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August 1, 2019

15 Tips For True Beauty Sleep

Getting your maximum amount of beauty sleep isn’t always possible with our busy schedules. However, we have 15 tips and tricks to help you wake up feeling more like your fabulous gorgeous self. From some of our favorite products, to what foods to avoid before bed, we have the list that will have you waking up refreshed and ready to face your day. As well as all the our favorite beauty products we recommend in an easy to find place at the very bottom of the page!

beauty sleep - how to get it

1) Bedtime Facial

When it comes to a facial before bed there are two types of face masks that are best for waking up looking extra beautiful. The first is a detoxifying mask. If your skin is congested with build up and products, this kind of mask will be a great option for you.

a face mask before bed will have you feeling more gorgeous in the morning

This is such a great mask to do before bed because afterwords you can allow your skin to breath. Since you can go to bed without makeup, SPF, or other clogging products, you skin can truly breath all night long.

To detoxify a good charcoal mask is a must. We really enjoy the creaming yet effective Charcoal Creme Detoxifying Mask by L&I Apothecary. It’s great for all skin types and doesn’t dry your skin out.

The other type of facial for nighttime is a nourishing or moisturizing mask. Especially masks that leave extra serums behind that can stay on the skin for long periods of time. If you use these at night it can be calming to the skin and you get to leave the serum on overnight, getting the maximum effect from the product.

We love the Belif Aqua Bomb mask, this is a powerfully moisturizing face mask. One thing that makes it so awesome is that it is gentle enough that you could wear it all night if you wanted to.

2) Whiten Your Teeth

use crest whitening strips before bedOften times whitening products require limited eating and drinking before or after treatment. That makes teeth whitening a great nighttime routine.

Use your treatment when you are done eating and drinking for the night. You can even do this while getting other things done before bed, like picking out tomorrow’s outfit. Or washing your face. Check out Crest Whitening Strips, they are simple to use and works great for adding that sparkle back to your smile.

3) Use A Humidifier

humidifier and aromatherapy machine before sleepWe typically think of using humidifiers for when we have colds or in the dead of winter. However, they can be helpful year round for maintaining overall health and beauty.

With all the air conditioning units and heaters drying out the air around us, a lot of the natural humidity gets taken away. The more moisture you can retain in your body the healthier and more beautiful you will look.

We also love aromatherapy humidifiers like the Victsing diffuser and humidifier. It is a compact unit that you can keep on your bedside table. We like to add essential oils like lavender to create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for bedtime.

4) Bath Time

bath time before bed to sleep more beautifullyTaking a therapeutic bath before bed relaxes your body soul and mind. This also helps to ease and aches and pains in the body away before heading off to bed.

Overall, after a great bath people sleep better. The higher quality sleep you get, the better rested you will look in the morning. We love Dr. Teals epsom salts and other products. Their lavender epsom salts are a classic.

5) Go To Sleep Hydrated

When you are dehydrated every part of your body struggles to function properly. It can dry out your skin, hair, and also make it difficult for you body to dispose of toxins properly. When your body cannot get rid of toxins, it can even cause breakouts on the skin.

It is especially important to be sure you are hydrated right before bed. When we sleep we tend to warm up and you can even begin to sweat. If you are starting out your night already dehydrated, then you are going to be even more dehydrated by morning.

We love to add other natural inflammatory ingredients like cucumber and mint to our water before bed. If this is too invigorating, drinking a caffeine free and sugar free mint tea before bed, like a mint tea. This can also help you stay hydrated with added soothing benefits. The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber and mint can also help to keep your skin happy and irritation free for the most natural and easiest beauty sleep.

6) Sleep With A Silk Pillowcase 

wake up looking fabulousSilk pillow cases have had a resurgence lately, but it is a long known beauty hack. So what makes a 100% Silk pillowcase so great for your skin and hair? Other pillow cases, while they may feel soft to the touch, can actually be harsh on your extra delicate skin and hair.

The fibers can grab onto your hair causing tangling and breakage. Especially if you have curly hair this can easily turn soft gorgeous curls into a birds nest in no time flat.

