side sleepers. Its layers of foam provide support while also giving the optimal amount of sink and contour. Leaving your shoulders and hips in perfect alignment for a natural and healthy spine alignment.

The combination of new generation foams create pressure relief that cradles your body but also offers great support form the dense and durable base. The combination makes for a not too soft but just soft enough feel that doesn’t create a lack of support. Making for a side sleeping mattress for anyone who wants an all foam feel. And offers exactly what you need to make sure your back health is accounted for.

Learn more in our extensive review of the Nolah Original 10″ mattress HERE!

The Nolah Original 10″ mattress is perfect for anyone who…

  • Wants an all foam mattress that is perfectly balanced for side sleeping using new generation foams that take the best of memory foam and latex.
  • Likes a mattress that provides solid support with minimal motion transfer and solid materials with properties to sleep more temperature neutral.
  • A proven leader for top mattress choices for side sleepers that comes form a company that has a solid reputation and customer care.

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#3 – Purple 4.0 Hybrid Mattress:

Old couple on a purple mattressPurple introduced 3 hybrid mattresses in early 2018. Creating the ultimate side sleepers polymer and coil combination mattress with the Purple 4.0. Combining 4″ of their unique polymer grid with a solid and flexible coil system to create the ultimate for pressure relief awhile resting on your shoulders and hips.

This mattress is not only their most expensive option but also their most coveted bed too. The zero gravity type feel you will experience in this bed may be priceless. Especially for anyone who suffers form back pain that has had little luck with traditional coil or foam mattresses. The Purple 2.0 and Purple 3.0 are similar mattresses for slightly less money, but don’t offer the experience the Purple 4.0 offers, especially for side sleepers.

Learn more in our full review of the Purple Hybrid mattresses HERE!

The Purple 4.0 hybrid mattress may be for you if…

  • Traditional styles of mattresses have let you down or don’t create enough pressure relief while side sleeping.
  • You like your original Purple mattress but feel that it lacks the support and softness that you need while sleeping on your side.
  • The thought of a hybrid that features the comfort and cooling properties of polymer and reputation of a well known brand appeal to you.

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Stomach Sleepers:

man stomach sleeping on mattressUnlike mattresses for side sleeping you want to increase the firmness level if you are a stomach sleeper. Having a mattress that uses dense and solid materials from top to bottom can help alleviate back pain for stomach sleepers. By having a smooth and solid surface that doesn’t allow your back to bow too much you will create the best option for comfortable stomach sleeping.

The best mattresses for stomach sleepers’ back pain would fall into a medium-firm to firm level of comfort. Most ideally with comfort layers that are supportive instead of soft. Allowing for enough pressure relief with solid materials and durable foundations for sturdy and long term support. Sometimes if your mattress is too soft and you are a stomach sleeper it might be what is causing your back pain to begin with.

The top three recommendations for stomach sleeping mattresses not only offer great materials. They all feature multiple options of comfort you can choose. Giving you the ability to have a slightly firmer choice perfect for sleeping on your stomach.

#1 – Brooklyn Signature Mattress:

dog on brooklyn bedding mattressThe Brooklyn Signature from Brooklyn Bedding is a well priced and solid hybrid mattress. The firm option from this line makes for a perfect stomach sleepers choice. The foams are durable yet very easy to move on and create good support, especially when paired with the solid coil system below.

This mattress uses a slightly more responsive latex alternative foam instead of memory foam. This allows for pressure points to relax while not making you feel stuck in the mud. The foundation is solid and sturdy from edge to edge and the combination of materials creates a mattress that never gets to hot. The Brooklyn Signature keeps your back from bowing yet still just soft enough to be comfortable. Making it a top choice for stomach sleepers who suffer from back pain.

Learn more in our extensive review of the Brooklyn Signature mattress, including our in depth video review and photos HERE!

The Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress might be perfect if you…
  • Like a durable well made mattress with a well known company behind it that is still very affordable with out sacrificing quality.
  • Want a hybrid mattress that has a solid coil system with a more responsive yet solid and dense foam comfort layer over top that is just soft enough but plenty firm for stomach sleeping.
  • Want a bed that sleeps cooler, has solid edge support and comes in multiple comfort options for ideal comfort and support.

