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February 1, 2018

Best Mattresses 2019

2018 is quickly coming to an end and 2019 will be here before we know it! Though our Best Mattresses page is constantly updated throughout the year we wanted to take a look at what to expect in 2019. Some of the Best Mattresses of 2019 may already be on your radar. But there are several other brands that have just come out or soon will be. Below we will go through a few of our favorites of 2018. While also looking at a few new brands that will surely get rave reviews in the coming year.

Our Favorites of 2018:

When it comes to the best mattresses of 2019 you can easily start with what was the best of 2018. Our favorites span between memory foam, hybrids and hybrid latex mattresses. Each having their own appeal and benefits that surely work for every kind of sleeper. Some of the qualities that make these beds “the best” are materials, quality and value. As well as comfort, customer service and other benefits like sleeping cool and minimal motion transfer.

Best Hybrids:

Hybrids tend to be a great compromise for mattresses when you want quality and comfort. As well as support and optimal benefits. Hybrid mattress use a more traditional coil system for the core support. While the top comfort layers use multiple foams to create an ideal feel of contour and pressure relief. Ranging from memory foam, latex to various poly foams, each hybrid uses similar construction to achieve it’s feel. While also having unique qualities that set them apart and make some better than others.

Oceano by Brentwood Home:

family on an oceano brentwood homeThe Oceano by Brentwood Home has been one of our favorites right from the start. The quality and feel of this bed make it a luxurious option at a very affordable price. The quality of materials and superior construction give it an edge of most others. While the cradling comfort and use of more natural materials give you healthy benefits in several ways. With a universal feel that appeals to most sleepers it will surely continue to be one of the best mattresses of 2019. And if that isn’t enough our exclusive 15% OFF coupon makes it truly a deal that is hard to beat.

Make sure to read our full review of the Oceano and watch our video too. And to purchase the Oceano at make sure you use our code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 to save 15% on your new mattress.

Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding:

laying down on a brooklyn auroraThe Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding is a premium option at a great price. Giving you not one, but three comfort options that make finding the best feel for you easy as can be. This thicker bed uses a quality coil system under layers of responsive yet contouring foams. Brooklyn Bedding introduced this new favorite in 2018 and in 2019 we are excited to see how several new beds that they have introduced will do too. A few to look out for are the Spartan, the Bloom and the Titan. All of which you can use our exclusive 20% OFF coupon on too. As well as on the Aurora, Signature and Bowery mattresses too.

Make sure to read the full review of the Aurora and watch our video review too. And to purchase your new mattress visit and use the code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 to save 20% on your Aurora.

Best Memory Foam:

Memory faom mattresses tend to have much popularity. With their all foam builds and focus on ultimate pressure relief and comfort it is easy to see why. When it comes to the best mattressresses of 2019 there are a few from 2018 that will continue to impress.

Loom & Leaf by Saatva:

mom and baby with a loom leaf mattressThe Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress by Saatva has been our favorite all foam bed for quite some time. It’s solid yet cocooning build make it durable yet just soft enough. Creating a mattress that makes other memory foam mattresses feel too soft or too firm. This just right mattress is very affordable, thick adn very well made. And one of the most luxurious memory foam mattresses available online. Not to mention the Saatva brand has free white glove delivery with all purchases as well as some of the best customer service out there.

Make sure to read the full review of the Loom and Leaf and watch our video review too. And to purchase your new mattress visit and get free white glove delivery too.

Puffy Lux:

family on a puffy lux mattressThe Puffy Lux mattress came out in 2018 as an upgrade to the original Puffy. It certainly made it one mattress to compete with. A true memory foam feel that is adaptable and slow responding that uses the latest technology to combact over heating. It is a thicker memory foam mattress that uses three layreses three layers of the best foams. With a similar feel to many Tempurpedic mattresses it stands out, especially when it is significantly less money too. And using our $275 OFF coupon makes it even more affordable. Making it one of the best in 2018 and again a best mattress of 2019.

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Mattress Reviews 2019:

A few of the Best Beds 2019 are surely still to come. Below we have a few mattresses that were introduced late 2018 that we are excited to try, or have recently tried, and know they will be favorites of ours and yours.

Green Thyme Mattress:

green thyme mattress near windowThis all natural and healthy latex hybrid mattress will deliver on comfort, support and quality. With a combination of steel coils and Dunlop latex the durability of this bed will ensure years of solid sleep. The addition of wool and organic cotton give it an extra luxurious feel. And the price will surely delight. This mattress will not only appeal to anyone looking for a more responsive yet supportive mattress. But also anyone who appreciates natural materials and environmantally conscience  processes too.

Learn more about the brand NEW Green Thyme Mattress in our initial review HERE!

Bowery Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding:

brooklyn bowery hybrid mattressIf budget is a top priority for you but you don’t want to loose out on support or comfort, the Brooklyn Bowery hybrid is one to consider. This hybrid build is an ideal medium feel and the 10″ profile offers a 6″ coil system with plenty of foam too. Introduced in late 2018 this quality bed at a very affrodable price is surely one that will make the best mattresses of 2019 list too. Brooklyn Bedding has been great at coming out with out with ideal beds at unbeatable price points and this is certainly one of them.

Learn more about the Bowerry Hybrid by Brooklyn Beding in our initial review HERE!

Helix Luxe:

helix luxe mattressHelix is known for customized mattresses with several options to ensure the best fit for you. Now they are also offering an upgraded model that is thicker, more durable and more luxurious to give you even more options. This 14″ thick bed is a hybrid build with an 8″ thick coils sytem and several perfected layers of foam for ideal feel and support. Though the price tag is slightly higher than the original Helix mattress the added components make it worth the extra price. With customized comfort and support like no other brand it is surely going to be one of the best foam mattress 2019

Learn more about the Helix Luxe in our initial review HERE!

Best Mattress 2019:

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