Regular pillow cases can also slowly cause wrinkles ask you rest on them. While a silk pillow case is gentle and even slippery against skin and hair. This means less wrinkles and/or hair damage. Your hair is also more likely to keep its style over night. Bonus!

beauty sleep pillowcaseWhy not satin? As a cheaper alternative satin sheets are also slippery to the touch, however there are two main places where satin falls short. Satin causes static very easily which adds to the risk of waking up looking like Albert Einstein.

Silk is also a natural fiber that will not remove or soak up natural oils from your skin or hair. This means your skin and hair will stay more hydrated throughout the night, leaving you to wake up with happy hydrated skin vs looking parched and dry.

We love the silk pillow cases by Slip, you may have seen their cute packages around your department stores and also at your go to makeup shops. They are all about the beauty benefits silk has for your skin and hair.

7) Sleep With Your Hair Up

hair tie to help you wake up more gorgeousIf you can, we suggest finding a way to get your hair up and away from your face. Preferably in a way that will leave your hair looking lovely too.

Your hair can collect dust and allergens throughout the day. When you leave your hair down at night, all of those particles can get in your face and cause irritation.

Also, if your hair is up or contained in some way, it helps to prevent tangles and bedhead. (Although if you get the silk pillow case, the chances of severe bed head goes way down.) If you have longer hair, putting it up in a bun with a spiral hair tie.

achieve beauty sleepCheck out the spiral hair ties by My Kitsch, they are oh so cute and work like a charm. Say goodbye to those hair kinks and headaches.

The reason we love a bun style is because it contains your hair and adds a nice wave to longer haircuts. This is such an easy step to add to ensure your beauty sleep isn’t going unnoticed.

We also love Heat Free Curlers, while they can take a few tries to get used to, they can be a great overnight, heat-free styling option. There is nothing quite like waking up to bouncy curls.

8) Sleep On Your Back

There are a few benefits to picking this sleeping position. It is one of the top positions for getting the best sleep possible, because your spine is aligned and you can breath easy. It also prevents the ‘smoosh factor’.

The smoosh factor happens when you squish your face and body against a pillow or the mattress. If you have ever woken up with sheet marks on your cheeks are those pesky wrinkles on your chest, you know exactly how obnoxious the smoosh factor can be.

This is why sleeping on your back is so helpful. If your face is smoosh free, and you will wake up without any chest wrinkles either. Using the silk pillowcases recommended above also helps with ensuring no wrinkles ever hinder you, even if you happen to switch sleeping positions.

Check out our article Best Sleeping Position to learn more. Including tips on how to switch to a different position so you can truly benefit your beauty sleep.

9) Use Overnight Eye & Chest Pads

If sleeping on your back is really not working out for you, we have a few products designed to help relieve those pesky wrinkles from forming no matter what sleep position your prefer.

SiO has come out with reusable overnight silicone pads to wear overnight for different areas of your face and chest. These genius little pads help to not only protect your skin from wrinkling but it also has additional hydrating features.

Simply put them on at night and take them off in the morning. They have a gentle adhesive quality to keep them from slipping around throughout the night. Give them a gentle wash and air dry to keep their adhesive working properly.

While they have many different shapes to fit different areas, our favorites are the under eye pads and the chest pads. These reusable patches can be used 15 times before replacing. And you’ll see a difference after the first night.

10) Find The Right Night Cream

There are hundreds of night creams on the market and it can be a nearly impossible to decipher which cream is best for you. This is partially because there are so many different needs for different skin types.

night cream to moisturize your skin while you sleep

However, there are a couple universal things to look out for when it comes to night creams. First, you want it to be different than your day cream.

Most day creams come with SPF, which while it is important to have, it can clog your pores. So at night you want to be sure that your moisturizer is SPF free.

Second, you want to make sure it is nutrient rich, like the Seaweed Night Cream by Mario Badescu. No matter what level of hydration your skin needs, you are sure to find a cream that will have your hydration level and be rich with nutrients to feed your skin while you sleep.

