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August 10, 2018

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales 2018

best labor day mattress salesThe summer of 2018 is flying by and just around the corner is Labor Day. Time for BBQ’s, sunshine and those last long lazy dog days. It also is time to take advantage of the best Labor day mattress sales that will get you great deals on your bed of choice. To make it even easier for you, Our Sleep Guide is providing a quick guide to the best Labor Day mattress discounts out there. Below are coupon codes, links and some of our favorite mattresses that we can highly recommend too.

Below you will find an easy list of the best sales for hybrid, memory foam, and even latex and natural mattresses, as well as a list of our favorite mattresses and sales. You will even find an at-a-glance mattress buyers guide under our lists to help you more. We are doing as much of the work as possible to make it easy for you. Also, if you have any questions or need extra help feel free to Contact Us. We are always happy to help you with your new mattress journey.

*To read our full review of the listed mattresses just click on the mattress names in blue.

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Our Favorite Labor Day Mattress Sales

Below are our top 12 picks for the Best Labor Day Mattress Sales in 2018. We not only highly recommend these beds but each offers great savings too. If you need a place to start on our extensive list of featured mattresses, this is a great starting off point.

  1. Brooklyn Aurora: (Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers) A hybrid mattress is ideal for warm sleepers and beating the heat. This mattress comes in three comfort options and is thick and durable and very well made. 20% OFF COUPON with code: OURLEEPGUIDE20 at
  2. Oceano by Brentwood Home: (Best Hybrid Mattress) A hybrid mattress with a dual coil system for ultimate comfort and support. From a company that uses the best materials and construction on the market. 15% OFF COUPON with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 at
  3. Cocoon Chill by Sealy: (Best Popular Brand Memory Foam) Memory foam mattress with a cool to the touch cover. This mattress is available in two comfort options and is a true, dense memory foam. $100 OFF + Free Pillow with COUPON CODE: OSG100 at
  4. Cedar by Brentwood Home: (Best Hybrid Latex Mattress) A hybrid latex mattress that features a durable coil system and responsive and cooling latex. Completely natural form top to bottom and very comfortable. 15% OFF COUPON with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 at
  5. Layla: (Best 2 Sided Memory Foam Mattress) A two-sided flippable memory foam mattress that features cooling and antibacterial copper infused memory foam. A firmer side and softer side to find the perfect feel you get to pick. $100 OFF + FREE Pillow COUPON at
  6. Bear Hybrid: (Best Mattress for Couples) A hybrid mattress that is the most ideal medium feel we have found to date. This mattress is supportive, very balanced and just about perfect for every shapes, size and sleeping position. $200 OFF COUPON with code: LD200 at
  7. Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam: (Best Foam Mattress on a Budget) A durable and comfy memory foam mattress that is a steal of a deal, only $645 after coupon. Well made and ideal feeling to make a bed that will last years to come. $100 OFF COUPON with code: OSG100 at
  8. Brooklyn Signature: (Best Hybrid Mattress on a Budget) An amazingly priced durable hybrid that will be hard to beat finding the quality for this price. Three comfort options, pressure relieving foam and our exclusive 20% code. 20% OFF COUPON with code: OURLEEPGUIDE20 at
  9. Luft Hybrid: (Best Mattress for Larger Sleepers) A super thick and heavy duty hybrid mattress with amazing edge support & comfort. Good for any sleeper but awesome for anyone who is a little heavier too & a great price. 20% OFF COUPON with code: LABORDAY at
  10. Puffy: (Best Memory Foam for Hot Sleepers) A memory foam mattress that uses dense slow responding foam that molds to you. A durable all foam bed that is just slightly firmer than medium-firm and similar to a Tempurpedic mattress at a better price point. $200 OFF and $50 COUPON with code: BESTPUFFY at
  11. SleepOvation: (Best Mattress for Back Pain) A hybrid mattress that is BRAND NEW! This hybrid is very special, featuring a design like no other. The coils are independent but so is the foam over each coil too. Making for “700 tiny mattresses” that perfectly conform to your body. As well as move with you for perfect support and posture. $400 OFF COUPON with code: SLEEPGUIDE at
  12. Puffy Lux: (Best New Mattress) A luxury hybrid that ups the game on high-quality memory foam comfort that doesn’t sleep too hot. Durable and thick for every sleeper and less expensive than the similar Tempurpedic. $200 OFF and $75 COUPON with code: BETPUFFY75 at

