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January 8, 2018

Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Mattress Comparison

In our Next Bedding’s Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA hybrid mattress comparison review it is less about choosing one over the other and more about sharing the benefits of these two well made and very comfortable mattresses. We consider both of these mattresses great hybrids beds. They are well made and offer their own unique benefits. Get ready to learn more in our Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA comparison review!

KAYA Mattress Overview:
alexander hybrid vs kaya

The KAYA mattress was one of our recent favorites and one to watch in 2018. This bed performed extremely well, is durably constructed with high end materials.  These made for the perfect medium firm comfort for every sleeping position.

The KAYA is a super comfortable and well made hybrid mattress with a solid core and balanced foam layers. This mattress is a bed that takes the best of the innerspring mattress and the best of the all foam mattress and creates a premium hybrid. It really focuses on quality in materials and construction. gave KAYA a 4.73 out of 5; see the full mattress review HERE.

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Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding Overview:

luft vs alexander hybridThe Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress by Nest Bedding is their classic hybrid available in three comfort optionsThis mattress takes Nest Bedding’s most popular all foam mattress and combines it with a coil system. This makes for a well balanced hybrid.

The Alexander hybrid uses innovative, high quality materials to create a thick 13″ mattress. It is delivered right to your door in a fairly compact box. Nest Bedding’s focus and idea is to create several mattresses and feels of each. They believe that there isn’t just one mattress for everyone. gave the Alexander Hybrid a 4.69 out of 5; see the full mattress review HERE.

Nest Bedding®

We are putting these mattresses head to head in our Alexnder Hybrid vs KAYA mattress comparison. Looking at the similarities and differences and giving our honest feedback. Read on to find out how we felt about each of these brands as well as see which one will be a better fit for you.

Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Off Gassing & Delivery:

luft vs alexander hybridThere isn’t much difference in this category for the KAYA & Alexander hyrbid mattresses. Both are made in the USA, compressed, put into a compact box and shipped right to your door. The biggest difference may be that the KAYA weighs about 110 lbs and the Alexander hybrid weighs about 90 lbs. Both are going to weigh quite a bit and will more than likely need two people to get them to where they need to go. However, the materials in the KAYA literally outweigh the materials in Nest Bedding’s hybrid.

As far as off gassing goes, neither of these mattresses had much odor at all. Initially when these mattresses were taken out of their plastic neither had a strong scent. Both easily dissipated any off gassing very quickly and the mattresses had little to no scent in a matter of hours.

One thing you do want to take note of though is that the KAYA didn’t take long at all to fully expand. The true feel of the mattress only took a few hours to feel. The Alexander Hybrid did take a little longer and had a truer feel once it was given about 24 hours to fully expand.

Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Comfort:

These mattresses are going to vary in feel as well as comfort. Comfort is an aspect of a mattress that is highly subjective to each sleeper. However, when comparing these beds to each other there will be a few ways of objectively approach how comfortable they may be. First off the firmness level and secondly the materials.

All mattresses will have a level of firmness that can quickly give you an idea of the comfort of the bed. This firmness level can be measured on a scale from soft to firm. The below scale represents soft starting at 0 and firm going up to 10. This gives a good indication of where a mattresses firmness coincides with your preferred sleeping position(s).

our mattress guide
KAYA Comfort: 

The Kaya hybrid has one universal comfort option that will appeal to the majority of sleepers. It will have a “not too soft” or “not too firm” feel that should be “just right”. This medium to medium firm feeling mattress falls around a 5.5 to 6 on the firmness scale.

kaya hybrid mattress

This is a great feel for almost every sleeping position. And ideal for someone who changes sleeping positions throughout the night as well as or for couples sharing a bed.

The comfort and firmness of this bed allow you to sink in just enough to feel optimal pressure relief in all the necessary places. However, not so far that you’ll feel stuck or unsupported. Even without multiple choices for comfort, this mattress will be very balanced and adaptable for all shapes, sizes and sleeping preferences.

Alexander Hybrid Comfort:

The Alexander Hybrid mattress is available in three comfort levels, plush, medium and luxury firm. The plush option would work well for back and side sleepers. It is going to be best for people who like a supportive feel but with plenty of softness. This mattress will be a little softer than a medium feel and fall around a 3.5 on a firmness scale.

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe medium is a true medium feel and will be around a 5 on the firmness scale. This option will appeal to the majority of sleepers and sizes. It works well for all sleeping positions and is best for couples too. This is by far the most popular option and offers the perfect blend of support and comfort.

The luxury firm option is going to appeal to people who like to ride on top of the mattress. And more than likely sleep on their stomachs and back. This option is going to fall around a 8 on the firmness scale. This mattress is best for someone who likes a firm feeling bed as well as heavier people too.

KAYA Materials:

alexander hybrid vs kayaThe next differentiating factor that will effect the comfort is the materials of each mattress. The materials in the Kaya bed combines a thick and solid heavy gauge coil system with over 1000 coils along with several premium layers of foam. Including 5lb responsive foam and 4lb memory foam.

These layers create a sleek and comfortable 11″ inch mattress. The quality of these materials, along with its ideal construction, make for an extremely durable mattress that you will get plenty of life out of. The attention to detail and focus on support and comfort are a testament to the high end materials. Even the extended 20 year warranty shows just how well this mattress is made and the durability it will have.

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Alexander Hybrid Materials:

alexander hybrid vs kayaThe Alexander hybrid mattress is about 13″ thick and has 4 layers made of three layers foam and a  8″ solid coils system. This includes a combination of memory foam and performance foams to create the best feels. These top foam layers vary slightly from the plush, medium and luxury firm options.

