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Accessory Review Malouf Lavender Memory Foam Pillow (Zoned Dough)

The Z by Malouf Lavender memory foam pillow is comfortable and durable and adds the benefits of aromatherapy. These pillows have just the right combination of sink and spring and conform for to your head and neck. Having a nice pillow that is both high quality as well as comfortable can really make a difference, regardless of the mattress you sleep on.


The core of this pillow is 100% memory foam. This memory foam is a proprietary ‘Dough’ foam to Malouf that is softer than the typical memory foam. Because this foam is more malleable than typical memory foam it allows for your pillow to conform to your head more comfortably.

This also gives the feel of the pillow a slightly more springy touch that allows for less sinking in and an easier time transitioning sleeping positions. This pillow has also been infused with lavender oil to help ease you into a natural state of relaxation. It also comes with a spritzer to refresh the scent when you would like to. This pillow has a soft mesh TENCEL cover that is an eco-friendly material that also helps regulate temperature and moisture. It is also easily removed by its zipper and washer friendly.


The Malouf Lavender memory foam pillow is great for most anyone. The high quality materials and great design allow for optimal support while also giving you a surface to ease into. It is a not too thick or thin and would work well for most people.

The light, clarifying lavender scent is relaxing and calming and adds to the overall experience of the pillow. The comfort of this pillow is great. The two zones of holes really allow for great support for both your head and your neck and the breathability allows the pillow to stay at a comfortable temperature, along with the help of the soft cover. This pillow also comes in three different sizes, a standard size, a queen size and king size. These basically correlate with the bed size you have and that standard size of pillow cases that accompany each. This is a nice option, especially for those with king size beds and would like a pillow that actually fits the bed better.


These pillows have two zones of holes that are specifically sized to function in different ways. The larger holes in the center of the pillow are there to cradle your head and allow for it to rest comfortably, while the smaller holes around the edge are there to give your neck the right amount of support.

This design creates the optimal comfort when sleeping in any position for your head, neck and back. This pillow is considered a ‘mid loft’ pillow, which is referring to the thickness of the pillow. The mid loft is a medium thickness that measures around 6” thick and this will be right in the middle and work well for most people. This loft height is most ideal for the average size person who sleeps on their back and their side mostly. This pillow provides optimal support and comfort by the zoned design as well as loft height and using high end soft memory foam.


This Malouf Lavender Pillow is around $100 and for a high end, great quality soft and therapeutic memory foam pillow is a great price. The materials and comfort and support definitely make this pillow worth it.


This pillow is covered by a zippered cover that is machine washable and can easily be cleaned when needed. Malouf recommends washing it separately to avoid zipper snags. They also suggest using the gentle cycle with a warm wash, cold rinse, and a mild non-chlorine bleach detergent. In order to dry they suggest you use a low heat setting. The pillow itself can be spot cleaned if needed, but never put in the wash machine.

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