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Accessory Review Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector Review

tomorrow sleep mattress protector

Typically, an adult sleeps for 7-8 hours a day. Since you are going to spend so many hours on your mattress, it is almost necessary to keep it fresh, breathable and protected. This is where mattress protectors come in handy, like the Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector.

Now you have found your way to get a premium mattress for your bed, you must know the limitations of its warranty. It is not going to honor damages owing to external ruins, stains or wear and tear. A good mattress covers will not only protect those accidental damages but also keep your bedding away from allergens, moisture, dust mites and liquid spills.

Today, we’ll explore one such mattress protector. The makers of the famous Tomorrow Sleep Mattress have come up with their own Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector. How good is it? Let’s find out.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector Overview:

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress protector is a fitted sheet-style waterproof mattress protector. Available in a number of sizes, the mattress cover is made of nylon and polyester. The protector provides protection against dirt, liquid spills and is extremely heat resistant.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector Features:

The makers of Tomorrow Sleep mattress protector have provided lots of features to make it soft, comfortable and get a unique experience out of your mattress. Some of the key characteristics include:

  1. Premium Build:

tomorrow sleep mattress protectorThe protector comprises of 37% Cooling Nylon, 22% high-density Polyester and 41% of revolutionary polyester Instacool™ fabric. Unlike other covers, there is no cheap plastic. This composition makes it one of the coolest mattress protectors in business.

  1. 100 % Waterproof:

The exterior of the fabric has a waterproof laminate backing. It is made of 35 GSM polyester knitted fabric which is very lightweight. The protector shield is complete no-spill design, keeping it dry and fresh. We performed a waterproof test by spilling 7 oz of water over a concentrated area, and the results were very positive.

  1. Available in All Sizes:

Tomorrow Sleep mattress cover is available in all sizes of mattress available. Currently, there are 6 sizes:

  1. Twin – $75 (29″ W, 75″ L)
  2. Twin XL – $75 (39″ W, 80″ L)
  3. Full – $85 (54″ W, 75″ L)
  4. Queen – $85 (60″ W, 80″ L)
  5. King – $95 (78″ W, 80″ L)
  6. California King – $95 (72″ W, 84″ L)

*The height of all covers is 10 inches. It is ideal for any 10″ mattress and will keep it tight to the bed. If you have a thicker mattress a different protector would be better.

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  1. Almost Noiseless:

tomorrow sleep mattress protectorThe protector fits perfectly in the given size. While it is an ideal choice for Tomorrow Sleep mattress, it fits well in other mattresses as well. It is virtually noiseless and doesn’t shriek when we perform any activities on the bed. Thus, the protection is not only spill-proof but silent as well.

  1. Cool for Comfort:

The cover is made with Instacool™ top-layer cooling material that pulls your natural body heat away in real-time. The heat dissipation is very quick which paves way for cozy and soft experience.

  1. 100 Nights Trial:

Unlike other mattress protectors, there is a 100-day trial available with Tomorrowsleep mattress cover. If you don’t find it suitable you’ll get a full refund.

  1. Free Shipping:

There are no extra charges in shipping for delivery as well as return in the US. So, you need not incur any extra costs. There is a 3-year limited warranty on any kind of structural defects.

Is it ideal for you?

Tomorrow Sleep mattress protector is a great choice for people who:

  • Want a comfy, noiseless and cozy mattress cover
  • You are looking for a breathable and water-proof protector
  • Have a Tomorrowsleep mattress and want an ideal protector for it
  • Are looking for an easy-fit mattress protector for 10’’ mattress or less
  • Need a virtually noiseless mattress cover
  • Need an assurance of 100-day trial
  • If you are a hot sleeper and want a super cool protector

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You may look out for another mattress protector if:

  • You want an encasement protector that prevents bed bugs
  • The mattress size in your room is more than 10’’
  • You want a superior hypoallergenic product
  • You are a hot sleeper and want a super cool protector.
Final Thoughts:

Tomorrow Sleep mattress protector is a very fine product. It goes with the majority of the available mattresses. If you have a Tomorrow Sleep mattress, it is a very fine fit and you won’t have to go anywhere else.

The protector is very lightweight. It is made from premium soft and well-knitted fabric, which makes it cozy and comfortable. It is very easy to use, doesn’t make any nose and feels almost invisible under your bed sheets.

Tomorrow Sleep

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Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Value


If you want a waterproof protector for your new bed than this mattress protector will work great for any 10″ mattress. Keeping it fresh, clean and even a little cool to the touch. As well as soft, breathable and even quiet. Not to mention you have a trial period and free shipping too.

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If you are looking for a mattress protector for your new mattress and want a good value, cooling feel that is virtually noiseless than the Tomorrow Sleep mattress protector will check your boxes. This protector is waterproof and will keep your mattress clean and healthy. Learn more and shop at

Buy Your Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector Review Mattress Here

Still looking for some more information? Visit Tomorrow Sleep at Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!