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Accessory Review Classic Brands Adjustable Base

Adjustable bases like this one by Classic Brands may have a once had an association with hospital and nursing home beds, however, now days adjustable bases have become so helpful from general comfort and accessibility to relieving more severe pain and discomforts and even helping with the partner who snores.

Having an adjustable base allows you to have your mattress on a movable platform that typically moves the top third of your bed from a flat to an upright position as well as the bottom third of the bed from a flat to an elevated position as well. These adjustments can help with back, hip and leg issues, as well as acid reflux and snoring and even be great for someone who likes to watch t.v. or read in bed. We have had the opportunity to use the Classic Brands adjustable base and have had a chance to review the function as well as value or this particular brand.



The Classic Brands adjustable base has several remote operated functions that help you find the most optimal lounging and sleeping positions while laying in bed. The head of the base adjusts from flat all the way to an upright position and every adjustment in between. The foot of the bed also adjusts around the knees and can elevate your feet or you can recline your feet which will lower the foot of the bed for more relaxation.

This particular base also has a head and foot massage feature, 2 USB charging ports and adjustable leg heights. It also comes with a wireless remote that that has a reading/t.v. position, zero gravity position as well as a pre-set to return to a flat position. We find this base functions and moves very smoothly and really does give you the ability to find just the right sleeping or lounging position. If you like a base that has plenty of adjustment options and some of the bells and whistles, like a massage function, this base would work very well for you. It also holds up to a 1000 pounds and has a thinner profile that is covered in a sleek black fabric that looks nice with most mattresses.



In general, adjustable bases are going to be much more substantial and heavier than a simple metal frame. This adjustable base comes in a larger box that is about half the size of a queen size mattress (roughly 40″x 60″x 12″) and is going to weigh around 150+ pounds. This bed also needs a minimal amount of assembly. You basically need to attach the legs, attach the bar at the base of the bed to keep the mattress from sliding down and then plug in.

However, because of the weight and size of this base it is best to get the box to the room it will be in and then assemble where it will be going. Also, make sure that the mattress you are using is one that is recommended to use with a base like this. Any all foam mattresses should work fine and several hybrid mattresses should work well too. Just keep in mind that this base is going to be moving the mattress substantially and having a mattress with a traditional coil system may lead to compromising the integrity of the mattress. Check out some of our mattress reviews, all would work great for this base.



Adjustable bases in general are going to cost much more than a standard metal frame, however, the benefits can prove to be priceless. This Classic Brands adjustable base is actually a great price and comes in around $675 for a queen size.



This adjustable base is a good quality, very functional and a great price that really does give you endless options for really being as comfortable as possible. This base has also proven to be invaluable at times when getting in and out of a flat bed have been more difficult too. It has helped us specifically during sciatica problems while pregnant, back issues from strains and even just having an upright position option during cold season helps when your nose is congested.


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