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Accessory Review Brooklinen Sheets Review

brooklinen sheets reviewIs your bedsheet getting in the way of a good night’s rest? Most people don’t pay much attention to their sheets. As long as it fits the mattress and looks great what more can you possibly want? However, if you’re someone like me who takes their beddings seriously and considers sleep an important part of the day, then this article is for you. After coming across a new fancy sheet line that’s currently the talk of the town. Here’s my verdict. Read on as I review the top three best Brooklinen sheets on the market day.

Brooklinen Overview:

Co-founded by couples Vicki and Rich Fulop, the New-York based startup sells luxury bed linens, home accessories, and blankets for an affordable price. What sets them apart is ultimately the price of their collection. Most of their products are less than $200. Four times cheaper when compared to the $800 luxury linens we want but can’t afford today.

In a recent interview in, the couple shared how their business idea started. According to them, Brooklinen was inspired by their own hotel experience after coming across a high-quality sheet. After that surreal night sleep, they wanted to recreate the experience and get the same sheet for their bed at home. The only problem was there was none available. They were stuck with two options cheap low-quality sheets or pricy high-quality ones. Basically, they couldn’t find anything of the same quality for a more reasonable price. In the end,  what started as a search for fair priced beddings turned to a great business idea that answered a lot of people’s dilemma.

The Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle:

brooklinen sheets reviewWith an affordable price of $198, the Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle proves you wrong about the common high price = high-quality consumer mentality. The bundle includes a core sheet set (4 pieces), duvet cover, and 2 extra pillow cases (which totals to 7 pieces).  From its look and design to the comfort it gives, Brooklinen’s set topples all of its competitors. Here’s some reasons why.


The Classic Hardcore Sheet is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. These are extra long staple cotton that are a softer, finer and stronger sheet compared to other kinds of cotton. Unlike other sheets that shrink when putting them in the wash. The brooklinen sheets are recommended to be washed every week. This will obviously help to keep them clean and more comfortable for you when sleeping on them. They also will soften up over time with more washes.

Comfort & Feel:

brooklinen sheets reviewClassic Hardcore Sheet Bundle are percale sheets. These are types of sheets that have a signature tight weave that feel smooth and looks elegant. This also makes them lightweight and cool to touch. The fitted sheet is also comfortable and deep enough to house around 15-inches of mattress. like they say they have a crisp feel out of the box. For those people who like that starched feel you’ll love the way these feel. If you want them a little softer just throw them in the wash like I already said. My wife and I liked them even better after a few washes broke them in and softened up a little bit. Either way I’m sure you’ll like the over all feel of the Brooklinen classis sheet.

Look & Design:

brooklinen sheets reviewWhen it comes to design, I think Brooklinen’s sheets are top notch. All their products have this refreshing  minimalistic design that is just perfect for your bedroom. If you like decorating your bedroom in a sleek, “less is more”, and charming atmosphere, Brooklinen’s sheets will easily blend in to your sanctuary. Some of the many types of design and colors of their sheets include the Smoke Stripe (pure white with gray stripes), Window Pane, Cream, Solid Navy, and Solid White. With over 8 different combinations and colors I’m sure you can find the perfect match for your room and personality.

Sizes & Price:

The Classic Core Sheet Bundle also includes 7 pieces total. One duvet cover, a sheet set which has one flat and one fitted sheet with two pillowcases. This set also includes two extra pillowcases.

  • California King – $225
  • King – $225
  • Queen – $198
  • Full – $198
  • Twin XL – $168
  • Twin – $168

The Classic Core Sheet Bundle:

brooklinen sheets reviewFor just $99, Brooklinen’s Luxe Classic Core Sheet might seem like a little inexpensive . But upon testing and sleeping on it for a few weeks, we can say that the two of us slept like a baby . The Core brooklinen Sheet Sets include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. It’s a complete set that doesn’t leave you disappointed. Here’s why:


Brooklinen’s Classic Core Sheet is made from 100% lightweight Egyptian cotton and weaved in percale style. Percale is finer than muslin and has a thread count that ranges to 180-200 (in other words : it’s a high-quality cotton).

