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July 20, 2018

Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress Comparison

We are comparing both the Alexander Hybrid mattress and the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress in this review. Both mattresses have foam and coils in their layers. And both beds are also made of premium materials with your comfort in mind. They also both offer a few variations to work with any sleepers and both have affordable price points. Making it easy for us to compare the Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid. Keep reading to see how these two brands stacked up against each other.

alexander hybrid vs tomorrow sleep hybrid
Alexander Hybrid Overview:

alexander hybrid vs tomorrow sleep hybridThe Alexander Hybrid mattress made by Nest Bedding is an affordable yet luxurious hybrid mattress. They created the perfect bed by combining their famous all foam Nest Bedding mattress with a supportive coil system. The mattress is made of premium materials and has been expertly designed for the customer’s comfort. This is a marketable hybrid mattress that is reasonably priced and provides a comfortable nights sleep. If you are looking for the familiar support of a coil mattress with the comfort of a foam mattress, then the Alexander hybrid is the right choice for you.

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Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Overview:

alexander hybrid vs tomorrow sleep hybridThe Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress is made by a somewhat newer company that has gained a great reputation over the last year. And that isn’t even considering their partnership with the well established Serta Simmons Bedding company. This partnership gives them access to years of expertise in the mattress field to help bring you quality products. The Tomorrow Sleep uses a holistic perspective to help design this mattress with cutting-edge smart technology. This helps the product to give you a deeper and more relaxing sleep then other mattresses on the market do.

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Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid- Delivery & Unboxing:

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepThe Alexander Hybrid mattress will come delivered to your house in a compact box completely for free. Once it’s there all you need to do is take out the Alexander Hybrid mattress from its box and cut away the plastic to unpackage it. The Alexander will weigh around 100 pounds if you pick the Queen size. The weight will go up or down from this depending on what size of mattress you choose to go with. The Alexander Hybrid is also made in the USA to help with quick shipping time and help monitor the quality of materials used in the mattress.

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress will also be delivered to your door completely for free. Since the mattress is a hybrid it is going to weigh a bit more than your standard foam mattress. The Tomorrow Sleep will weigh around 110 pounds if you pick the queen size. Once it arrives all you need to do is pull it out of the box and cut off the plastic to get started on the setup process. With both of these mattresses, you may want to have a partner to help you set them up. Due to the weight of the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid and Alexander Hybrid mattresses may be difficult to properly move these products on your own.

Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid – After Unboxing:

Once you have receive either mattress you’re going to need to give it time to firm up. Both of these mattresses will need a few hours before they are ready to sleep on. Though the initial expansion seems quick, the beds do need some time to let the foam firm up. And allowing a good 24 to 48 hours before they have their truest feel is good to keep in mind.

It also doesn’t hurt to let them air out and dissipate any new mattress smells that linger too. Sometimes the plastic can an trap some odors while they were waiting to be shipped to your home. So allowing these smells to air out before putting bedding on is definitely recommended.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

The Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid are very similar in quality of materials. The Alexander is 3 inches thicker than the Tomorrow at 13 inches. It also may have more layers depending on which firmness option you choose for the Tomorrow. Both mattresses incorporate cooling technology to help you have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Alexander Hybrid Mattress Materials:

alexander hybrid vs kayaThe Alexander Hybrid mattress has multiple layers in its 13 inch plus mattress. These 5 layers provide extra comfort and give a medium firm feel to the mattress. It all starts with 1.5 inches of Gel Infused Memory Foam and Super Soft Quilted Thermic Phase Change Fabric. This layer has a dual purpose, giving you a plush surface to lay on while also keeping you cool at the same time. Next is another 1.5 inches, but this is made of Titanium Evercool Foam to help counteract the memory foams heat retention.

