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Accessory Review Buffy Cloud Pillow Review

We already know and love the comforter by Buffy. Now they have come out with the one and only Cloud Pillow by Buffy. Since we loved their comforter so much, of course we were thrilled to find out that Buffy has designed their very own Cloud Pillow. Buffy creates eco friendly and extra cozy bedding at affordable prices. Keeping our planet and your pockets green. Keep reading to find out if Buffy’s new pillow rises to our high expectations.

the buffy cloud pillow review

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buffy cloud pillow made from eucalyptusThe shell for this pillow is made out of their signature 100% Eucalyptus fibers. This material does not have any essential oils. So while they made the fibers out of Eucalyptus, they will not smell like Eucalyptus. This allows the pillow to be safe for children and pets to sleep on. You will be able to rest easier knowing that the outer shell is also Oeko-Tex certified.

The inside of this pillow is made out of a Recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) filling. Thet create this filling by recycling plastic bottles. Instead of filling up the landfills these plastic bottled are turned into long soft fibers that fill these pillows, creating a soft and plush pillow.

What do these certifications mean? Check out our article Mattress Certifications: What To Know in order to learn all the different types of process and material certifications are commonly used in the bedding industry and how they work.  

Comfort & Support:

eucalyptus material pillow recycledThe Cloud Pillow by Buffy comes in three different comfort options Soft, Medium, and Firm. In order to create these different firmness options they simply make the pillow more dense by adding more filling. This method also slightly effects the weight of each pillow comfort level.

  • Soft: 22oz
  • Medium: 26oz
  • Firm: 32oz.

There is a slightly higher increase between Medium and Firm than there is between Soft and Medium. So you may notice a higher increase in firmness level as well.

The Medium pillow is their most popular comfort option. The Medium level gives you that Goldilocks “just right” feel. However, if you are a stomach sleeper we suggest going with the soft option, while back and side sleepers can choose between Medium and Firm depending on personal preference.

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no washing machine for buffy cloud pillowEven with the naturally antimicrobial properties of the eucalyptus fiber shell, they do suggest using a pillow case with this pillow.

It makes it much easier to keep clean this way. If for some reason you need to wash your pillow, Buffy suggests dry cleaning only.

We suggest spot cleaning when necessary and washing your sheets every 1-2 weeks in order to keep everything extra fresh and clean.

Do I really need to wash new sheets before I sleep in them? How often should I wash my bedding? Find the answers to these questions and many more with A Guide to Changing and Washing your Sheets.


the buffy cloud pillow is pet and child safeThis is one of the lowest priced pillows we have reviewed on our website. We love that Buffy supplies these fantastic prices without sacrificing comfort or quality.

These pillows only come in a standard size and the price is the same no matter which comfort option you choose.

Each pillow costs $45. However, they do periodically offer discounts when you buy multiple pillows at once. This is especially helpful if you are changing out your pillow for your entire bed. Or if you are buying pillows for the whole family.

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All Buffy Products:

buffy comforter reviewBuffy has several products, but they didn’t always have this offering of bedding accessories. Buffy started with their original Buffy Comforter, offering a 100% natural comforter that allowed them to see the need for high quality and natural products at an affordable price. The success of the original Buffy Cloud Comforter gave them a great starting point to come out with more products.

Like the thinner and cooler Buffy Breeze Comforter This slight variation of the original comforter offers one of the best cool comforters that is ideal for warmer sleepers. And after their comforters they are now offering not only this amazing pillow but also a 100% natural Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set. Giving you access to make your entire bedroom decked out in amazing products.

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Buffy Cloud Pillow Summary:

This pillow is eco-friendly, cost effective, and filled with quality materials. However, the real question is whether or not it is comfortable. After all, what is a pillow worth if it isn’t comfortable. We are happy to inform you that YES, this is a very cushy and comfortable pillow. Not only is it comfortable for some, but with multiple comfort levels, everyone can find a Buffy pillow that they will love.

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