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Accessory Review Malouf Down Blend Pillow with Cotton Encasement Review

This Z by Malouf Down Blend pillow is a great option for the person who likes a more traditional feather pillow. They filled this pillow with a blend of down and feathers. They created a cover with thick cotton in order to keep the pillow smooth and comfortable. It is naturally supportive and breathable and comes in at good price point.


This pillow is a down blend pillow, the fill is made of 95% goose feathers and 5% goose down. This filling allows for a breathable natural fill that you can easily fluff and moldto create the perfect support. Around the filling is a thick cotton encasement that keeps the pillow smooth and soft, this prevents the feathers from poking through and creates a more plush feel. This cover’s outward most layer has a 250 thread count 100% cotton. You can easily remove the case with the zippered end whenever you would like to wash it.


The down blend pillow is a more traditional style pillow that can be molded and fluffed, this can be nice when you want to alter the feel and loft of your pillow while changing sleeping positions. The feathery feel allows for a gradual sinking in with little to no spring back.

The thick cotton case helps the pillow keep its shape while also giving it a nice smooth, soft feel. This case is great in making sure the filling stays in place. The outer cover is practically like a pillow case and is crisp to the touch while still allowing plenty of comfort.

This is a very comfortable feather style pillow. They did a great job making and constructing this pillow. However, if you aren’t a fan of the feather pillow style and don’t like fluffing and redistributing the filling, you may like a pillow made of either latex or memory foam better. Those types of pillows tend to hold their shape better. This pillow is also very breathable and doesn’t get too hot throughout the night, which is great. The only other thing that may be a slight negative is the smell of this pillow. There is a bit of a distinct smell that isn’t overly noticeable but typical with feather blend pillows.


This pillow is a down and feather blend that has a consistent fill that can be manipulated to create an ideal loft and support, however, the support of the pillow alters while sleeping on it throughout the night. Having a feather pillow means that it won’t hold its shape or support like other products. If you like to have the ability to readjust throughout the evening than this is great for you. The loft height is right around 6″ and should work for a most people.


This Malouf down pillow is priced around $60 and for a well made down blend pillow is priced where you’d expect if to be. This pillow isn’t going to have the consistent support of some of the more expensive high end foam pillows. However, it has a much more appealing price tag than some of those higher end pillows.


You can unzip the top cover for simple and easy cleaning. They recommend you wash separately from other laundry to make sure the zipper doesn’t snag anything else. They also recommend you wash it with mild non-chlorine bleach detergent on a gentle cycle and then dried on a low heat.

Malouf Down Blend Pillow Overall:

If you love the style and comfort of a classic down or feather pillow, this is a great option for you. They did a great job constructing a solid quality pillow. However, we like to note that down pillows can have a downside with their need to be fluffed and adjusted throughout the night to maintain optimal support. If this is troublesome for you than we suggest going with a foam based pillow. If you’re in the market for a down pillow this one is a great price and well worth the cost.

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