Though the foams may vary the coil system is the same in each bed. It is a Quantum coil system that is zoned for ideal support where needed. This provides a durable core and responsive and adaptable support that moves with you.

This mattress also focuses on quality materials and construction that creates a well made, solid and comfortable mattress. 

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Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Motion Transfer:
kaya hybrid mattress

Both the KAYA & Nest Bedding are hybrid mattresses that use a coil system which could potentially add to motion transfer in a mattress. However, both of these beds use individually fabric wrapped coil systems that greatly reduce movement form the coils. They also have the several thick layers of foam that allow minimal vibrations to even make it to the coil system.

Both of these beds proved to have hardly any noticeable transferring motion. Again, both of these would work well and even for the lightest sleeper would be more than ideal. You don’t have to worry about disruptions by your partner’s movement in the KAYA or Alexander hyrbid.

Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Sleeping Cool:

As you already know, these are both hybrid mattresses. Anytime you have a hybrid mattress sleeping cool is going to be much easier than an all foam mattresses. A coil system allows for heat to dissipate and air to flow between the spaces around the coils. This makes any hybrid typically cooler than an all foam mattress.

luft vs alexander hybridAgain, both of these mattresses are ideal for a warm sleeper, or any sleeper that likes a comfortable temperature bed. Not only do both the KAYA & Alexander hybrid have coils, they also incorporate other cooling properties in the foam layers as well. This helps keep the top layers from retaining too much heat and maintain a more ideal feel. The attention to detail in every aspect of both of these mattresses will be a cut above many others. And if you sleep warm either of these will be a great choice for you.

*We will note, that if you do choose the plush Alexander hybrid you may experience a warmer sleeping experience. This softer choice makes for your body to be more cocooned by foam and less air to flow around you. If you want something slightly softer but you sleep warm, the KAYA would be a better choice.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Edge Support:

Edge support may or may not be something that is a big concern to you. However, if it is than paying attention to how well constructed and durable the materials are will play a roll. Edge support is important if you either sit on the edge from time to time. Or if it is important for you to use the full edge to edge sleeping surface of your mattress. Making sure that even the edges are solid and hold up will make a difference in how comfortable it is as well as how it performs for you.

kaya mattress reviewThe edge support of the KAYA hybrid mattress will be very stable and solid and create a fully usable sleeping surface from every inch of this mattress. This mattress utilizes a heavier gauge steel around the perimeter of the bed to ensure a more robust edge that will keep the mattress feeling consistent for its entire life. Sleeping right up to the edge will not be a problem and even sitting on the side of the bed from time to time won’t make you feel like you are falling or sliding out. This mattress really focuses on the details to ensure a durable and solid bed from every angle.

The Alexander hybrid is also very stable and fully usable from edge to edge with a nice, durable perimeter around the edge. You may want to limit sitting on the edge too much though. With any mattress, regardless of the edge support, you don’t want to spend too much time sitting on the edge since that is not it’s intention. Either of these mattresses prove to show that a thicker, well constructed mattress with solid materials will create a fully usable mattress on every square inch.

Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Value:

Notice that don’t use the term price, but instead value, because value and price are not the same thing. Value is going to be what you are getting for what the price is. Sometimes a price may seem like a good number but if you aren’t getting the best product for that price than the value isn’t that great. This is especially true for mattresses. There are several brands that will fall around the same price, but you really have to understand what you are paying for if you want a good value.

KAYA Value:

kaya hybrid mattressThis mattress is priced at $1195 for a queen size. This price is with the current promotion of $200 off. It also includes free delivery, a 120 night sleep trial and a 20 year warranty.

The high end materials, ideal comfort and all the details that go into this mattress make it a great value. This bed really checks all the boxes and goes above and beyond many of its competitors for quality. You will get an amazing mattress at a great price that will last you many years.

Shop now at and get your premium, durable hybrid at a steal of a deal.

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Alexander Hybrid Value:

luft vs alexander hybridThe Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid mattress comes in at $1199 for a queen size and that includes free delivery, a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty too.

Again, for the quality and selectable comfort of this mattress we find this price point to be a good value. You can also save on this mattress too and make it an even better deal! Currently you can take $150 off with the coupon code: OMG150. Just visit to take advantage of this deal.
Nest Bedding®

If you are looking for a mattress on a budget make sure you check out our Best Mattresses On A Budget. 

Alexander Hybrid vs KAYA Summary:

We can say from both an objective as well as subjective standpoint that the KAYA Hyrbid mattress and the Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding proved to be a well designed, durable mattresses that exceeded our expectations in every aspect. The detail and quality are a cut above many other mattresses on the market.

KAYA Mattress Banner 10The KAYA’s quality and durability for the great price really do set it apart and out ranked the Alexander hybrid. It is a fantastic investment that will maintain its feel and comfort for many years. If you want a medium to medium firm mattress, the KAYA is one we suggest you seriously consider.

If you prefer a softer or firmer mattress, than the Alexander Hybrid will perform well for you. Finding a bed that is more specific to a plusher or firmer firmness you desire won’t be a problem with this one. It also comes in a great price point, and don’t forget to utilize the coupon too.

Thank you!

We hope this comparison was helpful in learning more about each of these great mattresses. If you are still unsure of which is best for you, also check out all our Hybrid Mattress Reviews.

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For the full review of each of these mattresses check them out here: KAYA Hybrid Review & Nest Beddings’s Alexander Hybrid Review. Also have question for us? Feel free to contact us!