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May 18, 2018

Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora

These two hybrid mattresses make a great option for anyone in the market for a new bed. They both have outstanding wealth in comfort, keeping cool, and edge support. Made from high quality materials, these two mattresses provide amazing value. While both drive a hard competition, it was clear to us which mattress was the overall winner. Read our head to head Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora comparison to find out our opinion and see which one your perfect pick is.

Alexander Hybrid Overview:

alexander hybrid vs brooklyn auroraThe Alexander Hybrid mattress comes roll packed but does not have an unpleasant off gassing experience. It provides a medium feel in comfort from the base foam all the way to the soft cover. This bed can provide a satisfying sleep for people of all sizes with any sleeping position preference. They have used high quality materials throughout to provide a satisfying sleep.

You will be able to uses every square inch of this mattress because of the amazing edge support. Motion transfer is almost non-existent, and sleeping cool is a given. You can purchase this mattress in a queen size for just under $1200 that includes shipping. This makes it great for those with a lower price point in mind.

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Brooklyn Aurora Overview:

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signatureIf you need a bed that will keep you sleeping cool, the Brooklyn Aurora might be the mattress for you. This American-made mattress won’t give you as much trouble with off gassing as a comparative roll packed bed. The quantum coils will allow for a quick expansion, so you can get to sleep faster on your first night.

Five layers of foam and coils were designed to keep you comfortably cool all throughout the night. You will have some of the best sleep of your life while this mattress cozily contours to your body. With our coupon, this queen size mattress can update your bedroom for just under $1600.

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Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Delivery and Off Gassing:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe Alexander Hybrid mattress is made in the USA, meaning your delivery and set up should be pleasant. Deliver comes free from the Nest Bedding company with your purchase. This bed weighs close to one hundred pounds, so be sure to have a second set of hands for unboxing.

Total set up should be quick, but you may have to wait up to twelve hours for full expansion. During this time, you may notice some minimal off gassing, since this is a boxed mattress. You may want to ensure you have good ventilation and avoid the area if you are more sensitive to smells. All in all, the Alexander Hybrid mattress was simple to set up. You can even sleep in this mattress the same night if you open it with enough time to allow it to expand.

Brooklyn Aurora – Delivery and Off Gassing:

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress provided a similar delivery and off gassing experience. However, there were some key points that made the Brooklyn Aurora stand out. They also make this in the USA. But, the manufacturing facility is also in-house. This means that you will notice even less noxious fumes during off gassing.

Brooklyn Bedding recommends 24 hours of expansion time before the mattress will be fully expanded and firm. Nevertheless, we noticed that this bed fully expanded in just a few minutes and fully firm within a few hours. We guessed that this might be in part due to the extra springiness in the quantum coils. Hands down, the Brooklyn Aurora is a better pick in this area of review.

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Alexander Hybrid – Comfort:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe Alexander Hybrid mattress scored close to five stars for comfort in our review. We chose the go with the medium feel bed. Nest Bedding also offers this mattress in a “plush” and “luxury firm” options, so everyone can find the perfect accommodations. The medium selection gives an ample softness that perfectly cradles your pressure points. The coils in this bed provide substantial support for the lumbar.

This mattress is great for any sleeping position. People that are a larger size and stomach sleepers may prefer the luxury firm option. Side sleepers and people with smaller frames may want to opt for the plush version. We suggest going with the medium feel mattress if you fall somewhere between these two categories. This will provide you with a great compromise between give and support.

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Brooklyn Aurora – Comfort:

brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora also comes in three different options for comfort level. You can choose from soft, medium, or firm. We reviewed the medium feel version and felt it provided considerable support while remaining soft enough to cradle the body. On the firmness scale, we would rate this mattress at a six.

The top layers of latex type foams allow the body to sink in and relieve pressure points. The layer of individually wrapped coils push back on the foam to gently support the body. You will also feel a nice bounciness that aids in movement. This layer also prevents the back from bowing in stomach sleepers. You should select this bed if your sleeping partner and you are different sizes or have prefer different sleeping positions. The Brooklyn Aurora is our pick in this comparison for comfort.

