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Accessory Review Tuft and Needle Pillow

bed with pillows and sheetsIf you know Tuft and Needle, then you know you’re buying complete comfort. The Tuft and Needle mattress has exceeded the expectations of its buyers. And the Tuft and Needle pillow is nothing short of amazing. Made with only your best sleeping experience in mind, the Tuft and Needle pillow is too comfortable to describe.

Tuft and Needle is dedicated to being your number one sleep provider. That’s why they created their own pillow. To perfectly complement your already incredible mattress. So take your pillow shopping to the next level and continue reading to learn about this universally perfect pillow.

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A Tuft & Needle pillow is made with all the stuff your sleep will love, and nothing it won’t. That’s why Tuft and Needle constructs their pillow without the typical materials its competitors use. For example down, the supposed secret to softened. But the truth is, down pillows lack support and need constant fluffing.

tn pillow materialsThen there’s shredded foam, the answer to molded foam. Except shredded foam ends up being lumpy and molded foam is so dense it lacks breathability. Lastly, your T&N pillow will never have fiber. Fiber tends to shift to wherever you’re not sleeping, and develops hollow spots over time.

Here’s what your new pillow does have. Proprietary T&N adaptive foam that is thicker, more airy, breathable, and durable that typical memory foam. In a head-to-head comparison, typical memory foam lost 40% more support than T&N foam. This test was done through dynamic fatigue testing, which is designed to stimulate 10 years of sleeping use.

Meaning that while other pillows may sell you fast on comfort, you’ll be stuck buying a new one every year. Because the materials won’t last. With a Tuft and Needle pillow, comfort and durability are evenly matched and you’ll be sleeping on the same cozy pillow for years to come.

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Comfort & Support:

chair of pillowsYou want your head and neck to be just as comfortable and supported as your body. That’s why Tuft and Needle considers both comfort and support when constructing their pillow. Other pillows may be comfortable, but mid-grade materials wont provide the lasting support you need throughout the night or over time.

T&N adjusted their density and firmness of the pillow to match their mattress so your whole body, from head to toe is supported. Starting from the inside out, its foam core is plush, yet supportive. And very importantly, breathable, no matter which side you put your pillow on. On the outside is an incredibly soft, washable, cover that’s also breathable while adding an extra touch of softness.

The Tuft and Needle pillow promises you that unlike other pillows, it will never go flat. Don’t believe them? Ask their lab tested research that shows Tuft and Needle pillows can last up to 25 years. And you have a 3-year limited warranty that guarantees it. If you’re looking for a pillow that’s “just right” trust in the hundreds of reviews. Plenty of satisfied customers say the T&N pillow is the perfect balance between comfort and support. What more could you ask for in a pillow?

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tuft and needle queen and king pillowA Tuft and Needle pillow is comfortable for everything, even your bank account. Reasonably priced at $75 for a standard size and free shipping. If you’re looking for a larger size, a king is only $100 and will arrive in 3 to 4 business days via FedEx straight to your door. Shipping and returns are free, plus you get a 100 night trial and 3 year limited warranty. This warranty includes any material defects resulting from the materials or workmanship of the pillow.

The T&N pillow is a great value because its high quality materials ensure you’ll keep this pillow for years to come. This means purchasing a your new pillow is a small $75 investment you make once, instead of buying a new pillow every year. And Tuft and Needle will never stick you with a pillow you don’t absolutely love. If you don’t fall in love and fall asleep with your new pillow, you can return it risk-free, for a full refund, anytime within your 100 night trial. It’s just to simple not to try it.

It is time to invest in yourself, by investing into a great night of sleep. Buy your new T&N pillow at and start getting a better rest now!

Tuft and Needle Pillow:

tuft and needle pillowOverall, a Tuft & Needle pillow is what your sleep has been missing. It uses one of a kind, highly durable materials that create perfectly balanced comfort and support. Neck pain is the last thing you want to wake up with in the morning, that’s why the Tuft and Needle offers ideal support; one that even matches their famed mattress, so you’re supported from head to toe.

The soft cover makes it breathable so you can put an end to ‘the cool side of the pillow’; with a Tuft and Needle, every side is the cool side. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, affordable pillow, look no further than Tuft and Needle. The trusted company guarantees your satisfaction and offers a generous sleep trial and warranty. Now surely your old pillow doesn’t even compare.

Have questions about the Tuft and Needle pillow, or any pillow for that matter? We are here to help! Simply contact us with any sleep related question and we will be happy to respond as quickly as we can. Also, make sure to check out all our reviewed pillows to find the best fit.