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Accessory Review Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

These new sheets by Buffy are made out of Eucalyptus Fibers, which is cooler and more breathable than cotton. You heard that right. Eucalyptus sheets are cooler, more breathable, and become softer with every wash. Not only did Buffy make these sheets are of a great material but they also colored these sheets with natural dyes only. Keep reading to find out what makes these sheets so unique.

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one hundred eucalyptus sheetsBuffy made these sheets out of 100% Eucalyptus fibers. That’s it, nothing else. Cotton is such a go to material in the world of bedding that people often think it is the optimal choice. However, there are a lot of similar characteristics between cotton and euc and in most departments eucalyptus even out performs cotton.

Cotton is breathable, pulls moisture away from the body, and it nice and soft. Eucalyptus is even cooler, extra breathable, pulls away moisture, and becomes even softer the more you use them. Beyond just soaking up moisture, eucalyptus fiber also prevents the formation of bacteria.

While eucalyptus is rather popular essential oil, these sheets do not have any scent and do not have any essential oils on them. This means that these sheets are safe to use with children and pets as well as yourself. So if your kids or pets climb into bed with you, you can rest easy knowing that these sheets are safe for the whole family.

Love eco-friendly sheets but still think you prefer cotton? Check out or review on California Cotton Sateen Sheets to see if they are a better fit for you.

Buffy Sheet Set Options:

buffy sheets naturally dyedThese sheets by Buffy come in all of the typical bed sizes between Twin- California King including Twin XL. They come in 4 different color options White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Blush. All of the colors created on their sheets are naturally dyed. These natural dyes come from different organic materials like Gardenia, Pomegranate, Turmeric, Tea, etc.

We love that Buffy insisted on not using any bleaches or toxic dyes with the coloring process of their sheets. One of the only downsides to this natural dying process is that the colors may fade if left in the sun. So if you have a particularly sunny bedroom, you may want to draw the blinds during the day in order to avoid any color fading.

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Buffy Duvet Cover:

If you prefer sleeping with a duvet cover vs sleeping with a flat sheet and a comforter, then they have you covered. Buffy has released a Eucalyptus duvet cover that works with most standard duvets and comforters. This is also a great option to pair with their very own Comforters like the Cloud and the Breeze. The Duvet is made out of the same materials and comes in the same colors as their sheets.


washing naturally dyed sheetsWhen it comes to the care and keep of sheets we always default to the care instructions given by the company who created them. While most sheets seem like they would need the same level and care, there are differences.

Buffy suggests machine washing their sheets on cold. (If you happen to wash these sheets with a warmer temperature you may experience some shrinkage and potentially loss in color) They also suggest tumble drying on the lowest setting.

While Buffy did not have any detergent suggestions. Considering the delicate nature of natural fabric dying, we highly suggest staying away from any detergents containing bleach.


pet and child safe eucalyptus sheetsWhen it comes to value we like to measure the quality of the product you are getting with the price point and whether or not you are getting the most value for your money. These 100% Eucalyptus Sheets by Buffy range from $165 – $225 depending on size and color. The non-dyed white sheets come out to be $10 cheaper than the other color options. We assume this is due to the fact that the white sheets did not need to go through the natural dying process.

While you could potentially get other Eucalyptus Tencel sheets for slightly lower price. Those sheets would not be naturally dyed and may have undergone other chemical processes, unlike the naturally dyed sheets by Buffy.

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All Buffy Products:

buffy comforter reviewBuffy has been in the bedding accessory game for some time. With their original Buffy Comforter they saw the sudden need and desire to offer quality, natural products at an affordable price. The craze of their Buffy Cloud Comforter allowed them to come out with another option.

The Buffy Breeze Comforter, and even cooler and thinner option similar to the original. But, geared to offer one of the best comforters for hot sleepers. With the introduction of their sheets they also came out with the Buffy Cloud Pillow. A great addition to the line up that uses natural materials for a soft, medium or firm pillow ideal for any and everyone.

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Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets Summary:

These sheets are a great option for someone looking for a naturally dyed option for the summer. These sheets are extra breathable and very soft. We love that they used natural dyes to create their color options. While their colors are soft and limited in variety, it is nice to have different color options from natural dyes instead of just white or off white only.

These sheets pair incredibly well with the other products offered by Buffy, and are especially great to use during the warmer months where sleeping cool is a priority. Although these sheets are so comfortable, you’re going to want to sleep in them all year long.

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