Under that is another 1.5 inches 3 pound slow recovery memory foam, helping the mattress to respond to your movements. The fourth layer is 3 pound SmartFlow Support Foam an inch in thickness. The bottom layer is a full 8 inches of Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coils. Both of these lower layers give a supportive feel while the top keeps you cool and comfortable.

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Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress Materials:

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress is 10 inches thick and comes in both medium-firm option with 5 layers or medium-soft option with 4 layers. The top layers for both are 1 inch thick but made of different materials. The medium-firm mattress has 3.5 pound Black Diamond Memory Foam with a phase changing material that cools. The medium-soft mattress’ top layer is made of 4.8 pound density Visco-Elastic Memory Foam with a cooling phase changing material. The top layer is excellent at both contouring and pulling heat away from the body to keep you comfortable.

The second layer for both mattresses options is made up of a 2.5 pound density Airy Memory Foam with Gel .5 inches thick on the medium-firm and 2 inches thick on the medium-soft. The firmer bed has a 1.5-inch layer of Bounce Foam in addition to the memory foam. These layers provide pressure relief and are great for giving the mattress bounce and responsiveness.

Next is the coil system. Both have 6 inches of Pocketed 800 Series Coil System that makes up the foundation, providing support and durability. The medium-firm option has .083 inch gauge high carbon steel and the medium-soft option has .074 inch. Surrounding this coil system is a 3-inch thick foam side rail to give the mattress additional support around the perimeter. This keeps the edges stable and holds the coils in place. The foam also helps dissipate heat by allowing more airflow.

The bottom 1 inch of Dense Base Foam provides a solid base for the coils and provides the core support out of the layers. To top it off the Tomorrow Sleep mattresses are wrapped with a clean and crisp cover that is both soft and breathable.

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Alexander Hybrid Comfort and Firmness:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress comes in three options to optimize sleep comfort. These different levels are plush, medium, and luxury firm. Starting with the softest, the plush option is both cushioned and supportive. This is best for back or side sleepers and people who like a little extra softness without compromising support. On a firmness scale of one to ten, it falls in at a 3.5.

The medium feeling mattress has just enough plush and just enough firm, making it a great compromise. This provides ideal support for all sizes and sleeping positions. It has a balanced feel and is great for multiple sleepers, such as couples. On the firmness scale, it is around a 5.

Last is the luxury firm option, this is for people who sleep on their back or stomach and don’t like to sink into the mattress too far. This mattress also works well for a heavier person in need of more support. On the firmness scale, it comes in at about an 8 on the firmness scale.

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Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Comfort and Firmness:

tomorrow sleep mattress reviewThe Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid comes in both medium firm and medium soft. The medium firm is great for a heavier person who needs more support. It works well for people who like to sleep on their backs or stomachs. The medium firm provides the support that a lot of back and stomach sleepers look for in a mattress. It still gives them a bit of sink where they need it without making them feel to sucked into the foam. This option is also perfect for heavier sleepers who want a firmer feeling out of there mattress.

The medium soft has a more plush feel to it. This works great for sleepers who want a softer feel and for side sleepers. If you want a softer mattress without giving up support this option is for you. This makes the medium soft choice a great mattress for side sleepers who like their hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress. Back sleepers who are also looking to sink more into the bed will find this choice to their liking.

Tomorrow Sleep
Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid – Motion Transfer:

tomorrow sleep mattress reviewBoth the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress and the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress have minimal to no motion transfer. Both have coils but wrap the individual in several inches of high-quality foam. These coils combined with the memory foam in the mattresses will absorb any vibrations that happen on top of them. This makes both the Alexander Hybrid and Tomorrow Sleep great mattresses for couples who tend to wake each other up or adults who have children that sleep with them.

Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid – Temperature Regulation:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress has copper infused gel memory foam as well as thermic phase change cooling fabrics. Combine this with smart flow air flow foam and 5 zone edge support coils and this mattress has very little problem staying cool. This makes the Alexander Hybrid keep cool during the night making it a perfect mattress for sleepers who hate to run hot during the night.