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best hybrid mattresses
#2 – Cocoon by Sealy Mattress:

Cocoon mattressThe Cocoon by Sealy mattress is an all foam bed that features thick and dense memory foam paired with a durable and solid base foam. Together making a true memory foam bed that has a solid reputation. The options not only vary between a softer and firmer feel but also between their more affordable Classic Cocoon mattress and a cooler Cocoon Chill option too.

Choosing the firm option you will get not only a comfortably supportive bed but also plenty of dense foams that mold to your body. This makes for a good combination and balanced sleeping surface great for stomach sleepers. Your back will get the ideal posture it needs and maintain a solid feel throughout the night for years to come. With a strong name behind it you get nothing less than the best for the best price too. Another option similar to the Cocoon is the dense and slow responding Puffy mattress too.

Learn more in our extensive review of the Cocoon by Sealy mattress, including our in depth video review and photos HERE!

The Cocoon by Sealy will be perfect for you if you…
  • Want a true memory foam mattress that uses solid dense foams that offer ideal comfort and support.
  • Like a company that has been around for years and is a proven industry leader with the latest technology and best customer service.
  • Want a mattress that offers options with great pricing and minimal motion transfer durable edge support and quality materials and construction.

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Cocoon by Sealy

Best Accessories for Back Pain:

Another thing to consider is whether or not you plan on using an adjustable base. An adjustable base typically moves the head of the bed from flat to more upright as well as the foot of the bed too. This accessory can make a world of difference to any chronic back pain sufferer. Along with this accessory is the use of pillows too. Having the right pillow for not only your head and neck but any additional pillows to prop up your knees or legs may be the ticket to better sleep.

Below we feature some of our favorite adjustable beds as well as pillows. These additions to your mattress purchase can make a huge difference, especially for anyone who suffers chronic pain of any kind, including back. They feature benefits beyond just adjustments to your head and legs. Featuring the latest technology and sleekest designs you’re sure to love for form and function.

Yaasa Adjustable Base:

The Yaasa adjustable bed is one of the most modern designs on the market. Don’t let the super cool and minimalistic look fool you. This bed also functions at the top of the line coming in at a great price many competitors can’t compete with. This frame works under any style of mattress that can have an adjustable base. The set-up is easy and the benefits are great. This is a must for anyone with chronic pain and will make sleeping and waking much easier.

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More coming soon! In the meantime check out all our pillow reviews and recommendations HERE!

Common Causes of Back Pain:

There are many things that can cause back pain. Several issues that are hereditary and others that can be brought on by years of wear and tear. Or even an acute reaction to improper lifting or a temporary pinched nerve. Below are common causes that generally bring on back pain. Some more chronic, with a few more acute causes too. Because back pain is so common the list of causes could be endless, so we’ll focus on the most likely culprits.

  • Arthritis:

    Arthritis is a broad topic that covers any disease that causes pain, swelling, tender and stiff joints. Osteoarthritis in particular, is the most common type of arthritis. This disease slowly wears the cartilage down around your joints. Making for minimal cushion between the bones causing inflammation and pain. This can occur in any joint, including the spine. Creating not only pain and irritation in your back but also creating an onset of more long term and permanent spine conditions.

  • Bulging or Ruptured Discs:

    Disks are a natural cushion that buffer the bones in the vertebrae of your spine. This soft safeguard not only creates a nice pillow like separation but keeps the bones from rubbing together. Sometimes this soft material slips out of place and can bulge or even rupture causing pressure to be put on nearby nerves. Sometimes bulging or ruptured discs can cause minimal to no pain. However, often times they do leading to acute back pain in various regions of the spine. There are several terms that describe disc pain besides bulging or ruptured discs. The terms herniated disc, pinched nerve, disc protrusion and slipped disc all may be used interchangeably too.

  • Chronic Pain:

    Clearly the term chronic pain is very broad. This term typically refers to any spine or back pain that is consistent and lasts longer than 3 to 6 months. Generally with issues that last this long there is little hope of tissue repair and long term damage that will continue to linger. Chronic pain may or may not be diagnosed with an underlying cause. Regardless, the sufferer will need to find ways of coping and relieving the pain to the best of their ability.