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Alexander Hybrid – Materials:

Nest Bedding created the Alexander Hybrid mattress with luxury in mind. The top layer of this mattress is comprised of a two-inch thick 1.5 density gel infused memory foam. This breathable material helps to maintain cooler body temperatures all night long.

The second layer of the Alexander Hybrid is the two-inch thick 3.2 density copper-infused Titanium EverCool foam. This section uses the natural properties of copper to pull heat away from the body as it contours to you. Copper also have antimicrobial properties that will help keep this bed cleaner for a lot longer. The next layer is made up from two-inch thick slow recovery memory foam. This punched foam assists in cooling properties and provides a transition between foam and coils.

Seven inches of edge support pocketed coils provides a responsive support that is targeted in five different areas. This provides improved support and motion in ideal spots to relieve pressure points and cradle the lumbar. There are 1872 coils in a queen size that will provide a small push back on the contouring foams. The entire mattress is wrapped in a soft quilted thermic phase change fabric that will help to wick away moisture. Overall, the materials work together to give you a comfortable night of sleep for years to come.

alexander hybrid materials

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Brooklyn Aurora – Materials:

Five layers of foam and coils make up the 13-inch Brooklyn Aurora mattress. They made the top three layers from comfort foams. The first foam is a 1.5-inch CopperFlex foam, which contains TitanCool technology. This latex alternative keeps you cool as you sleep and provides responsiveness to prevent feeling stuck. Each option of firmness will provide you with a coinciding level of comfort in this layer.

The next section is an additional 2-inch thick TitanFlex foam layer. This segment will give you the same benefits of the top layer of foam with a higher level of firmness. This gives you extra support and pressure point relief. The third layer of is a 1-inch thick breathable Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. It is adjusted with different comfort levels to respond ideally to your body. This foam contours to the body and isolates motion, working as a transitional layer.

The bottom layers of the Brooklyn Aurora mattress are comprised of the coils and a base foam. The 8-inch thick Quantum Edge Encased Coil System provides great support and heat dissipation. It gives you a soil feel that won’t cave in after years of usage. Each coil is individually wrapped in fabric, providing you flexible support in all the right areas.  The bottom layer of foam is a 1-inch thick base foam. It works as a solid foundation for the coils.

The whole bed is covered in a smooth premium weave material. This breathable material has TitanCool technology keeping the mattress cool to the touch. brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature mattres

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Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Motion Transfer:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe Brooklyn Aurora was also superior to the Alexander Hybrid in terms of motion transfer. You should consider this an important area of consideration according to your personal needs. If you share your bed, it is important to have motion reduced as much as possible to get uninterrupted sleep. Both mattresses use a combination of coils and foams to provide supportive comfort.

They are both heavy-duty in nature, improving the reduction of motion transfer. The main difference lies in the transitional foam used in the Brooklyn Aurora. This provides a layer of motion absorbency between the memory foams and individually wrapped coils. The Brooklyn Aurora mattress also has an extra layer of foam foundation. This extra layer will absorb even more shock from the coils to dissipate the vibrations. If you want less disturbances throughout your night, the Brooklyn Aurora is a slightly better choice.

Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Sleeping Cool:

The Alexander Hybrid mattress scored well during our testing.  The feel of a medium firmness allows you to sink in more. This can prevent cooling from occurring. Luckily, the materials used to construct this bed were chosen for comfort and cooling properties. The cover is a thermic phase change cooling fabric that wicks away moisture and is naturally cool to the touch. The foams use components like copper and gel to provide even more cooling properties. The individually wrapped coils help to channel air away from the body. This mattress can provide a cool night of sleep, even for those that tend to sleep warmer.

brooklyn auroraIf you are a warm sleeper, the Brooklyn Aurora mattress will be your best choice for all-night coolness. The Brooklyn Bedding company focused heavily on how to provide consumers with the best materials and design to keep the heat levels at bay. The coil system already dissipates much of the heat your body will produce throughout the night. The top two layers of this mattress are made with TitanFlex, which is naturally aerated and non-heat absorbing.

