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Accessory Review Baloo Weighted Blankets

If you’re like any of the other hundreds of sleepers in the world, and you can’t seem to fall asleep quickly or remain asleep throughout the night, a weighted blanket could be exactly what you need. Imagine that, being weighed down into your bed, instead of on top of it. Sinking deeply into the comfort of your mattress, while the troubles that usually keep you up at night slowly drift away.

A weighted blanket is the difference between sleeping and reenergizing, resting, rejuvenating your body. Baloo weighted blankets achieve all the typical benefits of a weighted blanket. And with 100% natural materials. You may think weighted blankets are for prescribed sleepers only. But weighted blankets can improve everyone’s sleep. Continue reading to learn how the best weighted blanket is the Baloo weighted blanket. Let this heavy blanket give you the most soothing sleep.

Baloo Weighted Blankets – Materials:

The Baloo calming comfort blanket is made from the best stuff around. And while other weighted blankets may come close, Baloo also puts good back into the world. Simply by sharing a product review, Baloo donates $5 per customer to the Pajama Program. A non-profit organization that gives homeless children a new pair of pajamas and a book. So that if nothing else, they have a cozy bedtime.

baloo weighted blanketsOn the outside, Baloo also uses chemical-free, premium cotton for all of their blankets. The cotton is certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, which ensures that the cotton is free of any harmful chemicals. What’s the difference between this and organic you ask? Organic materials only certify that the way in which the materials were grown are chemical-free, but not the chemicals used to treat the textile. Baloo is all of the above. And they know that for spending one-third of our lives sleeping, our bodies should only be surrounded by the good stuff.

Inside the blankets, Baloo uses non-toxic and plastic-free weight, which is actually quite a challenge to do. Many weighted blankets will include plastic in their fill. On the other hand, Baloo weighted blankets use a lead-free microbead made of glass. This material is finer, giving you a more contoured feeling.

As well as quieter, giving you a less noisy sleep; and better for the planet. As if that’s not enough, Baloo also works hard to erase their carbon footprint by working with the You really can sleep happy with a Baloo weighted blanket. Especially when you know you’re sleeping cozy, and so is the planet.

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Baloo Weighted Blankets – Benefits:

baloo weighted blanketsIf you’ve ever head of a weighted blanket, you have most likely heard of it in the context of PTSD, restless leg syndrome, cerebral palsy, anxiety, or any number of other physical or mental health conditions. However, to assume that weighted blankets are only for therapy and hospital use is a misconception. A weighted blanket, or what some call an anxiety blanket, is for any of us who feel bouts of stress. Or if you lay awake at night loud to your thoughts or just have trouble just ‘getting comfy’. A weighted blanket is for anyone who wants to improve their sleep.

The blanket will definitely do just that. Weighted blankets use deep pressure touch to provide a deep sense of relaxation. Basically, its like a warm hug, and the weight relaxes your nervous system, while your brain produces serotonin, which lifts and relaxes your mood. Serotonin then converts to melatonin which gives you that “ahhh” cue to gently drift off to sleep. Making the use of a weighted blanket for anxiety a no brainer.

The benefits of the Baloo weighted blanket are both published and raved about by the public. They are fully researched and supported by several scientific journals. Including Occupational Therapy in Mental Health 2008, Australian Psychiatry in 2012, and many others. Many sleepers have described the Baloo weighted blanket as the key to making them “sleep like a baby” and stay “out like a log”. The only way to know for yourself is to give the best weighted blanket a try.

Baloo Weighted Blankets – Options:

baloo weighted blanketsA Baloo Living weighted blanket for adults should be about 8 to 12 percent of your body weight. But there is always the option to increase weight if you like more pressure. Baloo offers one style of weighted blanket that is available in two weights. One at 15 pounds or 20 pounds. Both weighted blankets are 60 x 80 inches in size. Making them perfect for individual use, completely covering you without having an excess of fabric. However, these options won’t allow you to find the most ideal weighted blanket for kids.

The blanket itself comes in a natural, pebble white color. No dyes or additives used. It is also a quilted design to add to the feel and integrity. It also means the glass beads will never shift or bunch or create unbalanced weight. Making this blanket last for years to come. Baloo blankets are also easy to care for and machine washable, just follow the simple washing instructions for best results.

baloo duvet coverThey also offer a beautiful French linen duvet cover available in 5 colors. This cover is removable and can be machine washed and dried too, making it even softer over time. Like the blanket, the duvet is also chemical-free and certified Okeo-Tex 100 standard. You can choose between blush pink, oatmeal, dove gray, navy and white. Adding a perfect compliment to the blanket as well as any bedroom. Each purchase also includes a free gift and satisfaction is always guarantee.

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Baloo Weighted Blankets – Value:

baloo weighted blanketsWhen it comes to your sleep, you should not accept any less than 100% satisfied. That’s why Baloo offers a satisfaction guarantee, giving you 14 days to initiate a return if you are not completely satisfied. This does not include free shipping on a returned item, but it does include a workmanship promise that will repair or replace your blanket anytime over the course of its lifetime, due to a manufacturer’s defect.

This means you are purchasing a product with piece of mind. A queen size 15 lb. blanket is $169.00 and a 20 lb. blanket is $189.00, but when you include the free gift, 14 day satisfaction guarantee, and workmanship promise, the blanket is practically paying for itself. Follow the link below for the latest and best Baloo weighted blanket coupon and savings!

My Baloo Weighted Blanket Experience:

using my baloo weighted blanketSome reviews will list off all the facts, materials and benefits associated with the Baloo blanket and nothing more. This isn’t like most reviews though. I have been sleeping with my Baloo weighted blanket for about 2 weeks now and I don’t think I’ll be ditching anytime soon. Though my first few nights I was skeptical and felt like I was under more weight than I could handle, I slept sounder, deeper and better. And by a week in I was sold. Not only did the weight feel comforting and helpful it also started to feel less heavy and surprisingly lighter.

As a mother of two young ones I get up several times a night. So once I do get back into bed it is helpful to fall asleep faster, which I do while using the weighted blanket. Sometimes after being up for 15 to 20 minutes it is hard to settle back down and not think of all I need to do the following day. Since I have been using the Baloo blanket I have noticed that falling asleep is easier, at any time. It also has allowed me to sleep deeper and feel more rested even with my current intermittent sleep schedule.

Personally I was a little surprised with how using a weighted blanket genuinely helped me sleep. Even my husband was skeptical of using it, but I have found him napping with it several times. He was even shocked with how he felt like it helped him sleep sounder too. Especially because of the fact that he has a hard time sleeping in general most of his life. There are certainly sleep and bedding products out there that make claims that rarely follow through, but, the Baloo weighted blanket is not one of them.

Baloo Weighted Blankets Overview: 

We all think about our own health by the way we sleep, but its not often that you find a brand like Baloo that cares about both your health and the health of the planet. The best part about a Baloo weighted blanket is that you are helping the world, even while you sleep. Baloo weighted blankets are natural, eco-friendly, and stylish- their basic white color is sure to match and minimalist and modern decor. If you love sleeping, but don’t love your sleep, all you need is a calming comfort weighted blanket and you can sink into the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

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