  • Degenerative Disc Disease:

    Like all parts of the body age does eventually effect the use and function, including your spine and discs too. Degenerative Disc Disease is less of a disease and more of a natural aging process of the spine. As your body and spine ages the discs may degenerate causing a loss of efficient function as a spinal joint. This naturally aging process of the spine can unfortunately also bring on pain not only in the back and spine but also to other extremities as well.

  • Lower Back Pain:

    Lower back pain effects 80% of people over the course of their lives. Meaning almost everyone has suffered with either chronic or acute pain in their backs, specifically lower. The causes of this can vary from a simple muscle strain to a hereditary disease from birth. Even being overweight and carrying more weight in your midsection can often cause lower back pain. And making simple tasks difficult or painful. From standing or sitting too long to even sleeping comfortably through an entire night.

  • Muscle Strain:

    As far as back pain goes, a muscle strain, though never fun, is usually short term. Making it temporarily uncomfortable but hopefully able to be treated and healed in a short period of time. The most common ways for back muscle strain is from improper or overly heavy lifting and a sudden awkward movement. Giving your body the necessary time to heal is your best bet. As well as preventing strains with proper techniques and common sense to what your body can handle.

  • Neck Pain:

    Neck pain goes hand in hand with back pain. It is still considered part of your spine and tough most neck pain is an acute and temporary pain there are other more permanent problems that can persist. Any vertebrae above your shoulders along your spine is considered your neck. You can easily strain or pull the muscles in this readily exposed and sometimes more susceptible area. Usually the pain or discomfort is healed by time and rest. However, disc related problems can occur here as well making for long term and chronic pain too.

  • Osteoporosis:

    Osteoporosis is a disease that can effect any of your bones, including the spine. This disease is usually brought on by age and the natural reduction of calcium in your body. Making your bones more brittle and porous. Literally making your bones thinner and weaker over time. This can cause vertebrae fractures and deformities. Most of which can be stopped or corrected with the proper treatment and supplements.

  • Pregnancy:

    Pregnancy, though again another temporary condition, can cause its own onset of acute problems. Some of which will strain your back muscles or cause nerves to be pressed against sparking back pain. Usually occurring later in pregnancy, more than likely the third trimester, but still causing an array of back and neck pain that is temporary but can be debilitating, especially when combine with other pregnancy issues.

  • Sciatica:

    Sciatica is a pain that most people feel in the lower half of their bodies. Typically felt in the legs, hips and buttocks but is generated from the lower back sciatica nerve. This pain can be caused from several causes as well but specifically puts pressure on this large nerve. That can generate pain, numbness, tingling and discomfort form your lower back down the back of your leg. Though many use the term to describe their pain it is not a condition, but a description of symptoms.

  • Skeletal Irregularities:

    Genetic or hereditary abnormalities can occur in the spine as well. Creating irregularities that can sometimes also generate pain or discomfort. The most commons skeletal irregularity is Scoliosis. This condition causes your spine to curve to one side making it stray from its intended position. This can usually be corrected over time by using a brace or mechanism to help straighten the spine into a more natural position. Typically pain isn’t too much of an issue unless the skeletal irregularity is more severe.

  • Spinal Stenosis:

    Spinal Stenosis typically occurs in one or both of two points of the spine. This happens when the spinal cord in the neck (cervical stenosis) or the spinal nerve roots in the lower back (lumbar stenosis) become compressed. This typically generates pressure and pain in these regions that can radiate to the arms and legs depending on where you are effected. This occurs through abnormal narrowing of the spinal channel that can restrict and put pressure on spinal nerves and the spinal cord.

Tips for Alleviating Back Pain:

Though some forms of back pain may not be corrected or alleviated by these tips and suggestions, many often do find relief and help from doing these small things. Though you may not have a drastic change many of these help, especially over time. Giving you not only less back pain but overall better health and well being. Incorporating even one or two of these tips could seriously change your quality of life for the better.