Comfort & Feel:

brooklinen sheets reviewJust like a high-quality bedding, the linens are soft, crisp, and cool to touch. They don’t have that luminous sheen like sateen sheets. But because the cottons are percale, they offer lots of breathability perfect for warm summer months or in countries with hotter climate. I enjoyed this because I can be a warm sleeper. The best thing about Brooklinen sheets is that their linens just get softer after every wash. You can have fresh clean sheet that’s much softer every week without it wearing out.

Look & Design:

brooklinen sheets reviewLike most Brooklinen products, the Classic Core Sheet comes in a neat minimalistic design that induces tranquility and relaxation. Some people don’t pay attention to how they decorate their room but if you want to sleep soundly and have beautiful dreams, the easiest way is to design your room such that it’s calming to your senses. I know for me it’s hard to turn my mind  off at night and having a well put together room with great sheets can help.

Sizes & Price:

The Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle includes 4 pieces total. One flat sheet, one fitted sheet with two pillowcases.

  • California King – $139
  • King – $139
  • Queen – $129
  • Full – $129
  • Twin XL – $99
  • Twin – $99

Twill Hardcore Sheet Bundle:

brooklinen sheets reviewIf the previous sheets above are for the blazing summer months, Brooklyn’s Twill Hardcore Sheet set is your dream sheet for the cool winter days. The bundle includes a core Sheet Set, 1 duvet cover and 2 extra pillowcases (total of 4). For the price of $297. It’s a lot less than similar sets that can go for two times that. You know the luxury sheets we’ve always wanted to have but can’t afford. But just because it’s half the price doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Brooklinen Twill Hardcore Sheet one of the best soft longer lasting sheet sets out there. Here’s why:


Brooklyn’s Twill Hardcore sheet set  is made from 100% lightweight Egyptian cotton. In my research I found that Egyptian cottons is one of the best quality cottons in the world. Because of Egypt’s unique climate, cotton fibers planted in their soul grow extra long. These cottons are also more durable and create finer threads. This really enhances the over all quality of the Brooklinen Twill sheets.

Comfort & Feel:

brooklinen sheets reviewI love sheets that are smooth and soft to touch. The Brooklinen  set is just perfect for that. It’s a comfortable soft feel and they’re easy to keep the wrinkles out . If you’re like me who can toss and turn a bit during sleep, you’ll appreciate linens that don’t wrinkle easily. They also move easy with your body as you roll from your side to your back. It can help not being rolled up like a snake in the middle of the night. If you read any of my mattress reviews you’ll know that I like a medium/firm feeling bed for extra support. But when I put these soft Brooklinen sheets on my bed it worked so well in complementing my supportive mattress with a soft forgiving feel.

Look & Design:

brooklinen sheets reviewIt’s hard not to like this sheet with its perfect minimalistic design. Anyone who wants to upgrade their bedroom to a simpler and more aesthetic space should get Brooklinen’s sheet set. With several beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this choice. This will help create that calming space your mind and body needs for a good night sleep.

Sizes & Price:

The Twill Hardcore Sheet Bundle includes 7 pieces total. One duvet cover, a sheet set which has one flat and one fitted sheet with two pillowcases. This set also includes two extra pillowcases.

  • California King – $319.50
  • King – $319.50
  • Queen – $297
  • Full – $297

Brooklinen Sheets Conclusion:

As I’m sure you know we spend roughly a third of our day in our beds. It’s the place where we dream, relax, and get a day’s worth of energy for tomorrow. Choosing the most comfortable beddings that suits your needs is the least you can do for your sleep health. Brooklyn linen just proved that a linen doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be considered ‘high-quality’. If you’re into saving money on comfortable sheets and bedding and want to upgrade your sleep, we do suggest trying out Brooklinen.

Brooklinen Sheets Rating
  • Materials
  • Comfort & Feel
  • Look & Design
  • Value

Overall Rating:

Overall Brooklinen offers a large variety of bedding that should have a perfect pairing for your needs. Their quality and pricing on on point and the look and design options are plentiful. If you are looking for basic, well made bedding, than this is a great brand for you.