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Accessory Review Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow Review

tomorrow sleep plush pillow

The status of our overall health is a direct consequence of our sleep behavior. We almost spend one-third of our lives in our bed, but often don’t get the deep and restorative sleep our bodies need. A pillow suitable for your physical build and sleep pattern, like the Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow is very crucial to your body’s wellness. For this reason, it becomes absolutely necessary to find a pillow that doesn’t give you troubled nights and agonizing pains.

This task can become extremely exhausting. To save your time and troubles, we’re here to guide you in choosing a pillow that stands the test of time. Tomorrow Sleep brand has unveiled a new addition to its superior range of products, the Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow.  Will it be an ideal complement to its renowned Tomorrow Sleep Mattress? Let’s unravel the product with a quick summary by breaking down its features below.

Ordering and Unpacking:

tomorrow sleep plush pillowThe Hypoallergenic pillow comes in one standard size measuring 18” x 26” x 7″. It is priced at $75 with shipping and returns included. It will arrive in a fairly compact box that is 20″ x 16″ x 4″ and comes UPS Ground. If you need to finance there are EMI options available as low as $13 per month without any annual interest.

The shipping takes around 3-6 business days and will come in a white box. Inside the pillow was wrapped in a plastic cover and when unwrapped didn’t give off any noxious odors, just a bit of a new pillow scent.

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Tomorrow Sleep Plus Pillow Materials:

The Tomorrow Sleep plush pillow is designed primarily to provide you a dreamy soft & plush feeling. It is meant to feel like a down pillow but uses alternative materials instead of feathers and down.

tomorrow sleep plush pillowThe surface is comprised of a 300 thread count 100% cotton sateen. It provides a very silky and smooth feel that is both cool and breathable. Making for a soft touch that is durable as well. The exterior build of this pillow features a 1.75″ gusset around the perimeter. This is great for keeping the pillow even and consistent. It also features cord detail running around the seams of the gusset to give it a polished finish.

Inside of the pillow is a substantial amount of down alternative fill to provide enough loft and support with out being too thick as well. The fill contains fibers of smart technology DACRON® MEMORELLE™ fill. This down alternative is not only hypoallergenic it is also great for dissipating heat too. It easily conforms to the neck and head and easily relieves any pressure points too. It is slightly more dense than down fill as well making it even better at maintaining plenty of support throughout the night.

Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow Feel and Comfort:

tomorrow sleep plush pillowThe first thing I noticed in my pillow is that it is very fluffy and appears thicker than its listed size. Though it is listed on Tomorrow Sleep to be only 1.75″ thick in reality it does measure to be about 7″ from top to bottom. It gives a very soft, cozy and plump feel without letting you sink in too deep. The fill is dense and feels very supportive and doesn’t allow for much alteration when changing positions.

The pillow is meant for all sleeping positions but the true thickness makes it most ideal for side sleeping. The fill creates a very fluffy pillow however the amount of fill does make the pillow very dense. Making it great for holding its shape but less adaptable for sleeping on your stomach. This pillow would also work fine for back sleepers who like a slightly thicker, fluffier pillow that is silky and breathable too.

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The fill on the Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow gives it plenty of support. However, this support is best for someone who prefers or needs a slightly thicker pillow. It also is going to give you plush support. So even though the fill is ample the feel of the pillow is a more cushy.

This pillow only comes in one size and there are no alternative thickness options available. If you like a soft yet supportive pillow that is slightly thicker, than this one should work very well.


Some key features of the Tomorrow Sleep plush pillow are:

  • Comes with a 100-night risk-free trial- You can return it without any extra charges (no shipping on returns too) if the pillow doesn’t suit your body. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Climate Control- The pillow is cool, breezy and aids constant airflow.
  • Hypoallergenic- It is certified by the Allergy & Asthma Foundation of America, so all sleepers can breathe easy without any fear of allergies.
  • Environment-Friendly- The pillow foam is CertiPUR-US® approved. It implies the no ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, or other heavy metals are used in its manufacturing.

While Tomorrow Sleep pillow has many great advantages, you can consider other alternatives due to following reasons:

  • You require an adjustable loft: – Some people switch their sleeping pattern quite a lot. They require an adjustable pillow.
  • You are a predominant stomach sleeper: – While the pillow support all sleep types, it may not be an ideal choice for regular stomach sleepers.
  • You require a firm support: – As the name suggests, the pillow is very plush. though the fill is plenty for people looking for a firmer support, it may not be a perfect choice.
Final Thoughts:

Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow is going to be just that, plush. The one universal size and feel should work for a large variety of sleepers. This pillow is a down alternative that uses a hypoallergenic dense yet soft fill to make it thick yet should easily mold to you. It is most ideal for anyone who likes a slightly thicker pillow and comes in at a good price point. Also, if you like the pillow make sure you learn more about the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress and Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress too.

Tomorrow Sleep

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Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value

Overall Rating:

If you like an alternative to down that is durable, solid and still soft than this would be a great pillow for you. This pillow is a thick but plush filled pillow that is soft and silky with a nice gusseted edge too. As well as free shipping, returns and a 100 night trial period too.

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If you are interested in a plush and soft down alternative pillow that is plenty thick and consistent this may be a perfect fit. This pillow uses a dense yet pliable hypoallergenic down alternative fill to create an ideally plush pillow. The fill is dense and creates a solid yet soft feel perfect for side sleepers of back sleepers who like a thicker loft height. Get this great priced pillow at

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