  • Exercise:

    Incorporating exercise not only helps your back but your whole body. A good dose of daily physical activity not only helps your body weight stay in check. It also helps strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility that helps improve your life and longevity with less pain and suffering too. The benefits of exercise are countless and lead to overall optimized health. Regular low-impact aerobic activities are great for endurance and strength that won’t add any strains or jolting movements to your back too. Speaking with your doctor first is always best to see what is most beneficial for you and your body.

  • Massage:

    Having a massage is not only deeply relaxing and enjoyable it is also a great therapy especially for back pain. This alternative technique not only directly works on the areas of your body that need it. But overall they say it improves circulation, range of motion as well as endorphins. Giving your body a total overhaul with minimal work on your end. With regular use massage therapy can do wonders for decreasing your pain and increasing your bodies response to back and spinal pain.

  • Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss:

    Much like exercise, diet and nutrition can have profound effects on your entire body. Providing yourself with the proper nutrients in the recommended amounts not only gives you more energy but also keeps your weight in a healthy range. Carrying the appropriate weight for your size can help with your overall feel of well being. It can also help minimize excessive strains or wear on your spine and back. Good and nutritious food can make life much more comfortable and maintaining a healthy body much easier too.

  • Proper Posture & Ergonomics:

    Not only can poor posture and bad ergonomics create back pain it can also make existing pain even worse. Sitting, standing or lifting improperly can lead to incorrect positioning of your spine. Standing with your hips in a neutral position is best. And if for long periods of time using a low foot stool and alternating your feet can help alleviate lower back pain. While sitting it is best to be in a chair that has good lower back support, armrests and a swivel base. Keeping your knees and hips level also helps and changing positions every half hour helps too. And lifting with your legs is always good to remember. Keeping your back straight and bending at your knees is going to be best.

  • Sleep:

    This goes hand and hand with the beginning of this article. Finding the best mattresses for back pain or just overall support and comfort is going to be necessary. You need your rest, we all do, and finding the most comfortable way to do that is important. Focusing on support that is best for you and your body as well as sleeping positions(s) will help ensure you find a mattress that will work for you. This also goes with proper posture and ergonomics. A mattress that helps your body stay in a natural position while sleeping will help alleviate any back pain.

  • Smoking (STOP!):

    Most might think smoking has little or nothing to do with back pain. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Smoking takes a toll on your entire well being and body. Your lungs aren’t the only area being impacted while smoking. Smoking also keeps your body form delivery nutrients to the discs in your back. Directly impacting their function and ability to maintain themselves. Keeping nutrients from these necessary cushions can reduce and impair their ability to work. This can cause bulging, torn or herniated discs and increased pain and inflammation in the back.

  • Yoga & Stretching:

    Elongating and stretching the muscles in your body not only helps your health they also improve your muscle function and feel. Especially if you focus and concentrate on your back or neck muscles too. Finding a low impact and restorative focused yoga class can help condition and realign your spine and body. Creating a better flow of energy and muscle suppleness. It also helps with balance and stress relief, anxiety and depression too. All things that can impact pain in your back without you even realizing it.

  • Alternative Medicine:

    Alternative medicine can range from acupuncture to chiropractic care. It can include massage, physical therapy and even medicinal marijuana in certain cases. These days alternative options appeal to more than the traditional western medicine approach of pills or surgery. Many times the side effects related to western medicine can provide more problems than the help you get. Making alternative treatments with few or no negative side effects much more appealing. The most effective option is always what is best for you and your pain. Finding the right combination of pain relief and success is always most important.

Best Mattresses for Back Pain – Conclusion: 

Back pain is clearly a problem many suffer with. We hope you found some useful information and ideas on how to help alleviate the pain. We really hope you found the best mattresses for your back pain to provide good insight and information on finding the best new bed for you. Focusing on support that is best for your sleeping positions along with adding any accessories that will help keep you comfortable is important. As well as understanding what is causing your back pain and any remedies you can incorporate to help relieve it.

Our Sleep Guide is here to help you find the best bedding products possible. If you have any questions or need more help, please feel free to Contact Us. We would be happy to help!

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