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Accessory Review I Love My Pillow Memory Down Pillow

The I Love My Pillow Memory Down pillow is taking the support of memory foam and classic feel of down and pairing them together. This hybrid of pillows is taking the best features of each material and combining them to create an ideal comfort paired with optimal support.


They made the core of this pillow with 100% American made memory foam. They designed the memory foam to be light and airy while still being sturdy and supportive. The memory foam provides the base of the pillow and the contoured design helps align your neck and your spine.

The washable cotton and Tencel blended case is stuffed with down feathers. The feathers provide a layer of comfort and softness that easily adjust to your neck and heads weight. They provide the right amount of give to let your body adjust naturally to find the ideal amount of support and sink. The case is breathable and helps regulate temperature throughout the night a well. The zippered edge makes it easy to remove and clean when needed.


The I Love My Pillow Down Memory pillow is a very comfortable & a unique feeling pillow that allows you to feel supported yet still conforms to your neck and head. The one of a kind design allows for your to enjoy the traditional feel of down feathers but holds its shape and remains supportive without flattening out.

The differing materials create an ideal surface that is a great combination of sink and support. The natural materials of cotton, Tencel and feathers keeps the surface a comfortable temperature all night long. Overall this pillow is a comfortable memory foam-down combination pillow that performs great.


This pillow has much better support than any traditional down pillow would. Utilizing memory foam for the core really does give this pillow a down feel with support and stability most traditional feather pillows lack. They created the memory foam to have a contoured shape. This allows for more support around the edges, where it’s needed most.

This pillow only comes in one loft height option and should work well for most people and ideally every sleeping positon. It would be considered more of a medium height and would work best for side and back sleeping. Stomach sleeping and people who prefer a thinner pillow may find this pillow to be too thick for their liking. Also, if you prefer a thicker pillow this pillow may feel too thin.


This I Love My Pillow Memory Down Pillow is $109 and comes in one standard queen size. This pillow is using high end memory foam along with down feathers in a well made Tencel cotton blend cover.

This pillow also comes with a three year warranty and has a 100 night guarantee. This makes for easy exchanges and returns within that first 100 day trial period.

This pillow comes in a good value and for a well made, solid and comfortable pillow you shouldn’t be disappointed. What makes it even better is another 20% off by using the code: DREAM.


This pillow is a great addition to complement any mattress and should make for a great night sleep. It really does take the benefits of memory foam and down feathers and makes a great combination of comfort and support. If you are on the fence about giving up your traditional down pillow this would be a wonderful transition to still get the feel you prefer with the durability and support that memory foam offers.

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