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June 27, 2018

Bear vs Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Comparison

Today we will be comparing two high-quality mattress competitors to each other. We are comparing the Tomorrow sleep memory foam mattress against the Bear memory foam mattress. Both come from trusted companies who stand behind their products. Both beds have there own ups and downs, but for the most part, have a pretty even playing ground. They are also both made in the USA for quality control and shipped to your home for free. Bear even gives 1% of your purchase to charity and Tomorrow is obsessed with health standards.

bear vs tomorrow sleep

Below we will be going through several categories to help you figure out which of these products is the best fit for you. From shipping to how well you can sleep on the edge of the beds, our experts have determined just how useful each brand is in the below categories!

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Bear vs Tomorrow Sleep Delivery and Off-Gassing:

tomorrow mattressThe Bear Memory Foam mattress is shipped to your house in a standard box for free. The set-up may take two people as the Bear weighs in at 75 pounds and is awkward to try and set-up on your own. Once out of the box though it is quick to set-up and will spring to life quickly. Bear makes the mattress in the USA and it will have a little bit of a smell once you open it. The off-gassing will still be minimal, but it may be best to let it air out for a few hours if your smell sensitive.

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress actually gives you two different shipping options to choose from. The first one is a free option that ships out by a ground shipping service such a FedEx and will arrive in 5-days. The second option is their white glove delivery service, that will both set-up your new mattress and remove the old one. No matter what you choose, the Tomorrow mattress will have very little off-gassing too it. In fact, Tomorrow has high safety and health standards in place to be sure you are getting a quality product for both your sleep and your overall health.

Both of these mattresses feature a free delivery option that ships quickly to your door. The Tomorrow mattress even goes a little further by offering a paid white glove service that even removes your old mattress. Both the Tomorrow and the Bear are made in the USA to help with quality control. They also both have very minimal off-gassing and will need a second person to help set them up if you go for the free delivery method from Tomorrow. Either way, both mattress will ship promptly and work with any type of bed frame.

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puffy vs tuloMaterials And Layer Comparison:

Both the Bear memory foam mattress and the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress have several quality layers. They both have a huge focus on using cooling layer and having layers that conform to your body. Both mattresses want to be comfortable to sleep on and help relieve pressure during the night.  They also both have a medium-firm feel going for them to appeal to a universal audience.

Bear Memory Foam Mattress Materials:

The Bear memory foam mattress is a 10-inch thick mattress made up of 4 different layers for maximum comfort. The first layer of the Bear mattress is a one-inch Celiant woven color that is made of a breathable fabric. The next layer is 1-inch of graphite gel infused memory foam. This layer is also one of the reasons that the Bear sleeps cool. The next layer is 2 inches of response memory foam. This helps the bed respond to your movement and conforms to your body while you are sleeping.

The fourth layer is made of 2 inches of transition foam. This helps the Bear mattress smoothly transition between the firmer base and soft top layers. The last layer is 5 inches of Density support foam. This gives the bed it’s medium firm feel and most of the support it has. The mattress layer also helps with pressure relief and proper spinal alignment for a great night’s sleep.

bear mattress review

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Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Materials:

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress has consisted of three layers of comfortable foam to it. This creates a 10-inch thick mattress with a medium-firm feel to it. The top layer is made of 1 inch of 2.8-pound Cooling Open Cell Memory Foam, to help keep the heat out. The open-celled design helps relieve pressure while using its open cell design to help control your body heat.

The next layer is 2 inches of Pressure Relieving Gel Swirl Memory Foam. This layer helps further dissipate heat while helping the mattress cradle and conform to your body. Both of these layers together even help with proper weight distribution.

The last layer is 7 inches of High-Density Base Foam to give the bed it’s support. This layer also helps keep you cool by not letting you sink too far into the mattress.

tomorrow hybrid vs tomorrow memory foam

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Bear Memory Foam Comfort and Firmness:

bear mattress reviewThe Bear Memory Foam mattress is a comfortable medium-firm feel that hits a universal audience. The first layer of graphite gel foam helps the mattress stay cool and easily adapt to your body. The transition layer in the Bear works wonderfully at breaking up the softer and firmer layers and makes a feeling of true deep comfort. These layers also give the Bear mattress a good amount of bounce pressure relief and overall comfort. It even helps properly align your spine while you rest.

The Bear memory foam mattress works especially well for back sleepers and allows them to have support while still letting them sink into the foam. The mattress does great with lumbar support and cradles your shoulders while you sleep. If you are a side sleeper you will be pleased to know that the mattress does an excellent job of letting you sink into the bed while conforming to your body. The foam also has bounce to it to keep you from getting stuck during the night. Even stomach sleeper will love the Bear and find that it provides them with a good amount of support during the night.

Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Comfort and Firmness:

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattressAs stated above the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam tries to go for a very universal medium firm feel. This is to help the mattress appeal and work for a broad audience of sleepers. The foams used in the Tomorrow Sleep mattress comfortable and have a very ideal amount of firmness for the majority of sleepers. The mattress also features contouring and pressure relieving foams.

That being said, the Tomorrow should work for most types of sleeping positions but will be best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The foam’s density creates a contouring and solid surface that conforms to your back as you sleep. For side sleepers, the bed offers more support than mode other mattresses while still giving you enough sink to be comfortable. Some side sleepers may find that the tomorrow is a little to firm, however.

When we tested out the Tomorrow sleep memory foam mattress we were actually pretty impressed by its comfort level. The medium feel was soft yet supportive and it worked well for most sleeping positions. Although our favorite position with the Tomorrow is sleeping on your back. Given the price of the mattress, the Tomorrow is exceptionally comfortable and the layers inside of it are quality. You won’t even feel like you are stuck when moving around at night thanks to the mattresses responsiveness.

