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Accessory Review Eve Memory Foam Pillow

The Eve Memory Foam Pillow is a the perfect addition to the Eve mattress family. This memory foam pillow is a great addition to any bedroom, especially if you enjoy the feel of memory foam.

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This pillow is 100% Visco elastic next generation memory foam, a material that gives optimal support to the neck and head. This pillow has cooling holes that run throughout to help with air flow and breathablity to ensure the pillow doesn’t get too warm. It is also treated with an antimicrobial shield that protects the pillow from staining as well as controls odor and even helps the pillow last longer. The pillow is covered in a 100% hypoallergenic polyester removable cover that can be washed too. The poly cover is two way stretch that is also breathable and aides in keeping the pillow clean.



The Eve Memory Foam Pillow is a very comfortable & breathable pillow that has plenty of support for your neck and head while still being conforming and cushioned. The pillow isn’t very thick but is very supportive and doesn’t flatten out. Because it is aerated it doesn’t hold heat as much and allows the pillow to stay cool and very comfortable while you sleep. If you like the feel of memory foam and want a mattress that comes in at a great price point, check out our review of their mattress too Eve Mattress.



The Eve Memory Foam Pillow has a lower loft, meaning its profile appears to be on the thinner side, however the memory foam allows the pillow to not sink in very much and remain very stable and cradles your head and neck to offer appropriate support. This pillow is great for a back or stomach sleeper and will have the necessary amount of material to position your head and neck comfortably. This pillow may not work as well for a side sleeper because it is a little thinner though.



This Eve Pillow is $75 which for an all memory foam pillow is a great price.  There is also a bit of a price decrease with the more pillows purchased, if you get two you will save $10, and if you get four you save $60.



This pillow is a great addition to complement the Eve Mattress and uses the same materials found in the top layer. It also ships and returns for free and has a 30 night sleep trial period. We would definitely recommend this pillow, especially for anyone who likes the feel of Memory Foam and the Eve Mattress.

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