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Accessory Review Malouf TENCEL Sheets

These sheets are made of TENCEL a very soft and cozy fabric that that also helps regulate temperature. They are breathable yet warm and really have a luxurious feel to them. These Malouf TENCEL sheets feel smooth and supple and create a comfortable sleeping environment that come in at a great price for TENCEL sheets. For more details, see our full review below.

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These sheets are made from TENCEL, which is a brand of lyocell. Lyocell is in the same family as rayon and modal and is basically a fiber created from bleached wood pulpthat takes the smooth fibers and then weaves them together to create a botanical fabric. The benefits of lyocell are that it has a very soft and smooth property because each individual fiber is a so supple and when weaved together create a very silky fabric. It is also more eco-friendly then other more popular fabrics, like cotton, and uses 10 to 20 times less water to cultivate. It also is very effective at moisture wicking which also helps regulate temperature. All of these properties create a wonderful fabric ideal for a soft and smooth sheets. These sheets also are a universal fit to accommodate a large range of mattress thicknesses, they also have a very durable elastic band around the entire edge of the fitted sheet to really help pull them tight to the surface. These sheets come in six different colors, a few neutrals and a few more vibrant color options as well.



The Malouf TENCEL sheets feel super soft to the touch and are a very delicate and at the same time a very quiet fabric. They are breathable, yet create a cozy and warm feel that create a comfortable sleeping temperature.

These are a perfect pair of sheets for somebody who wants to elevate the feel of their mattress and really create an optimal cozy sleeping environment. They really do bring another level of softness and comfort to the bedroom. I would say that they feel very similar to modal or a very soft jersey cotton but even have a more supple feel to them then those. As far as comfort goes, these really did hit it out of the park, they are not only soft but are instantly the perfect temperature as soon as you get into bed.



These sheets are good quality and feel like they will maintain their integrity for some time. After several weeks they have worn nicely and even after being laundered these sheets have maintained their quality with no signs of pilling and significant signs of wear. They wash up nicely but do wrinkle very quickly. I took these out of the dryer before the timer even went off and between the laundry room and my bedroom they wrinkled in less than a few minutes. This is definitely not a concern from a comfort standpoint, but from a visual appeal and presentation standpoint may let you down. Other then that they haven’t had any signs of shrinking but I am concerned to see how they will hold up over several months because they are a fairly thin material. So far they have performed great and I hope they continue to maintain their integrity.



These TENCEL sheets are about $120 and include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases. They are made of great materials, are very soft and comfortable. You can buy your TENCEL sheets now! The price for this product is around what most TENCEL sheets sell for.



To make sure your sheets maintain their original quality it is best to care for them as the manufacturer suggests. For these sheets it is suggested to wash these sheets on a gentle cycle with a warm water wash and cold water rinse. It is recommended to use a mild non-chlorine bleach detergent and use about half the amount you would typically use. Ultimately line drying these sheets would be best but they can be dried on a low heat setting and should be shaken out before placed in the dryer. To decrease wrinkles it is suggested to remove when the sheets are still slightly damp.

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