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The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid is a very well thought out design with every material used keeping it at a comfortable temperature. This mattress is also made with thermic phase change cooling material but has more responsive layers under the top on to keep heat from building up. This mattress even adds a ventilation system to the encasement around the coils to ensure heat dissipation and airflow. If you are a warm sleeper the medium firm option would be best since you won’t sink in as far.

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Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid- Edge Support:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe Alexander Signature Hybrid has a feeling of stability and a solid edge to edge sleeping surface. The edge support pocketed coils give the mattress its solid foundation. The sleeper has a consistent feel across the entire bed. There is a lack of support if you are sitting on the edge but it is still decent for minimal use. This is common in a lot of mattresses and if you want a firmer edge, then we encourage you to choose the former option of the Alexander and Tomorrow.

The Tomorrow Sleep hybrid also Has a great stable feel and a solid edge to edge sleeping surface, but it also has a supportive 3 inch ventilated foam encasement that follows the perimeter. This edge provides a great amount of support while sleep and sitting on the edge will be better than most foam mattresses. The high-quality foams give the mattress consistency over the entire surface and remains durable. This means that you can use every inch of both the Alexander Hybrid and the Tomorrow Sleep no matter which firmness option you choose.

Alexander Hybrid Mattress Value:

The Alexander Hybrid is packed into a sturdy box and shipped to your home completely for free. Surprisingly enough this mattress even comes with a lifetime limited warranty to cover any defects that may pop up. The Alexander comes in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $799
  • Twin XL – $899
  • Full – $1099
  • Queen – $1199
  • King – $1499
  • Cal King – $1499

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Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress Value:

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid like most mattresses ships to your home mattresses comes delivered to you for free in a compact box. The Tomorrow Sleep also comes with a standard 10-year warranty to cover any defects that may happen. The mattress is available in the following sizes and price points:

  • Twin – $550
  • Twin XL – $600
  • Full – $800
  • Queen – $990
  • King- $1200
  • Cal King – $1250

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Tomorrow Sleep
Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Value:

Both of these products are well made and are on almost equal footing in a lot of the above categories. They also aren’t priced to far apart with the Alexander being the more expensive of the two by a few hundred dollars. The Alexander has a much longer warranty, but you should keep in mind that you will probably get a new mattress for hygienic reasons around the ten-year mark. Still, the extra security that a lifetime limited warranty offers is nice and helps us have confidence in the product.

Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid- Additional Information:

Both the Alexander Hybrid and Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid are good quality mattresses with wonderful companies behind them. They both have easy returns if things don’t work out and offer you sleep trial periods to truly get a feel for the product. The Alexander Hybrid comes with a standard 100- night sleep trial. The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid comes with a year-long sleep trial though giving you plenty of time to make a decision on your new bed.

Alexander Hybrid vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid – Summary:

tomorrow sleep mattress reviewThe Alexander Hybrid and the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattresses are almost evenly matched in several categories. They are both made of quality materials that give you a great level of comfort when in use. Both the products are shipped to your home completely for free in compacted cardboard boxes. They are also both decently heavy and weight around the 100-pound mark. This is because both of these mattresses use a combination of foam and coils in their layers that make the bed run heavier than a plain all foam mattress. Additionally, they do both come with a bit of off-gassing, but if left in an open room for a few hours they should both lose any odors they built up in the shipping process.

One of the main differences between the two products is going to pop up with their price. The Alexander Hybrid is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the Tomorrow. The Alexander also comes with a limited lifetime warranty in comparison to the Tomorrows standard 10-year warranty. The Tomorrow does pull ahead in the sleep trial by giving you a full year to try out their mattress while Alexander only gives you a hundred days. The Tomorrow also runs cooler in temperature than the Alexander Hybrid. To pick between these mattresses is a little difficult since they run so close in quality, but we encourage you to use the categories above to decide which one is the best fit for you.

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