If you are interested in an adjustable base you can now get the very well priced Yaasa Adjustable Bed & get a FREE Yaasa ONE Mattress. During this limited time sale starting on August 29th through September 30th, 2018. You can get a queen sized Yaasa Adjustable Bed for ONLY $1499 and our Yaasa One mattress is included! And the King size for ONLY $1799. Learn more about this EXCEPTINAL DEAL at

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales – Hybrids UNDER $1,100:
Best Labor Day Mattress Sales – Hybrids OVER $1,100:
Best Labor Day Mattress Sales – Memory Foam & Foam UNDER $700:
Best Labor Day Mattress Sales – Memory Foam  & Foam BETWEEN $700 – $900:
Best Labor Day Mattress Sales – Memory Foam  & Foam OVER $900:
Best Labor Day Mattress Sales – Latex & Hybrid Latex:
What to look for: 

When shopping for a new mattress you may feel pressured into what you think is the best sale of the year. Summer holidays are a time that many furniture and bedding companies try to move items during a typically slower time of year. Many of the brands that are featured above offer sales all year round. Though many of them do add additional savings or perks the majority will offer the same or similar sale the rest of the year too. Regardless of whether you are holding out for the best Labor Day mattress sales or not there are a few things to look for in your next mattress purchase.

In Our Mattress Guide, we feature the 3 easy steps to finding your new mattress. Below we have simplified these steps to make finding the best memorial day mattress sales easier for you to navigate.

Step 1- Price:

When looking for good mattress sales, price shouldn’t only focus on your budget, but also the value of the product. This is why in each review we have a rating for value as opposed to price. Looking at what you get for what you pay is much more important than just what you are paying. The chart below is a good visual example of what to look at along with the price to determine the value.

value formula

The quality, durability, and feel of mattress usually coincide with the price. However, sometimes you can get a mattress that is a much better value because you are getting a better price for the same or similar feel, quality and durability.

A great example of this is the Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress vs the Puffy Mattress. Both are 10″ memory foam mattresses with similar feels, with some even saying the Tomorrow mattress is more accommodating to a wider variety of sleepers. However, the Puffy mattress is over $300 more. Even though they are very similar beds the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress is a much better value. Learn more about this great value in our Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review.

Step 2 – Feel:

Feel has to do with the firmness and comfort of the mattress. This has much more to do with your preferences as opposed to an objective step, like value. Considering your dominant sleeping positions as well as preferred feel are going to help navigate this section. This may be one of the trickiest parts of buying online.

However, there are several ways that companies make this step easier for you. Several companies offer various feels that may work better for certain sleeping positions. Otherwise, most companies focus on providing less choice and instead the most popular and accommodating feel. This usually works for almost 80% of sleepers making only the ones on the further ends of the spectrum of soft and firm looking for something more specific to them.

One of the most accommodating mattresses we have tried to date is the Bear Hybrid. Many companies do a good job of finding a feel that does truly work for almost everyone. But, we found the Bear hybrid to be one of the best ideal feels for almost any size, shape and sleeping position. If you are looking for that perfect middle of the road mattress learn more in our Bear Hybrid Review.

Step 3 – Materials: 

The last important thing to consider in your mattress hunt the hunt for the best Labor Day mattress sales in 2018 is the materials. Each mattress features several layers of components that give it a unique feel and benefits. Materials can also affect the price. For example, most mattresses that use latex are more expensive than beds with only poly foam. This is because not only are the benefits of latex better, but it is also a more durable material and a natural product that creates a healthier bed.

When figuring out what materials are best for you it is good to know the differences between them. One of the most common and popular decisions people face is whether to get a hybrid or all foam mattress. Both will have different benefits that appeal to different sleepers. If you are unsure of what is best for you or what the differences are, check out this great video explaining more about each.

Other considerations to make when looking at materials are the different types of comfort foams. If you like a more responsive, easy to move on and natural mattress focus on Latex mattresses. Or if you like a slow responding and more contouring, pressure relieving feel than look at Memory Foam mattresses. If you want a combination of foams and coils, then Hybrid mattresses are great choices for you.

*For more details about the materials and various feels available, visit our Our Mattress Guide for a full step-by-step guide!

From our family to yours have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! Hopefully, you found our best Labor Day mattress sales page helpful on your search!

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Regardless, always make sure to use our Mattress Coupons for the best prices and discounts! And if you ever have any questions for us at Our Sleep Guide, make sure to Contact Us. We are here to help you!