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Accessory Review Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheets

putting sheets on a bedTuft and Needle is a famed brand in the online mattress world. But if you’ve never taken a closer look at their bed accessories, such as sheets, now is the time. Your mattress may be supportive, and your pillow may be fluffed. But without the ideal sheet set, how can you even fall asleep? That’s why Tuft and Needle, a sleep guru, has created their softest sheets ever. The Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheet Set.

Not only are these sheets amazingly soft and supple, they also come in at a great price. Making them luxurious but affordable and a great addition to any bedroom. Learn more about these cozy sheets in our Tuft and Needle Jersey sheets review below.

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While comfort is every sleeper’s main goal, the most important part is what goes into the sheets to make them so comfortable.

close up of sheet setFor Tuft and Needle, its not about one thing, its about making everything that goes into their sheets high-quality and comfortable. For starters, the Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheets use a blend of cotton and TENCEL Lyocell. This creates a soft, cool, natural sheet set with just enough stretch to fit snugly on your bed. The combination consists of 50% cotton and 50% Lyocell. The strong elastic will keep your fitted sheet in place, exactly where it needs to be the whole night long.

All materials are knit and sewn in Pakistan and pre-washed to avoid shrinkage. The sheets are a standard 100 thread count and OKEO-TEX certified. Overall this sheet set is breathable, yet cozy and offers 16-inch pockets to accommodate up to a 14-inch mattress.

Lastly, the sheet set includes a 1-year limited warranty specifically for workmanship and materials alone. The Jersey Sheet set by Tuft and Needle may not be sateen or percale sheets. But it is cozy and comforting right to the touch. If your old sheets are as starchy and stiff as they are scratchy, its time for an upgrade.

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marigold sheets jersey t&nThe best part about the Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheet set is that the sheets are intended for any type of sleeper. Especially anyone who wants a smooth, soft, bed to lay their head on. You’ll love the natural stretch and durability of the jersey sheets. These sheets are naturally made and naturally comfortable, specifically they feature:

  • Extra Strong Elastic- keeps your fitted sheet in place the whole night.
  • Extra Deep Pockets- 16-inch pockets for up to a 14-inch mattress.
  • Temperature Regulating- Breathable and moisture-wicking, yet soft and cozy.
  • Standard 100 by OKEO-TEX certified- so you know you’re getting the best stuff around.
  • 1-year Limited Warranty/ 100 Night Sleep Trial/ Free Shipping- because Tuft and Needle stands behind their products and their customers.
  • Pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

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jersey sheets by tuft and needleThe right sheet set is expressive of your personality, your character, and your mood, which is why Tuft and Needle is all about options. Don’t settle for the standard of sheet sets, and let the sheets of your dreams give you the sleep of your dreams. As far as sizes, the Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheets are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.

All sheet sets bigger than a twin and twin XL include 2 pillow cases, while the smaller sheet sets only include one. However adding an additional pillow case is as simple as $20. In addition, you have the option between 5 beautiful, modern colors. All that are sure to give a little extra flare to your bedroom. Choose between Fog, Marigold, Rose, Periwinkle, and Charcoal. With so many options, you’re sure to love the look of your jersey sheet set just as much as you love falling asleep in them.

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tuft and needle sheets fogIf you’ve ever tried putting a price on your sleep, surely it’s hard to do because in reality, sleep is priceless. But Tuft and Needle still believes that you should be getting the biggest bang for your buck. That’s why their incredibly soft and smooth sheet sets start at only $60 for a twin and $80 for a cal king. Sticker shock? Shockingly affordable, that’s why.

If that’s not enough, Tuft and Needle 100% supports their products and includes free shipping, 100 night sleep trial- even for sleep accessories. As well as a 1 year limited warranty. A sleep trial that long is not your average 30 days to return the item. Which is all that mostly sleep companies offer with their sleep accessories. 100 nights means Tuft and Needle wants their customers to fully love their sheet set, or their money back.

Purchasing a Tuft and a Needle Jersey sheet set is an incredible value because not only are you buying from an esteemed brand in the sleeping industry, but the Jersey sheet sets accommodate your every need. With deep pockets, a variety of prices, a large selection of colors, and an unbeatable price, it’s as if the sheets were hand selected just for you.

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T&N jersey sheets blueAlthough caring for your Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheet set is not difficult, they include specific instructions. This ensures the longevity and longest best use of your sheets. First, always wash your Jersey sheet set before the first use. This will allow the material to relax into its true soft, stretchy, smooth, and natural form.

Also, who doesn’t love that just washed clean smell? Second, it is recommended to use a mild detergent and cool water. This ensures that the color remains vibrant and fresh, and does not fade. Your Jersey sheet set should be washed regularly, and you will enjoy the freshest, coziest night’s sleep again and again.

Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheets – Our Experience:

lily's new sheetsI must admit, the first thing I thought of when we got these sheets is how perfect they would be for my daughter’s bed. Especially since her crib sheets where almost all Jersey cotton. I love the idea of a super soft and cozy, but not too warm material specifically for my little ones.

These sheets certainly were just that and a perfect combination of stretch, strength, softness and breathability. Making them easy to transition through every season. Not only are they perfect for her bed, but would make a great addition to any room in the house. My husband prefers a slightly crisper feeling sheet, but he sleeps warm so that doesn’t surprise me. Personally I love the feel of a cozier, soft sheet, which these are.

Another awesome thing about the Tuft and Needle Jersey sheets is the price point. They come in at just $60 for a full Queen set, including the fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases. They also come in a array of colors that are fun and bold. Like, the soft and feminine rose pink we went with. Or the more masculine and bold graphite option. As well as the more subtle fog (light gray) and fun marigold or periwinkle colors too.

tuft and needle jersey sheets

Whichever ones you go with I can say you can expect good quality and durability. As well as the plush and supple feel you get with a cotton and TENCEL blend that merges two already great fabrics individually to make an exceptional feel. Our Sleep Guide certainly gives these sheets two thumbs up!

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Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheets:

The only thing you need more than a good mattress, is a good mattress sheet set. Having a fitted sheet that fits perfectly, and a top sheet that actually covers your body from head to toe makes all the difference. Tuft and Needle includes deep pockets, a naturally stretchy, durable material, and more, to give you the best night’s sleep.

Their variety of color options may be unique to each customer, but their outstanding customer service is not. Tuft and Needle Jersey sheet sets also include their incredible customer-first perks. Such as free shipping, 1 year limited warranty, and 100 night sleep trial. So you know they care about you just as much as they know you’ll care about and love their product. The last thing that’s left to do? Give them a try.

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