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May 1, 2018

Allswell Luxe Classic vs Firmer Mattress Review

Allswell is a brand new company offering not one, but two affordable luxury mattresses. Each of these beds comes in at the same price point. However, each is unique in style and feel. In our Allswell comparison review we will highlight the benefits and features of both the “softer one” memory foam mattress and “firmer one” hybrid mattress.

Allswell Overview:

allswell hybridThe brand Allswell is partnered with a company almost every American has heard of, Wal-Mart. This partnership has allowed Allswell to jump into the online mattress place head first. Bringing with it two mattresses as well as a very exciting curated bedding line too. This brand has a very chic and specific look to it that makes it stand out next to competition. Not only is the bedding line an added touch of glamour, but the mattresses themselves have several features that have luxe qualities.

One of the other most appealing aspects of this brand is their price point. Both mattresses currently sell for $855 for a queen size. While their bedding varies depending on the cost of each item. Each mattress is 12″ thick and has several layers of quality foams and coils to create each distinct feel. Though this brand may be new, their products are making a quick impact on the online mattress marketplace. Especially appealing to the younger female demographic.

Allswell Classic Luxe Memory Foam Mattress Overview:

allswell memory foamThe Softer mattress option is an all foam bed that has several layers of varying foams. In total it creates a 12″ mattress that is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers who like a more plush feel. This mattress even works for stomach sleepers to some degree too. The Allswell Luxe Classic uses several layers of memory foam making for a more contouring feel. This mattress curves to body and easily relieves pressure points throughout the night. Leaving you relaxed and well rested.

The materials of this mattress use foams that are dense and sturdy. This makes for a consistent feeling sleeping surface as well as a strong edge. Making sleeping on this mattress easy to utilize from edge to edge. Even sitting you will notice more support than several other all foam mattress out there. This mattress also makes for very minimal motion transfer. The combination to foams absorb most if not all of the vibrations when moving about or getting in and out of bed. Making it great for anyone who shares a mattress or that is more sensitive to movement.

View the full Allswell Luxe Classic Review or shop the Allswell Memory Foam mattress HERE.

Allswell Classic Luxe Firmer Hybrid Mattress Overview:

allswell memory foam mattress reviewThe Firmer mattress available from Allswell is a hybrid mattress featuring several layers of foams over a coil system. This mattress also makes up a 12″ bed that is great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers too. Even work well for side sleepers who like a more supportive feel. The Allswell Luxe Classic Firmer option is going to use memory foam as well. This pairing with coils makes for a contouring feel as well but with a bit more ease of moving from the supportive and springy coil system. You will feel ample support but also good pressure relief too.

This mattress has a durable coil system as well as several layers of dense foam. This combination makes for a really durable edge. This makes fully using the sleeping surface during sleeping easy as can be. It even is great for sitting on the perimeter creating a solid feel beneath you. This mattress also does very well for sleeping cool. The coils allow for great heat dissipation and the firmer feel doesn’t let you sink in too much. Making for a temperature neutral surface all night long. This mattress also does well for minimizing movement too. The coil system doesn’t create much excess vibration and the foams absorb most on the top. Making for minimal motion transfer.

View the full Allswell Luxe Classic Firmer Review or shop the Allswell Hybrid mattress HERE

Allswell Curated Bedding Overview:

allswell beddingOne of the most exciting parts of this brand is its curated bedding line. Featuring four “looks” that make for a full bedding overhaul each selected by a well known designer too. The mix and match styles use everything from classic sheet sets to unique and chic accent pillows. You can find your bedding basics as well as one of a kind pieces that take your bedroom from plain to glam.

Each piece is selected to work with other pieces in that line but can also be bought individually to suite your needs and budget. Making for a designer bedroom in one false swoop. The pieces vary in price and style but all come with a quality feel and look. This bedroom ad on makes one stop shopping convenient and fun!

Learn more about the most recent curated bedding by Allswell HERE or shop Allswell bedding HERE.

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