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Accessory Review Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets

Having the right sheets can elevate your sleeping experience and complement your mattress for an even better night’s sleep. The crisp, yet warm feel of these particular sheets are the perfect blend of warmth and coolness. The Malouf Cotton Blend sheets are a great addition to any bedroom and are great for the sleeper who likes a cozy yet breathable feel.


These sheets are made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester and are uniquely woven together to have the feel of cotton on one side and the wrinkle resistance of polyester of the other. This two sided feature allows you to have the best of both worlds. You get the softness and comfort of cotton and the smooth look of polyester. The polyester side keeps your bed looking tidy and helps hide wrinkles.

These sheets have a universal fit. The fitted sheet can fit up to an 18″ mattress. The top sheet provides ample material to cover the bed with plenty of extra. The elastic is strong and helps pulls the fitted sheet smooth and tight over the mattress. This keeps the fitted sheet in place. They also come in four vibrant but neutral colors that will work for most bedrooms.


Blended sheets are typically associated with the fibers being blended together before woven, but these sheets actually weave the fibers together as is and in a cross pattern way to allow one side to be soft cotton and the other side to be anti-wrinkle polyester. This blend not only gives you the luxurious feel of cotton, but the tidy look of polyester as well.

These sheets are crisp and are almost crisp to the point of maybe causing disturbance to a partner when moving because they do make a little noise. These cotton blend sheets feel soft and smooth. Even in the winter these are cozy and warm yet still breathable. They would be ideal for any climate and any time of year. They are lightweight but strong and durable and great for someone who likes the crisp, smooth feel but also wants to be comfortable and warm.


The Malouf Cotton Blend sheets are great quality and really give you the best benefits of cotton and polyester. We have now used these sheets for several months, through both warm and cold climates. They have also withstood multiple washes and they have maintained the same feel as being new. We believe they are even softer after use. They haven’t had any signs of excessive wear and no thinning in any area. The elastic around the fitted sheet is still strong and pulls tight. The polyester side not only helps with the keeping the wrinkles to a minimum, but also allows the sheets to resist any shrinking. They have performed great time and time again and really do a nice job of maintaining their integrity.


These sheets are priced around $65 for a queen set and even though they are blended, the way they are blended allows for the feel of a much more expensive 100% cotton sheet set with the advantages of anti-wrinkle non cotton material. This allows them to be affordable, yet still a luxurious and practical set of sheets.


These cotton blend sheets are machine washable but should be washed on a gentle cycle. They suggest you wash with a non-chlorine bleach detergent. Also that you use half the amount of detergent you would typically use. You should wash them on the cold water setting and dry them on a low setting. They suggest against any ironing.