Tomorrow Sleep
Bear vs Tomorrow Sleep Comfort & Firmness:

bear mattress reviewBoth the Bear memory foam and the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattresses are extremely comfortable to sleep on. They both have a universal medium-firm feel to them and try to cater to all types of sleepers. Both mattresses also focus on temperature control and pressure relief to give a solid night’s rest. They both also work to conform to your body while still letting you move around without feeling stuck in the foam.

Bear vs Tomorrow Sleep Motion Transfer:

Memory foam mattresses do wonders at isolating motion that happens on top of them. The Tomorrow Sleep and Bear memory foam mattresses are no different. Both mattresses work to isolate movement vibrations to give you a solid night’s sleep. Both mattresses are ideal for couples who are on different schedules or who have children that like to climb into bed during the night.

Bear vs Tomorrow Sleep Temperature Regulation:

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattressThe Bear memory foam mattress does a lot to keep you cool during the night. The Bear memory foam mattress does this by using a top layer infused with graphite gel to help with both comfort and cooling aspects. The transition layer also plays a huge part in keeping you cool. It does this by giving the bed bounce and keeping you from getting stuck in the foam. The responsiveness of the layer allows you to toss and turn freely while you sleep. The Bear still will run hotter than a hybrid or spring mattress as foam does keep heat pretty well.

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress has a lot of technology built into its layers to keep you cool at night. The first layer of the Tomorrow mattress work by having open cell technology built in. The open cell technology helps by letting air flow more freely throughout the layer. It also helps regulate your body temperature to keep things even cooler. The second layer of the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress has a gel infusion. This also helps dissipate body heat, and combined with the base layer helps give the bed a solid surface.  The solid surface helps by keeping you from being sunk into the heat retaining foam.

Both the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam and Bear memory foam mattress have technology in place to help cool things off. They do this by having solid support and using cooling gel to help minimize body heat. They also have layers that help promote airflow and give you bounce to keep you from being stuck in the heat retaining foam.

Bear s Tomorrow Sleep Edge Support:

bear mattress reviewThe Bear memory foam mattress has good edge support. The Bear memory foam mattress will feel very stable all the way across and will support you no matter where you decide to sleep on it. This is especially good for the sleeper who prefers to sleep on the edge. You won’t have to worry about slowly sliding off or sinking too far into the foam. The Bear won’t be the best for edge sitting but can handle a short amount of it before you start to sink in.

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress is solid all the way across. No matter how you choose to sleep you will feel supported by the mattress. It is great for edge sleeping and can handle minimal amounts of edge sitting, as well. The Tomorrow is firm enough to let you properly use every inch of the mattress. Both mattresses fall at around the same amount of edge support. Both the Tomorrow and Bear have a consistent feel all the way across and support edge sitting and minimal edge sleeping.

Bear Memory Foam Mattress Value:

The Bear memory foam mattress is made out of premium materials and keeps you cool during the night.  It features free shipping to your home and has a 10-year warranty. The Bear memory foam mattress comes at the following sizes and prices before coupons:

  • Twin – $540
  • Twin XL – $640
  • Full – $740
  • Queen – $840
  • King – $940
  • Cal King – $940

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Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Value:

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress has a comfortable combination of layers to keep you cool at night. It comes with two-different shipping options to choose from one free and a white glove service that will remove your old mattress. The Tomorrow Sleep also has a 10-year warranty and comes in the following sizes and prices before coupon:

  • Twin – $495
  • Twin XL – $535
  • Full $695
  • Queen – $795
  • King $965
  • Cal King – $965

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Tomorrow Sleep
Bear vs Tomorrow Mattress Value:

Both the Bear memory foam mattress and the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress are made out of quality materials and have a fast free shipping option to your door. The Tomorrow also offers a paid white glove option that will set-up your new mattress while removing the new one. The Bear and Tomorrow mattresses both have a 10-year warranty and the Tomorrow is the cheaper of the two options, especially after our $125 ocupon.

Bear vs Tomorrow Sleep Additional Information:

bear mattress reviewBoth the Bear memory foam mattress and the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress are trusted companies. The Tomorrow mattress even states that it can last up to 20-year, but for health reasons should be swapped out in ten. Both mattresses offer free and easy returns, as well as, a sleep trial period. Tomorrow offers a 365-day sleep trial while Bear offers a 100-night sleep trial. This helps sleepers be able to pick out the perfect mattress for their lifestyle. Bear even donates a portion of your mattress purchase to Good Sports.

Bear Memory Foam vs Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Summary:

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattressBoth the Bear memory foam mattress and the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress are high-quality products made in the USA. They both have a free shipping option to your door and are delivered rather quickly. Tomorrow even has a paid white glove option for you to choose from to have you bed set-up for you and your old mattress taken off. If you get free delivery though, then both mattress will require you have a friend to easily set them up. They also both feature very little off-gassing and don’t have a lingering smell to them.

Both mattresses use different technologies to keep things cool at night and feature a 10-year warranty. The Bear does have a shorter sleep trial than the Tomorrow who gives you a full year to see if you like the bed. The Bear is also more expensive than the Tomorrow Sleep mattress, but the two are about on par with the quality of materials used to make them. The Tomorrow Sleep mattress has an appealing price and is extremely comfortable. The Tomorrow also sleeps cool and does well at supporting all sleep types. No matter which choice you make though, both options come from good companies and are made of quality materials.

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