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November 12, 2019

Avocado Crib Mattress

avocado crib mattressWhen you have a company that is known for high quality, natural products you would expect nothing but the best for a crib mattress. And that is exactly what you’ll get with the Avocado Crib Mattress. This new addition to the Avocado Green family lineup is taking your nursery to the next level. With a two sided design made with 100% organic materials, you’ll baby will be well taken care of.

With a baby and a toddler of our own, we were super excited to see just how this mattress compared to several others we have reviewed and used over the years. The Avocado certainly is unparalleled when it comes to safety and quality. Which for anyone with a brand new little one knows is top priority. Below we will look closer at all this amazing crib mattress has to offer in our Avocado Crib Mattress Review.

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Avocado Crib Materials –

When it comes to what your baby is sleeping on materials play a huge role. Knowing that every layer of the Avocado crib mattress is as pure as the precious newborn sleeping on it means you can sleep better too. The radically honest specifications that Avocado gives us access to reassures us that this mattress is as literally the best crib mattress you will find.

inside the avocado crib mattressThis 6″ thick mattress is a standard crib size at 28″ x 52″. It is designed to be flippable for two stages, including an infant and toddler side. Between cotton encased coils, Dunlop latex and organic cotton and wool your little one will be ideally supported and unbelievably comfortable. The center support system uses cotton wrapped coils, 170 to be exact.

On the firmer infant side you have completely organic coconut husk infused with latex over the coil system. This provides a supportive feel that is still breathable, comforting but won’t easily break down.

While the toddler side is slightly softer featuring a layer of organic Dunlop latex over the coil system. This natural material is also great for sleeping temperature neutral and providing a resilient feel that is still contouring.

The build of this mattress is ideal for every stage of your child’s earliest years. In addition to the materials on the inside being top notch you also have the amazing cover. The Avocado crib mattress features 100% GOTS Organic Certified Wool and Cotton Knit to cover this beautifully made bed. Creating a crib mattress that will last for years that won’t break down, is as safe as possible and offers the best benefits for you child.

$200 Avocado Mattress Coupon Code: FLAG200

Avocado Crib Comfort –

Another amazing aspect of this 100% organic mattress is the fact that it is two sided. Which is exactly what you want from your new crib mattress. With one side specifically designed for the infant stage and the other side created for the toddler stage. Meaning this mattress grows with your child the first four years of their life. All while providing proper support during these key development years.

avocado baby crib mattress reviewThe newborn side is best for the first year of life. With a slightly firmer feel that is perfect for this year of rapid growth that benefits best from a firmer feel. Not only is a firmer mattress ideal for support but also best for safety. The Avocado crib mattress infant side uses a tightly quilted cover to ensure no bunching or excess fabric for the safest surface possible.

The other side is the toddler side that offers a little extra comfort and plushness. However, the support is still ample and ideal for growing bodies. On top of the amazing feel of this bed is also the fact that these completely natural materials offer great temperature neutralization. Meaning your little one won’t be heating up or getting too warm. Meaning the comfort goes far beyond just the feel of the bed.

$200 Avocado Mattress Coupon Code: FLAG200

Avocado Luxury Crib Benefits –

The benefits of this crib mattress are quite astounding. The details and thoughtfulness of this bed aren’t lost. Each layer is carefully selected to provide the best support & comfort as well as provide the safest and healthiest crib mattress possible.

  • avocado crib mattressTwo Sided Comfort (Infant & Toddler)
  • Temperature Regulating
  • Durable, Solid & Long Lasting Build
  • So. California Handcrafted
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 100 Night Trial
  • Free Delivery
  • 100% Organic
    • GreenGuard GOLD Certified
    • 100% GOLS Certified Organic Latex
    • 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton & Wool

Avocado Crib Mattress Value – 

best organic crib mattressOkay, this crib mattress is expensive. I have two kids and the most I ever spent on a crib mattress is $200. However, I bought a total of 4 crib mattresses over 3 years for 2 kids, equating to about $700 total. And on top of that I NEVER liked any of them. Nor did I feel that any of them were nearly as safe and healthy as they should have been. I left one to air out in my garage for 3 weeks before I even put it in my daughters room and even still I feel like I can smell chemicals. It literally makes me shudder to think I even brought it into the same room as my infant.

To top it off, the shear fact that your little one will spend 12 to 16 hours EVERYDAY of their life on their mattress in the first 3 years really makes it feel like if you are going to invest in 1 thing for your baby, it should be this. The Avocado Organic Crib Mattress is worth every penny of the $1249 purchase price. The initial sticker price may shock you, but when you do the math and realize your baby is on that mattress more in 3 years than you are on your mattress in 5 years, you’ll understand why it is important.

I can’t emphasize enough that when it comes to really analyzing what is important to splurge on for your nursery that the Avocado crib mattress couldn’t be a better choice. Knowing that your little one is safe, healthy and you never for a second have worry about what their new little lungs are breathing in or absorbing through their delicate skin, you will appreciate this investment.

$200 Avocado Mattress Coupon Code: FLAG200

Why The Avocado Crib Mattress Is Better – 

This mattress is the most luxurious baby crib mattress you will find. Though the price tag is higher, the details and 100% organic aspect of this mattress really puts your child’s safety and health as the top priority. This handcrafted mattress really goes above and beyond when it comes quality. Though the size of this mattress is smaller than the Avocado Mattress, the exact same stringent guidelines and construction goes into each crib mattress.

avocado baby mattress