The very top layer uses TitanCool, a water-based surface promoting conductivity. It is also infused with CopperFlex to enhance the breathability. The cover is made from a phase changing material that wicks away moisture and is cool to the touch. You are also more likely to float on top of this mattress, rather than sink in. Your body will still be supported in contouring comfort while reducing heat retention.

If sleeping cool is a concern find our #1 best mattress for hot sleepers, the Brooklyn Aurora on our page of the Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Edge Support:

brooklyn auroraThe Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding is a thicker mattress than an all foam mattress. You will get normal sinking around the perimeter of the bed, but there is no sliding feel when sitting. You can sleep right up at the edge of the bed, but the crowning makes just a slight rolling out sensation.

The Brooklyn Aurora from Brooklyn Bedding is a 13.5-inch thick mattress. The coil system in this bed gives you side to side and top to bottom consistency. There is no falling off feeling, no matter where you lay. While sitting at side there is some sinking but nowhere near the sensation of an all foam mattress. There is also no bottoming out feeling when pressing down with more weight in one spot. While both mattress provide great edge support, the Brooklyn Aurora is just a slight higher quality.

Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Value:

You can purchase an Alexander Hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding in three different firmness levels. A queen size costs $1199 and includes free shipping. With your purchase, you have a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. This will give you plenty of time to try it out for yourself to see if this is the right choice for you. The warranty covers the typical life expectancy of a mattress and includes any defects, including visible sagging. Use our coupon code OMG150 to save $150 on your purchase of the Alexander Hybrid. This is a great price for such high-quality materials.

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The Brooklyn Aurora mattress from Brooklyn Bedding comes in at a higher price point of $1699 for a queen. This bed is also available in three different levels of firmness, so you can customize your sleep experience. Use our exclusive coupon code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 on any Aurora mattress purchase for 20% OFF. Your purchase includes free shipping. You also get a 120-night sleep trial to test out the comfort for yourself. Every Brooklyn Aurora mattress includes a 10-year warranty. The most unique thing about buying this bed is the freebies. You get two latex pillows that are naturally aerated and bamboo sheets that have a cooling soft touch.

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Alexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Summary:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewThe Alexander Hybrid from Nest Bedding is a solid foam hybrid mattress made with durable materials that you can purchase for a reasonable price. You can select from three levels of firmness, personalizing your sleeping experience to maximize your comfort. This bed does great at keeping you sleeping cool while reducing motion transfer and providing a stable edge support. Nest Bedding company has years of experience in producing high-quality products. You can purchase a queen size mattress for just $1199, which includes free shipping.

The Brooklyn Aurora from Brooklyn Bedding is a thick hybrid mattress that uses luxurious materials to give you all-night comfort. You can customize your mattress’s firmness level to suit your personal preferences with three different categories. Our Sleep Guide has rated this bed as the number one in sleeping cool. It also provides minimal motion transfer and amazing edge support. All manufacturing is completed in-house at Brooklyn Bedding, a company with years of history in providing top-notch products. You can purchase a queen size for $1359.

Still unsure?  Check out the FULL review of the Alexander Hybrid HERE and the Brooklyn Aurora HERE.

brooklyn auroraAlexander Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Our Pick:

It’s clear that the winner of this head to head comparison was the Brooklyn Aurora from Brooklyn Bedding. While you can purchase the Alexander Hybrid mattress at a lower price point, the Brooklyn Aurora outperforms it. If your budget doesn’t allow for the higher purchase, the Alexander Hybrid still provides a great night’s sleep. The Brooklyn Aurora has better materials for edge support, motion transfer, comfort, and sleeping cool. This makes it one of our top choices among foam hybrid mattresses.

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