Lastly, the days of cold cream are over. The thick white mask of cream your grandma used to use is inconvenient and messy. It also doesn’t allow your skin to breath.

Since we often cover our skin with makeup and product throughout the day, it is important to let your skin breath throughout the night. So make sure your moisturizer is also allowing breath ability.

11) Moisturize Everywhere

the best beauty sleep

Don’t limit yourself to just moisturizing your face. Putting on body lotion before bed ensures your entire body is being pampered while you sleep. Locking in moisture and keeping your dermis healthy too.

We suggest a softly scented body lotion that might even help invoke better sleep. Finding a light and calming body lotion that uses lavender or chamomile will not only help your body unwind but also nourish your skin overnight.

One of our favorite nightly lotions is Aveeno’s Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion. It is softly scented with lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang and perfect to lull you to sleep.

Also, give your feet some extra love and a super soft feel day after day with nightly care. Slathering on a cream specifically made for your feet can help keep that just pedicured feel for much longer.

CeraVe makes a great Renewing Foot Cream that not only moisturizes but also exfoliates. Keeping even the roughest feet smooth and soft. For extra care slip on a bare of socks to make sure the moisture really penetrates into your skin all night long.

12) Overnight Lip Serum

overnight beauty lip serumSometimes your lips need a little bit of extra attention. When you are dehydrated, you lips are one of the first places where you will see the effect it is taking. Also, wind, sun, and even lipstick can cause chapped dry lips. That is why we love having a treatment that can be used overnight to heal moisturize and plump.

One of our favorites is the Lip Repair Serum Rodan + Fields, while it can be used during the day, it can also be used overnight for extra hydration. Each treatment comes in a small gel capsule. Pull the tab and blot onto your lips before you go to sleep. You will wake up with softer replenished lips.

13) Avoid Sugar, Salt & Alcohol

Sugar is a leading cause to dark circles under eyes, causing you to look tired. No matter what time of day you are eating it, the effect will be the same. So try to lower your sugar intake overall.

The trouble with salt is that it causes your body to retain water. Not only will this make you feel bloated, but it can also increase bags under the eyes. However, be careful with extreme low sodium diets, as it can take a negative effect on your sleep quality.

best and worst foods before bed red wineAlcohol not only dehydrates, but it also takes a toll on your sleep. If you are not getting your best sleep AND you are dehydrated, you are not going to look or feel your best in the morning.

Of course, drinking in excess magnifies the negative effects. So if you have something you want to look nice for when morning comes, we suggest cutting out the drinks at least the night before.

14) Condition Your Hair Overnight

overnight hair conditioning treatmentOvernight hair treatments and masks can be very nourishing and moisturizing. However, if you are a hit the ground running kind of girl, you may not want to have to take a shower in the morning to wash out your hair mask.

This is one of the reasons we love about the Over Night Hair Repair by SACHAJUAN. Their hair repair gel is water based and does not have to be washed out. So you can put this product in at night, style like you normally would in the morning and go out the door. Making this the perfect hair repair treatment for the girl on the go.

15) Get The Right Amount of Sleep

When it comes down to it, beauty sleep simply isn’t beautiful without the right amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation can really take a toll on your hair, skin, and eyes.

While getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep for adults is preferred, the real key to waking up feeling and looking refreshed is to make sure you are not waking up during a REM cycle.

Having a regular sleep schedule helps to regulate your circadian rhythm. However, sometimes our schedules aren’t always so regular. Learn more about your sleep cycle and how to create the perfect sleep schedule HERE.

Just put in the time of day you would like to wake up by the next morning into the calculator and it will give you different time frames you should go to bed during in order to wake up during the lightest parts of your sleep cycle. This nifty little gadget is a very helpful tool for getting quality sleep and waking up rested and ready to take on the day.

True Beauty Sleep – Time to Wake Up Beautiful!

At the true core of beauty is good health. So above all beauty products, make sure you are taking care of yourself, and getting the best sleep you possible can. If you are feeling healthy and well rested, your beauty will shine through.

Find all our evening and overnight beauty product recommendations below! Also, have questions, comments or your own overnight beauty trick we should add? Let us know

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