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Accessory Review Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets

Your Malouf Portuguese flannel sheets can really add a lot to your overall sleeping experience. These ones in particular are meant to add extra warmth and softness to your bed while still maintaining a breathable, comfortable feel. The Malouf Flannel Sheets are a great complement to any mattress and really perform well for someone who likes a warmer, cozy bed.

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These sheets are made of 100% brushed cotton weave in Portuguese mills. This brushed cotton provides a velvety smooth feel that are soft to the touch and the slight napping allows them to retain warmth. The fitted sheet can fit up to an 18″ mattress and the elastic is durableand strong and pulls the fitted sheet smooth and tight over the mattress. They also come in four inviting colors that are neutral yet still warm and vibrant.



Flannel sheets are typically associated with a velvety touch that provide optimal warmth and coziness. These sheets do just that. They really do have an inviting feel that makes your bed instantly warm upon getting in, however, they are still breathable and maintain warmth without the feeling of overheating. The also feel heavy and strong, they make you feel as though you are tucked in and add a layer that is undeniable. These sheets are perfect for the person who likes a cozy bed and really ideal for cooler climates where you would want a little extra warmth when climbing into bed.



The Malouf Portuguese Flannel sheets are high quality and really have a thick, plush feel. After using these sheets for several Minnesota winter seasons and with multiple washes they maintain their soft, warm feel and have had no signs of pilling. They haven’t had any signs of excessive wear and no thinning in any area. The elastic around the fitted sheet is still strong and pulls tight. Depending on the color you go with they may show a bit of fading over time. I have used and washed the blue, dark brown and ivory multiple times and the only one with minor fading is the dark brown. Even with washing on a gentle cycle and drying at low heat I did notice a bit of shrinking that was most noticeable in the pillow cases, but besides that they have washed up nicely and really maintain their original integrity.



These Portuguese flannel sheets by Malouf are priced around $100 and for high end, good quality flannel sheets, they are well worth it. They perform as you would want flannel sheets to perform and hold up for the long haul.



These flannel sheets are are machine washable but should be washed on a gentle cycle and with about half the non-chlorine bleach detergent you would typically use. They also should be washed at a warm setting and rinsed with cold water. Ultimately line drying is recommended, but if you do dry them use a low setting and take them out when still slightly damp.

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