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Accessory Review I Love My Pillow Signature Contour Pillow

I Love My Pillow is a company that focuses on pillows, specifically memory foam pillows. Their background was working in engineering and design of foam.

What better way to translate years of working in the foam industry than to make the ideal foam pillow. I Love My Pillow Signature Contour pillow is the classic shape of a standard pillow but using a lighter, softer memory foam to create a balanced feel.


The core of this pillow is made of 100% USA made memory foam. This memory foam is designed to be light and airy while still being sturdy and supportive. The memory foam is contoured shape provides ultimate support for the neck while still cradling your head.

They designed this pillow to hold it’s shape while still being soft and responsive. While this pillow is cozy and comfortable, it is also made to be durable and supportive. The foam in this pillow is an airier foam, this makes the pillow cooler and more breathable.

They made their case out of Micro Mink which is a super soft and breathable material. This case is easy to remove with it’s zipper. It is also machine washable, stain resistant and hypoallergenic.


The I Love My Pillow signature contour pillow is a very comfortable and soft pillow that is great for somebody who likes the feel of memory foam but appreciates having a little more responsiveness than many memory foams.

The core foam of this pillow really does hold true for being lighter and softer. Even with only one loft option available many should find this medium height pillow to work well for them. Most sleeping positions should feel plenty of support while still allowing for your head to be cradled and sink in.

This pillow is shaped specifically to contour to your neck and head and this makes it ideal for back sleeping and works well for stomach sleeping also. If you are a side sleeper the classic traditional pillow may be better if you like a rounded shape and a little more support and loft height.


This pillow has a great combination of sink and support. The lighter more responsive memory foam is a great for creating a dense, supportive core while still providing a soft, easy to move on surface. The shape of this pillow gives you just the right amount of support especially for your neck.

If you like your pillow to have a lower, more contoured shape with a bit less loft height, then this is a good option for you. This pillow only comes in one loft height option and should work well for most people and ideally every sleeping position. We consider it to be a medium height and believe it will work best for back and stomach sleepers.

Side sleepers and people who prefer a thicker pillow may find this pillow to be a little on the thinner side for their liking. Also, if you prefer a very thin pillow this one may be too thick.


This I Love My Pillow Signature Contoured Pillow is $89 for the standard queen size and $99 for a king. It also comes in a 2-pack option for $165 for two queen pillows. This pillow is using high end memory foam as well as super soft Micro Mink cover.

It also comes with a three year warranty and has a 100 night guarantee. This makes for easy exchanges and returns within that first 100 day trial period. The I Love My Pillow comes in a good value and for a well made, solid and comfortable pillow you shouldn’t be disappointed. What makes it even better is another 20% off by using the code: DREAM.


This pillow is a great addition to complement any mattress and should make for a great night sleep. The memory foam is a very soft, airy and almost has a fluffy feel. This makes a great combination of comfort and support. If you like memory foam but also like more responsive feeling foams, like latex, this pillow my be perfect for you.

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