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Accessory Review Helix Pillow Review

Finding an ideal pillow for you or your partner can get exhausting. Many among you must be fed up with the ignominy of troubled sleep. A combination of an excellent pillow with a right mattress is very crucial to your overall sleep health. For this reason, it becomes absolutely necessary to find a pillow that suits your posture and sleep position. Not to forget, to save yourself from sleep interruptions and agonizing pains in back and neck. Whether you sleep on hybrid mattresses or memory foam mattresses, having a pillow that can match the same level quality and comfort level will make a dramatic difference in getting the restful, good nights sleep that you need each night.

To save your time and troubles, we’ve done a comprehensive analysis of one of the emerging high-performance pillows in the market- Helix pillow. We used the same level of rigor we apply to our mattress comparison reviews here on the site, so expect to learn a lot about what this pillow can do to make your sleeping experience better.

Helix brand has unveiled this adjustable pillow as a perfect complement to its popular flagship mattress. So, should you try this pillow out and is worth buying this pillow online? Let’s find out.

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helix pillowHelix adjustable pillow comes in two styles: the standard Helix Pillow and Helix Cool. Both have similar composition but different cover material. The former has high-end polyester like soft knit on the outside. On the other hand, Helix Cool comprises of an ultra-cool high-performance polyethylene fabric with a nice cool to the touch. The overall extra cool touch in its cover’s fabric provides faster heat dissipation than regular pillows. The cool variant is perfect for those who regularly encounter night sweats or sleep interruptions due to absurdly hot weather and is a great pillow on the market for anyone that wants to sleep cooler at night.

The standard Helix pillow is priced at 85$, while the King size is available at $99. Helix Cool, however, is a tad pricey with the Standard and King size valued at $115 and $129 respectively. For twin to a queen-sized bed, go for the regular size. If you have a King-sized or California size bed, King-sized pillow is your best bet.

Ordering and Unpacking:

You can order your Helix pillow straight through their website. Helix pillows are made in the US and there are no extra shipping charges for the online purchases. Usually, it will take 4-8 business days for your order to arrive. The best part is you get a 100 day trial period with the pillow, which quells any concerns if the pillow doesn’t suit your requirements.

My pillow came in after 4 days. It was smartly packed in a box. The pillow was wrapped neatly in a plastic cover. There was no off-gassing smell as such. A tiny little manual comes inside the pillow your pillow which explains how to adjust the pillow, preferable for different sleep types.


helix pillowHelix Sleep has a unique pillow-in-pillow composition. This high-performance pillow features a unique blend of crosscut memory foam, also used in some memory foam mattresses, and breathable silky filling. The standard pillow cover is knitted by high-grade polyester while Helix Cool has an ultra-cool polyethylene fabric.

The material in the pillow provides a comfy support with ample pressure relieving points. There is a zipper at both ends which opens up two support inserts that allow you to adjust your pillow to desirable loft and comfort. The design of pillow primarily comprises of the following:

Outer Comfort Shell:

  •  1lb Memory foam and Down Alternative on each side
  • 1.25” gusset for adjustable loft
  • Outer cover fabric in 2 types- Standard and Cool

Inner Support Insert Layers:

  • Two 1lb Down Alternative and Memory Foam insert layers
  • Compliments perfectly with the outer comfort shell.
How to Adjust:

With adjustable support layers with an outer comfort shell, you can set the pillow to your liking and posture. Helix Sleep recommends the following for certain sleeping positions:

1. Dual support layers with outer comfort: For people who are conventionally side sleepers, especially with broad shoulders. They also recommend it to people who like firmer and taller pillows.

2. Single support layer: For people who switch their position as side and back sleepers. If you want a mix of plush feel and support, this is the one for you.

3. No support layer: If you are a predominant stomach sleeper and want a plush feel, it is one for you. The outer comfort shell made of memory foam itself is very soft and can act as a solo pillow.

Order your Helix Pillow or Helix Cool Pillow at 

Helix Pillow Conclusion:

Pros – Let’s look at some of the advantages first:

  1. One of the best adjustable pillows for every sleep position and body types
  2. Breathable and knit from the high-quality fabric
  3. Heat transfer is excellent and you get a great cool to the touch
  4. Option for a cooler pillow type
  5. The 100-night trial provides ample time to ascertain whether the pillow is suitable for you.
  6. Made in the USA
  7. Comes with a 3-year limited warranty

Cons – The pillow may not be suitable for you for the following reasons:

  1. High on budget
  2. Not machine washable; only suitable for spot cleaning
  3. Non-hypoallergenic

The major advantages of the pillow is its customization and cool factor. You must go for this pillow if your budget persists and you need a pillow on the market that can provide tons of value for your new memory foam or hybrid mattresses. With removable inserts, you can mold the pillow to your desire. The support layers are not overfilled. I particularly find one support layer with outer comfort shell suitable to my body, as it aligns perfectly with my neck and spine.

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Helix Pillow Review
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value

Overall Rating:

This breathable pillow not only uses a nice air flowing fabric but also adjustable inserts that make it ideal for anyone and everyone. This pillow can be customized to best suit your sleeping needs and easily changed if needed for you best night sleep.



If you like the idea of a pillow that can be adjusted just enough to find the right loft height and feel for you than the Helix and Helix Cool Pillows may be for you. Both feature easy to use adjustable inserts to make the pillow just right regardless of size, shape or sleeping position. A perfect addition to Helix customized mattress too.


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